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Is the political left cheering on the Coronavirus consequences?

No, the political left – which includes Democrat leadership and their cronies in the left-wing media – are NOT cheering on the Coronavirus and its economic impact on America.  We should only wish that is all they were doing.

They are promoting and advancing the deleterious effects of the Coronavirus outbreak for perceived political benefit.  In the perverse would of Democrat politics, the bad news is good news.  As the former Obama White House Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel callously once put it, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Today, Emmanuel claims that he only meant we should learn for it, but that was not in any way shape or form the context in which he offered that cynical advice.  He was speaking politically.  More than ever, the Democratic Party – and their echo chamber in the media – are acting on that advice.

It was not so long ago that a left-wing television personality opined that the only way to beat President Trump would be a recession.  He suggested that the #NeverTrump Resistance Movement should hope and pray for one.

Well, they now have it – and they are taking full advantage of it.

In a previous commentary, I raised the warning that in terms of nasty  biased political posturing, “we ain’t seen nothing yet.”

MSNBC and CNN are promoting the panic and distrust in the Trump administration, the Republicans in Congress and Republican mayors and governors.  Not only are the host and anchors pushing Democrat political propaganda, but they are pulling in every Democrat they can for interviews or as so-called analysts.

While Democrats – like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio – pleads and pleads for aid from Washington IMMEDIATELY, he approves of Democrats in the Senate now twice voting to block $500 billion in immediate financial relief.  Democrats claim it is just another big business bailout that does nothing for the small enterprises and the workers.  Actually, the GOP legislation has $300 billion for small businesses.

The Republican bill is nothing like the Obama stimulus package that subsidized the Wall Street Banking and major corporations without any restrictions on the use of the money – including big bonuses for executives and corporations buying back their stock instead of expanding the business and hiring more employees.  Still, Democrats – and the media – keep advancing their standard mendacious political narratives.

Even as they criticize the President and congressional Republicans, Democrats do what they do best:  seize every opportunity to spend and squander taxpayer money by attaching their pet spending projects onto emergency legislation.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the airwaves in an attempt to have Trump end the federal lawsuit against Obamacare.  She said it would end pre-existing conditions coverage and coverage for offspring up to 20 years old.  Technically that is true, but the Republican replacement proposals all protect that coverage.  In the middle of the Coronavirus, Pelosi shamefully offered up her political agenda that has nothing to do with the Coronavirus —  just another crisis not to waste politically.

In the orgy of piling on pet projects,  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren wants student loan forgiveness to be part of a stimulus package.  Others want to enact universal vote by mail.  These are issues worthy of debate on their own but have little to do with addressing the immediate crisis.

Democrats are peddling fear that the economy is on the verge of another Great Depression.  That is not true – but simply political fearmongering.  During his appearance on MSNBC, Rahm Emanuel used the term “depression economy” to describe the situation today.  More fearmongering.

In fact, as of today, we are not even officially in a recession.  We are in a temporary government-induced shutdown – and arguably one that has been created, at least partially, by an overreaction mentality AND by Democrat fearmongering.

If you follow the news on CNN or MSNBC, you are likely to believe that there is a massive shortage TODAY of masks, rubber gloves, protective garments, ventilators, hospital beds, and test kits.  The situation is not as bad as they say.  Most of the concern is over FUTURE needs – and that is justified.

Mayor de Blasio said that New York hospitals could suffer shortfalls IN A WEEK OR SO.  In other words, the supply on hand is meeting the needs at this moment.  Planning ahead is a necessary strategy but giving the impression that scores of people are currently dying for lack of medical equipment is simply not true.

The position of the Democratic Party is that we should do more to shut down more of the American economy – creating more economic hardship across the land and, by an extension (they believe), more political damage to Trump and the GOP.  Democrats are calling for a national house arrest.  Okay, they do not call it that, but the only things missing are the ankle bracelets.

It is starting to be a toss-up as to whether the Coronavirus or Democrat fearmongering poses the greatest threat to the Republic at this moment

So, there ‘tis.

22 thoughts on “Is the political left cheering on the Coronavirus consequences?

  1. Emanuel is a typical POS Demorat who doesn’t deserve to be long for this world. Hopefully he will contract the virus and die soon

  2. The Democrats are just assuring Republican success . Nothing should be added to this bill just pass it.

  3. Dem & media panic hype, hysterical mania fueled this devastating viral outbreak & consequential economic debacle affecting majority if not all peoples here & world wide. Politicians are even further stoking this calamity by congressional obstructions & devious machinations for their own selfish egotistical envious aggrandizements at these critical times.

  4. Time for the patriotic ladies and gentlemen of the Democratic party to stand up and take back their party from their evil leaders who are trying to turn it into the demonic party.

  5. The Political Left in this Country are Agents of China, Communists, Whores, Prostitutes, Thieves, Liars, Robbers, Cunts, Bitches, Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, Racists, Rapists, Murderers, Abortionists, Traitors, Pedophiles & Most of All Demons that Suck Satan’s Dick.

  6. Please Larry, re-read your writings. It looks like your software is editing your material as if you wuz illiterate.

  7. Schumer & Pelosi and their criminal liberal , socialist NWO Congress allies should be in GITMO for many counts of high treason , sedition & perjury . The left’s globalists FUNDED the level 4 Chinese lab that CREATED the virus , of course they daily are making it as bad as possible to America & the world , that is part of their NWO agenda to reduce the word’s populations , hoping to create more socialist , defenseless Venezuelas . :

  8. Im just a simple man. A man that made some bad choices in my youth and as a result I at 56 years old this coming Friday am still forced to do extremely strenuous work. I dont complain and I make 20 yr old kids cry for me to slow down. But I live from day to day on whatever I can make that day. How am I to survive this “lock down ” of no working? Ive heard tales of a $1500.00 one time hand out but just exactly how long do you think that will last? Im scared to death. I refuse to break the law in any way but it seems like in the forseeable future its going to come down to that or starve.
    The 2nd issue I have is the Democrats. All this trying to slip their own plans into the works of getting help out for corona virus relief? Stop that shit because if I were in charge anyone who tries this should be immediately fired, escourted off the premises and there will be no more fat checks rolling in for NOT doing your job and retirement? HA welcome to MY world. As Ive been told before ” Go get a job at Mc Donalds. I used to be a democrat but they have been so shameful I wont be associated with that. Most in my opinion should be tried for treason. Trump has been on it. Let him do as he does.
    3rd and last issue. Mr President, Im sure you are already on top of this but I need to say… I am suspicious of the Chinese. I can easily see them releasing this virus regardless of the losses in their own country knowing eventually it will end up in our lands and will hurt us financially. Watch their actions in our stock market that will write volumes for you.
    Respectfully submitted
    Robert F. Shea

  9. Republicans cannot cave to the dems indecency during a time of national emergency. Stay strong against this despicable attempt at political wrangling during our (all Americans) time of need.

  10. Why do you keep referring to the Democrat Party as the Democratic Party? Adjectives used to describe a person or organization conveys a widely held characteristic that has been earned by the person or organizion’s achievements. Democrats seldom use the tennents of true democraçy as their moral compass!!!!

  11. They needed a disaster to undo everything Trump did for America. I really suspect they cooked this up with China. They seem to have the same agenda as their communist allies. It took Trump 3 years to accomplish everything he did. No doubt he’ll do it again. Vote democrat out, particularly those who have been causing all this trouble. Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, waters, Nader, Chris (conn) senator, Sanders, Warren, AOC, Tlaib, Pressly, Omar and the other minions who follow them. We need a fresh start. Then clean out governors and mayors.

  12. Most impacted will be the high population densities and homeless encampments which are strong democ rat areas.

  13. ” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the airwaves in an attempt to have Trump end the federal lawsuit against Obamacare.

    If I Had Her Majesty Pespi’s $100,000,000 ( made almost $90,000,000 between 2008 and 2016 on a $190,000 a year salary ) I Wouldn’t CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE Either…just sayin

    ” The Republican bill is nothing like the Obama stimulus package that subsidized the Wall Street Banking and major corporations without any restrictions on the use of the money – including big bonuses for executives and corporations buying back their stock instead of expanding the business and hiring more employees. Still, Democrats – and the media – keep advancing their standard mendacious political narratives.”

  14. I thank you for your posts. I read them every time I receive one. They are highly interesting and more to my feelings and frame of mind on a lot topics. Please continue to put this information out there. I for one, most sincerest appreciate it! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

  15. How ludicrous! Can u just imagine if sleepy joe was president?
    I do believe Dems are feverishly using the virus as their top selling tool to bring down Trump and to promote their agenda by sandbagging legislation to help us thru the crisis. What doesn’t help are the ignoramuses out there who believe their horrendous lies and have Fake News operations foment their fears. I believe they should be shut down permanently as they support the Swamp!

  16. I want to place an opinion but every time I try you continue giving more and more reCAPTCHA! Every time I’ve tried to write you do the same!
    Anyway, I just want to say that those that continue with the bogus and fear mongering are probably the big SHOTS in the SWAMP, and they don’t want Mr Trump or anyone to be able
    to unmask them. Right? Polossi, Schucky, and all the others. They have become multimillionaires, while accomplishing nothing good for the Americans!!

  17. Bummer this novel contagion & the annual flu are afflicting millions,affected innumerable jobs/families, impacted economies down all so unbearable to the sensibilities. These fearsome calamities hopefully can be stemmed soonest with swift aggressive policies & strict mitigating measures employed by POTUS’ able hard working task force in welcome cooperation now with Congress/governors/mayors/citizenry. Undaunted.

  18. The time for blame is over. We need test kits, masks, respiratory equipment, sterilization equipment for our medical workers. Whatever we can do to turn this around, we will do. Blaming does nothing but upset everyone. We need all hands on deck. If you can sew masks, make hospital gowns, or just send money to your local hospital, do it. This virus doesn’t care if we are Democrats or Republicans. It doesn’t discriminate. Stay in as much as possible. If you older, pay someone to go to the grocery for you. Wash your hands. Pray. We can do this.

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