Attacks from the Left

MSNBC’s branding expert is a political bush-leaguer

Unless you go to MSNBC for your news – in which case you are woefully misinformed – you would not likely know the name Don Deutsch – or the diminutive “Donny” has he prefers and deserves.  He is the guy with the graying crewcut and bold-patterned suits that harken back to Vaudevillian minstrel shows.

Calling upon his profession, Deutsch advised the Democratic Party to re-brand and expand the impeachment hearing.  They should declare that Trump is a “betrayer” far beyond the scope of the impeachment inquiry.  According to Deutsch, Trump should be impeached for betraying America in education, taxes, foreign policy, etc., etc., etc.


Deutsch wants the Democrats to make a case that EVERYTHING Trump does is harmful to the average American and therefore impeachable.  He wants to scare voters away from Trump with a mendacious broad-brush smear on the President.

His suggestion that the impeachment is the way to do it shows a remarkable ignorance of the process.  Our Founders made it perfectly clear that impeachment is NOT to be used over differences in policy or even personal dislike.  That is the purview of the voters.

Based on that kind of thinking, you would likely believe that Deutsch would sink into news media oblivion – but he has not despite his best efforts to be irrelevant to political debate.  One only need see the failed history of this alleged branding genius.

Deutsch is a regular on the network’s “Morning Joe” program – which tells you almost all you need to know about guy in terms of political outlook.  He is billed as a “branding and marketing expert” –  which suggests he knows how to “sell” stuff.  Apparently, he does — at least in one case.  He sold the marketing firm his daddy gave him for $265 million.   He may have been very successful in giving advice to commercial clients, but he does not know diddly-squat about politics.

After getting out of the branding business, Deutsch followed is apparent passion – television celebrity.  Maybe it was that first television appearance on “Match Game” where he won $5000 paired up with Betty White.

He scored one of his longer media jobs (2004 to 2008) hosting “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” on  CNBC.  In 2010, Donny was a short-lived anchor on MSNBC – apparently canned for saying unkind things on-air about another Network fallen star, Keith Olbermann.

He switched over to CNN to host “(Get To) The Point.”  The show lasted … ouch … one week after Nielsen ratings suggested that even his family may not have been watching the show.  In 2015, the USA Network gave Deutsch a one-year contract for a series simply called “Donny!” (He does like to get his name in the title.)  It was a comedy based on … himself.  It was not renewed for a second season.  It is not clear if the cancelation was due to the show not generating enough laughter … or too much laughter.

In 2016, Bloomberg Television picked up his contract for a show called “With All Due Respect,” in which he shared the stage with another fallen star Mark Halperin.  You will recall the latter as another MSNBC regular who got revealed as a sexual predator by the #MeTooMovement. (NBC seems to employ a lot of those types.)

For reasons that may suggest management malfeasance, Donny was brought back to NBC/MSNBC to make the rounds on the various programs of the two networks—although his main stage was on “Morning Joe.”  Before his falling out with that other Donald – the one in the White House – Donny also played the role of a judge on NBC’s “The Apprentice.”

Never to be deterred, MSNBC gave Donny yet ANOTHER show branded with his own name – “Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch.  Its run can be measured in weeks.  Maybe the show would have done better if more appropriately named “Political Nonsense with Donny Deutsch.”

It seems the guy has a real problem branding himself.  So, now he is back to his guest appearances on the MSNBC line-up of anti-Trump, anti-Republican and anti-conservative shows.  Of course, Deutsch was never on MSNBC to be informed  and inciteful.  He is just another of the network’s legion anti-Trump parroting panelists.  He follows the script without much evidence of an original thought.  We should not be buying his brand.

So, there ‘tis.

Attacks from the Left
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    You are correct. He is second rate, altho I would consider him a third rate as he a nothing, a has been if anything.

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