2020 Democratic Hopeful Says Trump Impeachment Would “Tear Country Apart”

Lower tier Democratic 2020 hopeful — Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, said that she believes an impeachment of President Trump would “tear our country apart.”

She said she opposes any such impeachment inquiry into the President on those grounds. Gabbard made the comments this past weekend on Greta Van Susteren’s new Sunday news program, Full Court Press. Gabbard told Van Susteren, that it’s “important for us to think about what is in the best interest of the country and the American people, and continuing to pursue impeachment is something that I think will only further tear our country apart…”

Unlike Gabbard, several of her fellow 2020 Democratic candidates, including Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders, have all said they support impeachment.

Gabbard said that voters should be the ones to get Trump out of office, not Congress.

“Make no bones about it, we need to defeat Donald Trump,” she said. “But I think it’s important for our country’s sake and our future that the voters in this country are the ones who do that, and I believe that we will.”

As of now, Gabbard is not alone. A minority of House members, 135 Democrats (including 17 members of the House Judiciary Committee), support impeachment, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is against it.

Van Susteren’s new show appears on the Gray Television network on Sundays. Check local listings.

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  1. Trump is the best thing that has happened to America in my life time , I am 63 and I firmly believe that we have a man /person that loves this country and has constantly showed it , all our past governments have just been there to rape the people get what they can and do not give a dam about this country , they have systematically sold us out year after year , the democratic party being the biggest crooks , the stolen from our retirement plans , and more , it goes on forever , our country needs strong industry , and it has been eaten up by the Chinese and others , our people can not get a good job unless u wish to do nothing and sit behind a desk all day which has gotten worse in service anyways , we are going to go thru hard times especially with the lazy useless generations we see now , parents fault , give me give me , TRUMP 2020 AND BEYOND otherwise war is coming with in the states , the die hard true red white and blue legal Americans are tired of it all , threaten Trump you threaten US

  2. I think the democrat need to hush about impeachment, he has done nothing wrong. On another story the democrats have done plenty against the law. The president needs to take action against them. But I know it takes time. The people should take action against the democrats for bothering the president. Enough is enough, I am plenty sick and tired of this harassment by the democrats.

  3. As much as I oppose the Liberal doctrine and their lack of concern for what American citizens want and need which is totally apparent in their refusal to work in a bipartisan manner with the Trump Administration and to instead fight against and smear President Trump using the smallest thing, it does appear that one member actually sees reality. We should be glad that it is one candidate that has little chance of winning the nomination because the rest of them stand little chance of winning with their outrageous Socialist ideas and plans to raise taxes on the already stressed taxpayers.

  4. Trump has done nothing wrong other than he won an election and the dems never accepted it He has done an awesome job and will continue as he will win the 2020 election
    Leave it before you destroy this nation!!!!

  5. The Democrats in public office are mentally ill. They HATE Trump and they HATE America. They are the human debris that’s trying to tear our country apart as they prattle on about ‘diversity’ and try to squash free speech.

  6. These Democrats are absolutely unhinged, there is no reason for impeachment! President Trump has only made our country better despite all the ridiculous nonsense he has to put up with on a daily basis from the Main Stream Media and the Democrats. God bless Donald J Trump!

  7. Let’s think whole heartedly, the Democratic Party didn’t get what they wanted when Hillary lost to the electorate. So the Democratic Party has not disarmed the American population either, and they can’t figure that that in 1776 a war against England was fought not by the entire colonial residents of the day but only by 3-5% and those small numbers were able to convince the mighty English to retreat until they thought they could come back and try again during the War of 1812.
    Those of us who own firearms are no different then those during the Revolutionary War years, we represent 3-5 percent of the population most of us were or are still in the military or belong to an oath keeping organization, to defend this Nation of ours against all enemies regardless. The 95-97 percent of this nation are useless eaters who just don’t care about keeping their freedoms. Just as there were those who opposed to and thus did not become involved in the resolution to become The United States of America.
    I am a descendent of a patriot who was a raiser of livestock and his sons sold horses and cattle to the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.


  9. I believe impeachment would tear this country apart. We the voters put President Trump in office. The Dems wanted Clinton in office to keep from finding out how corrupt the Democrat ates party has been. Now that the history of the party has come forward (and a lot more to come) the Dems realize that the American people realize how corrupt they are. Clinton, Comey, McCabe, Brennen and many more should be in jail.

  10. Nadler must be relieved from Chairman Judiciary Committee BECAUSE he attempted to force the AG to violate laws by insisting the AG provide him (Nadler) full Mueller report without any redactions. Since he cannot obey the law, he must not be honorable and must be removed. The Democrats will lose big time when/if they attempt impeachment. Many Democratic Voters will change parties overnight with the result that the Democreats will lose the House, seats in the Senate as well.

  11. Tulsi is about the only dem with at least an ounce of dignity along with Delaney. Nadler has NONE, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. Nadler is a shameful disgusting thing I won’t call a human being. He’s sub-human.

  12. Yes! Keith M. It is true, I’m 59 and we have been waiting for a person who is actually a U.S. Citizen to run for office. President Trump is that person, we are not going to loose him. the Democrats are doing nothing more than continuing their criminal harassment anyway. They don’t have what they need to impeach. You cannot Impeach a Representative for doing what is required of them. And Your right, If we don’t remove these traitors from government office before Trump finishes his second term there will undoubtedly be a second civil war in the U.S. We cannot sustain this continued victimization and plundering by the limited mental capacity wealthy. It is costing us our lives and Government.

  13. That’s true “Fran”, we had warned President Trump that the Democratic party (the fraud figures we have been sitting on for over 22 years now) are explicitly trying to start a civil war to attempt their international Fraud Community take-over of the U.S. This is one of the primary intents of their involvement in the east coast shoot downs and bombings of the east coast. It was supposed to start a civil war that would induce confusion and put their ‘supremacists know-all’ in a position of control. The rest of us were supposed to be stupid. Talk about the ultimate ass-reaming,(pardon my language Fran) they failed miserably.


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