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Devastated Dems Have to Admit That Trump Lead to Victory in North Carolina

The Democrats had their hopes dashed in a recent special election in North Carolina, and while it pained them to have to admit it, the person they most have to thank for their disappointing loss, is none other than President Donald J. Trump.

It was a major victory for both President Trump and national Republicans last week when North Carolina GOP state Sen. Dan Bishop won a fiercely contested special U.S. House election for the 9th District.


In a more easily won victory, another Republican House candidate, Greg Murphy, decisively won a separate special election in North Carolina’s more solidly GOP-leaning 3rd District earlier Tuesday evening.

The 9th District special election was seen by many as a bellwether for the President’s chances in the 2020 election, but both victories were frustrating to Democrats who spent millions trying to make a splash in the state.

Even Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chairwoman Cheri Bustos was forced to acknowledge that the President contributed to Bishop’s win, writing in a statement, “We fell an inch short tonight, but it took more than $6 million in outside Republican spending and a last-minute Trump rally” to seal Democratic candidate Dan McCready’s fate in the 9th District.

McCready’s campaign spent approximately $4.7 million on the race, while Bishop’s spent only $1.9 million. Outside spending primarily from national party committees helped Bishop to the tune of $5.8 million, though, compared to McCready’s roughly $1.4 million.

The clean sweep in North Carolina heartened the President, who has long emphasized the national implications at stake. Trump unloaded on McCready in a fiery rally on the night before the special election, telling attendees that “to stop the far-left, you must vote in tomorrow’s special election.”

That effort, Trump said after Bishop’s victory was sure, had clearly paid dividends.

“Dan Bishop was down 17 points 3 weeks ago,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “He then asked me for help, we changed his strategy together, and he ran a great race. Big Rally last night. Now it looks like he is going to win. @CNN &@MSNBC are moving their big studio equipment and talent out. Stay tuned!”


North Carolina Wins Mean Trouble for Dems in 2020

GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the wins spelled trouble for Democrats in 2020, and highlighted the importance of Republican National Committee (RNC) efforts in North Carolina — where the party will hold its national nominating convention in 2020.

“Despite being massively outspent by Democrats, @realDonaldTrump rallied voters and put Bishop over the top,” McDaniel said. “A huge win for the president and our grassroots field program that’s working hard to elect Republicans in 2020!”

Had the Democrat, McCready prevailed, it might have suggested GOP erosion and raised questions about Trump’s and his party’s viability for 2020.

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  • Eileen Ross
    21 September 2019 at 4:43 pm
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    Such good news! Let’s keep this ball rolling. It is crucial that We, The People overturn the evil with good!

  • Sledge ( as in Hammer
    21 September 2019 at 5:55 pm
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    Question please???? What has the democratic controlled house done for America and the American people
    since they took over ? What? It is all about impeaching Donald Trump. That’s it.
    They are vicious, vile and perpetrated lie after lie. They are squeezing ( or trying to) even just one word where they can use to fullfill their ultimate goal. It is like someone trying to squeeze all the soap and water out of sponge after washing dishes. When done, at least the dishes are clean.

  • Robert Esposito
    22 September 2019 at 12:46 am
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    Where winning winning winning but I’m not sick of it yet, lets keep winning in every election until the DEMONRAT party is no longer. 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  • Sid
    22 September 2019 at 6:41 am
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    Great to see a win for the RNC!!! It’s sad though that it’s all about who spends the most money to get elected. All about money and not about the people.

  • John Myers
    22 September 2019 at 7:04 pm
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    Sid, I am not so sure that you are correct in surmising that it is the money with the Republicans. Myself, I truly believe that Mr Trump is pulling an lot of this out of his hat.And I am very glad to see it.

    • Jason casteel
      23 September 2019 at 6:29 pm
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      Also, don’t forget how much Hillary spent vs Trump. She waaaaay over spent him and definitely was the LOSER.

      • bruce
        7 October 2019 at 8:32 pm
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        now mrs. clinton would do no such thing

  • Marie Frances
    22 September 2019 at 7:34 pm
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    I am so pleased and happy that 😊😊 we won in North Carolina. Now we must win in
    South Carolina. Lindsey Graham must stay in
    Office. We love what he stands for honesty,
    Nobility, Brillance, etc

  • Valli Neal-davis
    23 September 2019 at 4:24 pm
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    Per ilhan Omar it’s all the about the dollars baby!American citizens and taxpayers will fight these dessert rats and win God bless president Trump and American civilization.

  • Combo
    23 September 2019 at 6:03 pm
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    As an unaffiliated voter, it would have been difficult not to vote for Dr. Gregg Murphy!

  • Pam Haas
    24 September 2019 at 2:32 am
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    Nobody know when the world is coming the end.

  • Ch
    24 September 2019 at 2:07 pm
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    I just want the democratic party out of the house.
    I really wish they could be completely removed, and never have to deal with the delusional desperate taxation regulations
    sneaky dealings, impeachment recycling, biden’s Crime waves
    What gives, and these people are supposed to be educated.

  • Edwin Smolowitz
    25 September 2019 at 12:26 am
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    I am very happy for the win. I know all the pressure put on The President by the Socialist left has to be wearing on him. The Socialist Democratic Party has become like the Nationalist Socialist Party of the Nazis. Antifa are just like the Thugs of the Nazi Party. They were called the BROWN SHIRTS aka the SA group. They were the forerunners of the SS group. They were murders, rapists and in charge oF of all the gas chambers and the concentration camps. The Socialist Democratic party has now become Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel just like the Nazi party.However, Israel was not around until after the Holocaust.
    History is repeating itself. There is a famous quote:”He that does not learn from History is doom to repeat the problem”.
    The county is now witnessing the beginnings of a Nazi Regime. There will be many people hurt to prevent the Socialist Democratic Party from taking over our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA and ALL SHE STANDS FOR!!!

  • Burnieth Hanna
    26 September 2019 at 3:30 am
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    They will lose sleepy joe is another Hillary. Crook

  • JJ
    30 September 2019 at 12:18 am
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    Pelosi, you stated no one is above the LAW, except Hillary Clinton. OH I forgot she is a Democratic

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