Home Fake News Bodycam footage showing George Floyd resisting arrest debunks ‘racism’ narrative

Bodycam footage showing George Floyd resisting arrest debunks ‘racism’ narrative

Bodycam footage showing George Floyd resisting arrest debunks ‘racism’ narrative

A newly leaked video of George Floyd’s arrest has been making its rounds after being posted by the DailyMail. In the video, we see a completely different depiction of the events leading up to his death that included resisting arrest from the start, claiming he couldn’t breath several times before being put on the ground, and absolutely no signs of racism in the actions of the law enforcement officers.

It’s unfortunate that DailyMail received the leaked video as the narrative they tried to paint with their edits as well as the story associated with the video is completely one-sided against law enforcement. What I and others saw in the video was a man resisting arrest from the very beginning. He refused to follow simple instructions such as showing both hands. DailyMail claims the “rookie cop” pulled the gun on him, “terrorizing him,” while making no mention of standard operating procedure when a suspect appears to be hiding something in his hand. Had Floyd showed his hands as instructed multiple times, there would have been no gun pulled on him.

Before we get into more takeaways from the video, it should be noted that by no means is any of this considered justification for former officer Derek Chauvin’s actions prior to Floyd’s death. Kneeling on his neck for over eight minutes led to his death. Whether that’s because he was suffocating or had other issues that arose based upon his panicked state for several minutes before he was on the ground is up for debate, but the knee to his neck was clearly excessive in this circumstance. However, the narrative that has been given to us prior to this video is completely false. We were told he didn’t resist or only lightly resisted. We were told he was fine until he was on the ground, which he wasn’t; he was claiming he couldn’t breath long before he was on the ground.

But the biggest false narrative taken from this is that racism played a part. It did not. There is no indication whatsoever that the actions of the police officers involved were motivated by race. It is almost certain that if a white man was acting in the same erratic way that George Floyd was acting, the results would have been identical. Perhaps that’s why it has taken so long for this video to be released.

Reactions on social media have been mixed. Those who see this as further evidence of police misconduct will only see a terrified man acting a little strange. Others will see a man who simply needed to not resist arrest in order to be alive today. I fall in the latter category; up until the point a knee was wrongly placed on his neck and kept there for over eight minutes, the law enforcement officers involved were acting appropriately.

Perhaps the most curious part of this whole story is why this video wasn’t released before. During the riots, this video could have helped to defuse the racism narrative that sparked the various riots around the nation. It wouldn’t have worked for everyone; I’m already seeing many on the left and with Black Lives Matter claiming this is further evidence of racism. It is not, but they have to claim it was in order to justify their narrative. As bad as the riots got, it’s unlikely this video would have made things worse. It may, however, have dissuaded some from buying into the false “systemic racism” narrative that has divided the country so furiously over the past few months.

People will see what they want to see from the leaked video, but one thing is certain. We’ve never been told the real story. Derek Chauvin’s knee should never have been on George Floyd’s neck, but racism wasn’t the issue here.

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  1. You guys are hilarious- your Commander-in-Cheat has magnified the divide in your country 10-fold. He has politicized absolutely everything and makes matters worse every time he opens his orange yap. You were once a great country but the Tangerine Man has taken y’all down the toilet. America with the pathological liar at the helm is the laughing stock of the world. Get rid of him, get a real president and restore your place as the world power before it is too late. And frankly 4 more years with the Liar-in-Chief will doom your country. So get over yourselves and do the right thing. I want to see America the great return.

  2. Surprise, surprise… Anybody with half a brain would’ve figured that situation out. Liberal Lying media played that same 10 second “I can’t breath” sound byte OVER and OVER and NOWHERE was there one frame more of video to be found.

    Completely agree that 8 minutes of knee to the neck were excessive, and cop should face the consequences, but Absolutely NOT surprised at Floyd’s behavior leading up to it. County coroner found Fentanyl in him (look it up, “Breathing Problems” are a top symptom), yet once again poor public servants were left to clean up the mess some idiot – Floyd in this case – created for himself doing drugs.

    The Left narrative is just insane, and the fact that anyone trying to voice any consideration otherwise is drowned out, shouted down, hated on, and most of all UNPUBLISHED is even more insane. I wouldn’t live in a Blue State with a gun at my head, although the way the U.S. is apparently going, it might come to that. I pray to God that Trump wins this election!

    Thank you for your Valiant Efforts at the TRUTH here and elsewhere.

  3. First and foremost there is only one race the human race, we come in varieties like roses but evilness uses lies and deception and pride to pit us against each other the statement Black lives matter is absolutely true along with all life matters but there are people that oppress other people and pretend they are concerned with the well being of others but in fact use this tactic to gain wealth power and what they think is best for them and only them it is nothing new. one of the Black lives matter leaders was arrested in 2015 for human trafficking and one was in jail for being a terrorist until President Clinton pardoned him, ANTIFA just seams to be a bunch of brainwashed kids on dope funded by George soros and state and local leaders who are not protecting their own citizens and siding with rioters . Make no mistake this is a conspiracy against the President and the people of the USA at the highest level JESUS CHRIST IS FOR ALL PEOPLE ! AND HE SAID WHAT DOES IT PROPHET SOME ONE TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD AND LOSE THEIR SOUL JESUS CAN BE OUR SAVIOR OR JUDGE IT IS HIS WILL THAT NONE SHOULD PERISH BECUASE HE LOVES US BUT HE LETS US CHOOSE PLEASE CHOOSE HIM TODAY WE ALL NEED FORGIVENESS HE DIED IN OUR PLACE THAT WE MAY LIVE AND BE RESTORED TO GOD OUR FATHER WHO SENT HIM HE LOVES US IN THE TRUEST SINCE OF THE WORD AND CAN DO FOR US WHAT WE CAN NOT DO FOR OURSELVES

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