Popular Democrat Wants To Spread Coronavirus at Trump Rallies

A Denver City Councilwoman apparently stands in “solidarity” with infecting Trump supporters with the deadly coronavirus at the President’s upcoming campaign rallies.

It all started when Democratic Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca received an email from a constituent, in which she announced: “For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can.”


CdeBaca rather than condemning the offensive tweet, actually condoned it, responding with “#solidarity Yaaaas!!” with laughing emojis, perhaps even passing the vile tweet along to others.

The egregious tweet along with CdeBaca’s callous response drew an immediate backlash from social media, with even the President’s son responding.

“These people are sick,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted.

“This elected Democrat in Colorado doesn’t seem very nice!” the Trump campaign War Room Twitter account posted in response.

“The depths to which Democrats are sinking to politicize coronavirus is disgusting,” Republican National Committee Rapid Response Director Steve Guest said in a statement to Fox News on Tuesday. “Democrat leaders, both nationally and in Colorado, need to condemn this deranged comment.”

Still others on social media posted; “She appears to have made the statement on her government Twitter account.

— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) March 3, 2020

While another posted; “You are in need of medical help. Please seek a doctor who can help you extinguish the hate in your heart. Vile.

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) March 3, 2020

The 33-year old first-term councilwoman from Denver’s 9th district claims she posted her response in jest. However Republicans saw nothing humorous in a disease that has thus far killed at least 3,061 individuals (and counting), with almost 90,000 infected across 66 countries.

CdeBaca is also a supporter of self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, and in fact, has modeled her political campaign along the same lines as the 78-year old Vermont Senator.

At a recent debate, the progressive Democrat/Socialist lamented “what is false is this belief that capitalism is the only economic structure that fosters innovation and growth.”

Faced with mounting criticism her office was forced to respond on Tuesday: “Councilwoman CdeBaca made a sarcastic tweet on Twitter to call attention to the Trump administration’s downplaying of the coronavirus as a ‘hoax,’ no more dangerous than the common flu. Rather than conservative outlets making a four-day-old tweet their focus on Super Tuesday, they should focus their energy on demanding a competent federal response to this public health crisis instead.”

Adding, “The Councilwoman will continue to focus on her priorities in her district and not on the mostly out-of-state conservative media who have targeted her since even before her election to office,” the office said.

The response by CdeBaca’s staff attempting to downplay her vile tweet and somehow flipping her remark back towards the President caught the eye of Colorado Republican Party Executive Director Lx Fangonil who acknowledged that CdeBaca’s tweet is “simply disgusting.”

Adding, “There can be no room in our politics for wishing harm on Americans who have different political beliefs,” he said. “Democrats in Colorado and across the country need to condemn this evil statement.”

Moreover, the Colorado Republican Party has actually called for a recall over Councilwoman CdeBaca’s remarks.

The original tweet had been deleted, however multiple media outlets, including Denver Republicans, the Colorado GOP, and several others had been able to capture CdeBaca’s tweet using a simple screen capturing tool called “screengrab.”

Spokesperson Lisa Calderón, attempting to still justify CdeBaca’s tweet told The Denver Post.

“1. Are you listening to ANYTHING Trump has said about the virus?” CdeBaca tweeted Tuesday.

“2. Do you realize Trump reduced the virus to the common flu? 3. I know sarcasm is hard to read in a tweet, but you are usually a bit quicker than this. Next time I will use more emoji’s just 4 you.”

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  • derek blurb
    6 March 2020 at 5:55 pm
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    Whether this is a Republican assertion to discredit the democrats, or it is really a sick democrat expression of hate, we will never know. But it is unlikely to foster voters to change team.

    • Truth Pilot
      7 March 2020 at 10:24 pm
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      What the Hell are you talking about? You say “We Will Never Know.” WE DO KNOW!! This is a sick Democrat making wild threats.

  • Elaine Lerner
    9 March 2020 at 4:57 pm
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    What could one say to another that is so ignorant
    with so
    Much hatred! Disgusting!

  • Linda Brodzeller
    11 March 2020 at 8:23 pm
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    Seeing the coronavirus is killing people and these people want to go give it to everyone else wouldn’t that be considered premeditated murder it is in my book. Lock these people up. They should not be allowed to walk around with other people. These are people who would go out and try to get away with anything. Poor evil when someone goes out of there way to purposely try to kill people off because of the way we vote and who we vote for.
    Beware Carma can be a fickle bitch it may be your kids your mom and dad someone you really care about could drop dead. Be careful what you wish for. Of course, anyone who wants to get people sick and die really does not have a heart or love in there heart if they do have one. So losing a family member or your kids probably wouldn’t do anything to what you call a heart. My comment to you who thinks this way is go to church pick up a bible and start studying it seems to me you don’t have a brain for thinking. I hate when I hear some SOB out there would go out of there way to get a lot of people sick and die from it. Go home lock yourself in a closet and don’t come out. We do not need people like you out walking around with society the world is a much safer place without your kind in it. There’s a place for people like you when you leave this world. It’s called HELL

  • Bill Edwards
    12 March 2020 at 3:35 pm
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  • DUane
    13 March 2020 at 4:44 pm
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    I think people that think like her and the rest of the Dumbycrats that aren’t satisfied with our great and( FREE )country then should PACK UP THEIR SHIT AND MOVE TO RUSSIA OR CHINA BETTER YET MOVE TO NORTH KOREA .Because we the free people are not going to let you take are freedom away from us.
    And I would bet my live that there are more people in the United States that want to keep their freedom.Rather than live under communism rules and dictatorship because that’s what the Dumbycrats are wanting you to do.And if any of you young new voters think for one minute that socialism or communist that the Dumbycrats are brainwashing you with all their promises of you don’t have to pay back your student loans and giving you a job and free medical. They’ll promise you all this and even the moon has long has you vote for them. But you’ll never see any of that if they get into office. And you’ll soon after wish you didn’t. And if you’re a Christian well you might as well say good bye. Because you will either have to leave or they might even build some big ovens like Hitler had

  • JoOlse rodney
    18 March 2020 at 1:06 pm
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    If this weren’t an election year there would be plenty of milk, bread and toilet paper at the Walmart and I’d be going to my gym tonight! Wake up people…

  • Joseph Kinge
    20 March 2020 at 5:01 am
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    If I am at that rally, and someone tries to spread a disease, it will be his or her last rally.

  • Gerald Ladd
    21 March 2020 at 12:57 pm
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    LOL..I didn’t think there were any popular DemonDorks.

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