Kellyanne Conway: Democratic mayors starting to ‘lose it’

Democratic mayors are “losing it” and attacking President Trump instead of addressing the issues plaguing their cities, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

She immediately thanked the Secret Service and lauded Trump for continuing his press conference Monday after being escorted from the White House briefing room, telling reporters “there was a shooting outside of the White House.” But Conway said the bigger story is the increasing violence in cities like Chicago and Seattle.


Conway slammed mayors for focusing on Trump and “shoveling hate at police officers, shoveling hate at people who work” at the White House.

“I think that people are also worried that Donald Trump is going to get four more years and they’re starting to lose it,” she said.

After Trump recently announced he would send federal agents to Chicago to help local authorities fight crime, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pushed back in a letter to the White House, writing: “We need you, as president, to take a leadership role in enacting meaningful and common-sense gun legislation, which you so far have refused to do.”

Chicago has seen a rise in violence, which Conway pointed out: “They have had 414 people murdered this year, over roughly 50% increase over last year. 1,900 people shot, including these kids.”

According to reports, Seattle’s police chief, Carmen Bestemailed her resignation notice late Monday, hours after the city council made good on its promise to approve sweeping proposals that would cut about 100 officers and slash the department’s budget.

Conway notes this took place as a Gallup poll released last week found more than 80% of Black Americans favor a police presence in their area equal to current levels or more.

Meanwhile, the counselor to the president points to Trump’s executive order over the weekend providing coronavirus relief.

“In the absence of congressional leadership and action, this president will always step into the breach,” she said, adding that Trump wanted to help Americans struggling with non-eviction relief, household expenses and student loan payments.

Ahead of the Democratic National Convention, Conway suggests Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., strike a deal on a coronavirus relief package with the White House.

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  • MikefromTexas
    12 August 2020 at 3:49 pm
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    The dems let all this crap happen and now they can’t stop it so they blame the president. And now if all republicans don’t get out and vote we will loose everything.

    • Firewagon
      14 August 2020 at 4:43 pm
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      Absootootly! People wanting anything like NORMAL in America better get up off their hands and send these DemonRATS running for the hills of some other country!

  • Hopeful_One
    12 August 2020 at 4:12 pm
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    Scapegoating, or blaming someone else to move the spotlight from yourself is a common practice among politicians and other deceitful people.

  • Hopeful_One
    12 August 2020 at 4:19 pm
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    Has any evil, hypocritical person ever admitted their wrongdoing and failures? Maybe. For evil people to find mercy they must admit their wrong, change their ways, and start doing what is good and right. These Democratic mayors don’t think they are wrong. Even their glaring failures that most reasonable people see, they cannot see as their fault. They justify themselves and blame others. It is up to good and God fearing people to hold such hardened souls to account and to punishment. But so many are intimidated by these bullies, and their gang of thugs, they are too afraid to act, and so the evil continues as good men do nothing.

  • Policestate
    12 August 2020 at 4:24 pm
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    Chicago is a gun free city so how can they have all of these deaths from shootings? Are they being shot outside of Chicago and then driving into the city? Then there must be the walking dead to. Or are the Police shooting all of these people for job security? I guess that’s what the press would want us to beLIEve.

  • Doug Litchfield
    12 August 2020 at 4:40 pm
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    Sad state of affairs when traveling that you plan your trip around these cities that used to be fun to visit. Thank mayors for screwing up some of the best cities in the country. They have now been reduced to third world cess pools. Can they be brought back? Only if residents change their voting habits.

  • SBL
    12 August 2020 at 5:26 pm
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    It is not the President’s responsibility to be managing at the state level. These democratic Governors and Mayor’s can’t handle a damn thing and when the President starts telling them to get their states and cities under control they can’t. They are completely incompetent and should be thrown in jail for what they have done to cities like Seattle, Portland, Chicago, and New York.
    This country is out of control and it is NOT because of the President it is strictly due to the garbage of society over running it and democrats helping it go down the tubes. They couldn’t have done a better job. Thank you China for your help with the virus. They can rot in hell for what they have done on a global scale!

  • Flavia Sollecito
    12 August 2020 at 8:52 pm
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  • florida bob
    13 August 2020 at 11:31 pm
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    Are these the jungles that Joe Bite Me didn’t want his kids to go to school with ? Take away the welfare and these assholes will have to go to work and support their chillins. They keep having more kids and sell drugs and get more welfare. Tell our President to cut it off. I have !!!!!

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