Trump Turns on Fox, Fox Host Fires Back

In their off and on again relationship, which has recently gotten more contentious in light of the impeachment hearings, President Trump seemed to have once again had it with Fox News, or more specifically, their host and anchor Chris Wallace.

Trump turned his ire on Wallace when on his show, Wallace had challenged House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) for concluding that witnesses who testified in the first round of live hearings didn’t see a crime committed here. Wallace took issue with top Republican’s characterization of the testimony, blatantly accusing the congressman of “very badly” misrepresenting the witnesses’ positions.

Which earned Wallace this acerbic tweet from Trump, “[Scalise] blew the nasty & obnoxious Chris Wallace (will never be his father, Mike!) away on Chris’s lowest-rated (unless I’m on) morning show,” adding, “This kind of dumb and unfair interview would never have happened in the @FoxNews past.”

However, Fox fired back, when afternoon host Neil Cavuto ended his show with a strong defense of his colleague.

As Cavuto ended his show, he asked his viewers, “What makes something ‘fake news?’” before explaining that the president “doesn’t distinguish” between false reporting and journalism that reflects poorly on him.

“Now we can debate whether any crime was committed here,” Cavuto said, “but Chris challenged Scalise concluding the witnesses that testified last week didn’t see a crime committed here. That was his view of what they said, but that was not what they said.” He went on to say it “was a pity” Trump didn’t keep watching Fox News Sunday to see Wallace “just as aggressively going after” Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat for Connecticut.

While Trump is “entitled” to his opinion, Cavuto said journalists “aren’t entitled to praise” him unconditionally—as he has come to expect from Fox’s primetime hosts. “We’re obligated to question you and always be fair to you,” he said. “We will. Even if it risks inviting your wrath.”

In somewhat uncharacteristic fashion, the president has not responded directly to Cavuto, but in the past, he has referred to him as “nasty,” and he has been called a “Never Trumper,” by allies of the president.

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  1. Wallace to me is a democrat for he will not acknowledged anything positive about President Trump at all. The media needs to just report the darn news and let the people decide. Now tell me Wallace (how can this be a freedom of speech country when you have people telling you or with holding the news from you) what needs to happen is freedom of the press needs to STOP. JUST LIKE YOU HAVE MADE FREEDOM OF SPEECH GO AWAY. Wallace i stopped watching your show for when i do i get angry.

  2. Cavuto,Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are all never Trumpers or Democrats posing as non-partisans. Give it up Neil…you are thrilled with the rise in the stock market and angry that President Trump was the one that turned it around. Twist your whiplash mustache and say”curses…and I’ll get you yet!”

  3. I stopped watching Fox Mews and Fox Business News when that terrilble liberal Chris Wallace came in. I Only watch Newsmax and One American News as they don’t lie and always say something against out President Trump who is a great man. I won’t listen to Fox lies anymore. They have lost me and my confidence like CBS , CNN and the other liberal news liers. I have a choice Fox and You are FIRED. HEY Murdoch get rid of your stupid liberal daughter’s in law or sell this network before you pass to a conservative news reporting entity. You would never in the past treated your friend Donald this way. S Bush

  4. I hte your fuzzy photos and especially little photos which for the ederly are hard to see.

    CHRIS MATHEWS should go to CSNN or MSNBC I always turn him off quickly

    • Chris Wallace should have never been on FOX. He has never uttered a word I agreed with and that I would consider conservative. There are so many out there that need to get a REAL JOB instead of trying to hoodwink us.

  5. I no long watch Fox News. I watch One America News and listen to Radio. American people should not give Foreign Countries the opportunity to watch our country be so divided. Trump 2020

  6. Fox News has lost it, a bunch of Snowflakes !!!! Who needs Fox News ??? Go to Newsmax, I get it on Antenna TV in Nampa, Idaho. Both Cable & Satelite Services Carry NewsMax in my area. Also available on Newsmax App. on my cell phone.

  7. Chris Wallace constantly sides against president Trump. I can’t stand the weasel. He has a consistent bias against the president. It’s no secret he is a Democrat. While Cavuto tries to be fair, he too regularly gets his Trump digs in. Throw Napolitan in with Cavuto and it becomes a Trump Bashing session. Quite frankly I dislike all 3 of them. Basically I put Chris Wallace’s show in the 60 minute box and quit watching it.

  8. When are news agencies going to learn you cannot argue news using facts. I, listen to all news stations with all reporting that some Republicans keep using fake news expecting all to believe. It was said during the impeachment hearings that tell a lie enough some will believe it. If the Republicans continue not to respect their oath to uphold the constitution myself and many of my friends have decided maybe it is best to vote Democrat. The Republican should listen to the facts and vote their beliefs, without using disrespectful language. For the people agree to disagree without inserting hate with their commits. I am sure they have families listening to statements and to hear their love been spoken bad about hurts. Listen to the hearings. Not one democrat spoke with hate in their statements.

  9. These Fox news “hosts” are slowly being “turned” by the owners of the Fox news networks if they want to “keep their jobs”, and what I have read they are basically under “gag orders” and TOLD what they can and cannot say. I say anyone that cannot report the REAL news TRUTHFULLY and without their personal “feelings” against our POTUS, should consider moving to one of the “fake news” hate TRUMP “networks”. After all these “hosts” are NOT the “opinion” reporters, they are supposed to just report the NEWS, not put their OWN “spin” on it.

    • Every word from Cliff is the truth. Just disgusted by it all. Instead of working WITH OUR PRESIDENT, because he’s NOT A POLITICAL PERSONALITY, NOT A “ GOOD OLE’ BOY” the Democrats & many Republican Congressman…our President is forever fighting the tide all the while fulfilling promises made toAmerican voters. It is a disgrace, & they all should be ashamed of themselves & their hefty paychecks.

  10. Chris Wallace is ,even though on fox, still part of the big 3. All of them hoping to secure what they believe will be the New America. Anybody can see this is all a snow job but news reporters if not all the way to the left have one foot on the right and one on the left. They call it ” job security. “

  11. I too take exception with the Wallace & Snail Neil Cavuto, who by the way needs to needs to be very careful on how he choose’s to pontificate “fair & balanced” of FOX News.

    Wallace is a demonRat, arrogant, egomaniac who must be so dumb. If he can’t figure out what is happening over there. One by one the TDS DC Swamp “news faker’s I call: “slimeO’crats” have been removed “one by one!”

    No one Chrisse, is above the ” you’re fired ” phraseology ..

    Same goes for the open heart recipient Mr. Cavuto, who’s been offered extended life support by the Almighty. Wisdom should have taught the ego driven Cavuto, talking out of both sides of the mouth isn’t healthy. However, ever since he recovered, he’s long forgotten the lease on life he was awarded. Cavuto has a responsibility to more than ever stand down when his arrogant associates are rightfully put back in place by the President of: We The People.

    The almighty “ratings book” is what separates any deviate arrogant professional from their on-air multi Million dollar income. Something worth thinking about. “With all due respect, I yield my time back!”

  12. It is common practice in our home to turn the channel when Chris Wallace or Neal Cavato comes on.
    It is the same as watching CNN or MSNBC!

    If the Fox network doesn’t remove them a lot of viewers wil move to internet news!

    While your at it remove Juan Williams a died in the wool Dumbocrat

    Bob N

  13. I always watched Mike Wallace when he had commentaries. He was fair , unbiased and truthful. It’s a shame his son Chris, couldn’t follow in his dad’s footsteps. It is blatantly clear that Chris is a “Lefty”. I can’t remember the last time I watched Fox News. When I want news, I want the truth and not someone’s opinion on how “they” see it.
    Rest In Peace Mike, someday you’re son might become the man you were.

  14. Chris Wallace is nothing but an idiotic hack and his bank account would probably show that he’s been bought and paid for. It’s the only way the liberals agenda can be pushed. They pay for people to spew the garbage to the masses hoping the weak minded just believe it and don’t actually research the lies they tell.

  15. Journalists are suppose to JUST REPORT the news, NOT give their OPINIONS ! WHY do the journalists of TODAY, not understand that simple rule ? in regard to Chris Wallace, I don’t like him, and never watch him !

  16. Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto are no longer respected and trusted as being “fair and balanced”. I predict that Fox will drop in its ratings and I’m more than happy to say, I no longer follow Fox.

  17. Wallace along with the “judge” are doing their best to turn FOX into the left leaning fake news organization that the new owners and management want. FOX is no longer my go to outlet for fair news. In order to watch fair and complete coverage of the daily news the go to channel should be OANN. ONE AMERICA NEWS presents news without commentary and in a fair and balanced way the way FOX once did but no longer.

  18. Chris Wallace has become a conceded A-Hole!!!! I use to like him but over the last 4 years he has become even below CNN, NBC, and all the rest of the Liberals!!!!! I believe He thinks He is like A NEWS GOD, AND THAT’S ALL THAT I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT…….

  19. Sophie. Good for you. Like you I want the facts not the newscaster’s opinion. I am perfectly capable of working out who is lying and who is not. Speaking please, follow the lead, no opinions.

  20. I understand the President’s attitude toward anyone or any group that credits the Democrats with anything substantial. The Democrats just cost the taxpayers $32 million with the Mueller joke.
    They got nothing from that so now they start a Ukraine probe.
    Our President is Donald Trump so live with it. We had to live with the Democrats Muslim President for 8 long years and he did nothing.

  21. Of all the reporters on Fox the least liked on by my Wife and I, is Wallace. He is almost as bad Williams on the Five. Stop injecting his own opinion and let the guest make his statement.

  22. The President is exactly correct in his statement concerning both Chris
    Wallace and Neil Cavuto; they are both full of themselves and offer biased opinions. I don’t listen to either commentators due to their attitudes towards everything Trump.

    Thank God, we have a President who stands for the truth and is more than willing to state it! Keep in doing what you’re doing Mr. President;
    We are proud of your leadership in all areas of your office.

    Now flush out all the holdovers from the Obama administration; they’re bad news for your progress to keep America great!
    You are blessed, loved,needed for our country…our world.

  23. What kind of man reacts to any and all criticism of him by insulting, slamming, and disparaging, their critic’s character, mentality, physical appearance, education and even intent. Do you really want to know? Probably not. I understand it’s difficult to admit one has been conned, has believed what was so clear to so many others, and to swallow one’s pride and one’s gullibility. It would appear based on the comments made many times daily by his devout supporters both in the Senate, at his rallies, fund raiser’s, on FoxNews, and even right here on this website that virtually none of these poor misguided cheer leaders are anywhere near ready to face the fact that they have been duped, lied to, conned, and, at the end of the day, been made fools of by perhaps the most disingenuous, immoral, untruthful, scheming, self centered, bullying, piece of human scum to ever land in our White House. The adoration of tyrants throughout human history is well documented as is the bad ending that invariably comes to them; it’s when the light bulb comes on in the heads of their bamboozled supports that they reach for the pitch forks, light up their torches, and oust their antagonist hoping it is not too late. Sadly it is becoming more and more apparent that perhaps it is too late. Even if it’s not too late it will certainly take years, even decades to ever Make America Great Again. By then of course most of us will be dead and buried but historian will, as they always do, write and speak to warn their fellows to rout out corruption and especially corrupt leaders even before the stink of them begins to permeate the air we breath.

  24. Unfortunately FOX NEWS has started leaning left after the departure of Roger Ailes. This trend started after Comrade Soros had a meeting with the Murdock’s to remove Glen Beck from the network who was constantly exposing Comrade Soros infiltrating all government agencies.
    Anyway since then the slow shift has begun with several of the FOX personalities taking on a more adversarial attitude.
    This is one reason I watch ONE AMERICA NEWS and NewsMax. It is appalling that all major so-called news outlets in print on TV and cable have a left leaning bias. They talk about President Trump colluding; they are the ones colluding against America.

  25. I’ve watched Fox Sunday News for 20 years and find I am not able to sit and listen to Chris’s one sided opinionated interviews. I enjoy the show much more when someone else is the host. He seems to change questions into an editorial and not let his guest answer his question. Talent doesn’t go through blood line. Interview,don’t argue with the guests.

  26. Fox News has lost it, (a bunch of Liberal SNOWFLAKES) !!! Who needs Foxnews ??? Go to Newsmax, I get Newsmax on Antenna TV in Boise, Idaho. Newsmax is available On Cable, & Satilate Systems. Newsmax can also be downloaded to your cell phone. WHO NEEDS FOX NEWS GO TO NEWSMAX ???

  27. Where are the old times’ times when politicians were careful of spitting in the air? What you do might befall you when your turn will come. And it will.

  28. Wallace isn’t a ‘real’ Fox host. He’s a representative (just like Juan Williams) of the livid left. Our President can be annoyed with his antics as much or more than the rest
    of us are.

  29. Murdock is no conservative – never was. Just the “token” contrary view in a very united propaganda apparatchik So, FOX is there as a false-flag. There are a few more – to convince the sheep there’s honesty where there isn’t.


  31. The only ones “badly MIS-representing” anything and everything are the so-called democRATS….Nobody else is SPINNING and LYING about everything under the Moon, Stars and the Sun….They belong in PRISON, just about EVERY single one of THEM….!!!

  32. It does not surprise me about Chris Wallace. I use to enjoy watching him and felt he was impartial but I see he is in no way impartial. His interviews with liberals (of which I found he is one) are very supportive while interviews with conservatives are very offensive on his part. He is not “fair and balanced” for Fox News!

  33. Chris Wallace is the most arrogant, vindictive person that Fox has. He has it in for ANYONE WHO ISN’T A
    Democrat. He is nasty, does not let his guests speak when he gives them a few seconds left. He only has the
    guests that he knows will follow his lead and attack the other party. Nobody really watches him that I know
    of and the TV goes off when this smart alec who thinks he is God is on. Fox is missing out big time with
    this man who thinks the sun rises and sets in him and it DOESN’T.

  34. Just listening to Chris Wallace, for many years now, it is easy to see that he is a Liberal, in Conservative clothes! Wallace, does not have the courage to admit that, because he is a slave to the almighty dollar! A traitor to Conservatism, & consumed by hatred for Trump! Fox, should be rid of him….”asap”! Fox, has most recently gotten rid of several “skunks”, in their journalistic ranks…..But, Wallace should be the next to go!


  36. Wallace has always spoken with a twist in the left corner of his mouth! Cavuto just needs to start stuffing his pizzas into the other end of his pie hole…he just never gets it right!

  37. Wallace, Cavuto, and most of Cavuto’s regular guests are all rinos and jealous of anything Trump. They should all go packing with the now-departed Shep.

  38. Chris Wallace is a jerk, Cavuto can be as well! They both become obviously giddy when they have something, anything, they believe will harm my President, Donald J Trump – And it shows… Just as with it did Sheperd Smith! They can’t seem to contain their snarly, smirky expressions, pitch in their voices, to show their exuberant delight @ the slightest hint at the possibility of somehow defaming him – it’s beyond disgusting!
    The biggest problem with FOX has occurred since Paul Ryan joined their management team, as well as Muslim producer, Hufsa Kamal Khan, and their silencing of our hosts’ voices! That’s over-the-top concerning since all the other cable channels ALWAYS besmirch & do their best to destroy our great POTUS day after day. FOX is where we came for truth (and with few exceptions still come because it’s our best -though sometimes pathetic- choice. it’s painfully clear than many hosts are being held hostage to do what they are told to do, or lose their positions, and it’s an interference of theirs’, and our, first amendment rights.
    I sure as hell would switch to OANN, in a heartbeat, if Spectrum would offer it. I’m so sick of the truth being withheld by our hosts who try their best do their jobs -in spite of the soft “gag-order” placed upon them- or else. These brave men (Hannity, Levin, Tucker, Jessie & a few others) & women (Laura, Judge Jeanine) are our only voice against the sick, lying, conniving, moraless Socialists/Dems Congress and Senate representatives, as well as the corrupt top echelon of our law enforcement agencies that formed a coup against our President before he was even sworn in.
    I fear for the health and well-being of our entire nation – President, US citizens, law enforcement officials who REALLY ARE trying to protect us (ICE, some locals, etc.), our lifestyle, and our traditions and our beliefs, if this garbage isn’t somehow reigned in.

  39. What we all need is to pray for our leaders so that they will govern the nation with honesty and dignity. God is the ultimate judge whether people are using appropriate judgment on any one. I am not fanatic but the reason why the world is chaotic is that we do not practice our christian principles.We just love to show our hatred for people which takes away our energies.

  40. Chris Wallace has been very negative towards President Trump. He needs to get the hell out of Fox Channel news and go to work for CNN.

  41. Everyone is always downing our President, look yes he speaks his mind more so then he should but who cares really. He has done more for this country then any & all the Democrats have in the past 40 yrs, so he calls the News fake media but that is his right and option isn’t it ? What happened to freedom of speech in this country ? Just because he is our president he shouldn’t have to watch what he says, this has gotten out of hand with everything. He is our President and will be for the next 5 yrs and it’s what this country needs, he is the best President this country has had and will have for a very long time. Get over it.

  42. FOX doesn’t seem to realize, nor care that a growing number of us turn Wallace and Cavuto off as soon as their shows begin. Both need to go,

  43. I think the news reporters should immediately be enlisted and sent to the front line and really understand what our military is fighting for.
    It’s their job to report the facts to the America public in an unbiased way.
    Not their opinion of the true but just the truth with no comments relating to their thoughts at all.
    It’s time that we shut down these jokers!

    Our young people seemed confused and the citizens are upset about the state of affairs.
    I support our President, our flag, our country and all our police officers, military personnel and our veterans 100 percent.The views are our country is out of control so much that if the opposite was to occur we would jump to the opposite extremes just to be liberal. So that try that instead of BET that’s make a station WET Network . Instead of Hispanic organizations let’s have a group of Non- Hispanic Organization. Instead of Pride that’s have a group Anti-Pride. How does that work going to the opposite extreme. That is what most of the media is doing – let’s stop it now so we can unite our people here in the USA not separate them.

  44. First of all I would disagree with Chris. Everything I have listened to was hearsay and much of it was from Sondland. He, after reading his opening statement of 23 pages and ending or starting with there was absolutely Quid Pro Quo – when directly asked – as I believe he had previously testified – he did, on one occasion talk to the president about this subject. And he said he asked President Trump what he should tell the president of Ukraine that Trump wanted from him. The answer was, Nothing, I want nothing no Quid Pro Quo, tell him to do the right thing. The rest of the testimony was diplomatic gossip about what any and/or all of them “thought or sensed or felt” about what was going on!! Did Chris give specific examples where they “Knew” first hand that anything about the matter was NOT OK???? Napolitano has said there was evidence supporting impeachment – did he enlighten us as to first hand knowledge or again is he relying on Hearsay?? Otherwise, Chris is just a tough interviewer and that is what makes a News program as opposed to an Opinion program! On the other hand, I wish reporters, as with Shep Smith, wouldn’t go off all angry because the president has criticized him/her or them! And then, again, as with Smith, he just couldn’t hide his animosity for this president.

  45. Wallace has never been on Trump’s side since even before Trump turned to Politics. Chris is just like his
    father, both lean heavily liberal. I have never cared for either. Wallace was one of the reason Fox touted it’s “Fair & Balanced” programming. They have put there share of lefties on the air since it’s beginning. Alan Colmes, Wallace, Juan Williams, Shepard Smith and now Donna Brazil. Most of us don’t care for these people as they are very left of center, but Fox IS giving the libs a fair play unlike CNN, MSNBC and the Networks CBS< NBC & ABC who only tell their side of any story.

  46. The tax payers of America have made millionaires
    out of the democratic party. We have to abolish these democrats as soon as possible, hopefully in 20/20
    a new era will begin to cripple all of their misdeeds, and totally free us from this abuse that has lasted for decades.

  47. Chris Wallace is simply another example of a news host pretending to be a “middle” critique when, in fact, Wallace dismisses what any < 100 IQ would see.

    I'm not a robot, but check out Wallace with a "CAPTCHA."


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