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Biden tells majority of Americans not to vote for him

Joe Biden says 56% of Americans "have memory problems" and they "probably shouldn't" vote for him...

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said during an interview on Monday that the 56% of Americans who say they are better off now than four years ago “probably shouldn’t” vote for him. Ironically, he added that they have “memory” problems.

Fox News reported, “Gallup, in a survey between Sept. 14-28, found that 56% of registered voters said they were better off than they were four years ago, while just 32 percent said they were worse off.” “This is in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, which has also led to an economic downturn and a number of pandemic-related restrictions for businesses and schools across the country. But it suggests that voters still have a strong economy that carried through the majority of Trump’s term in mind.”

Biden was asked about the results from the poll during an interview with WKRC-TV in Cincinnati.

“Gallup reported last week 56% of Americans said they were better off today than they were four years ago—would’ve been under the Obama-Biden administration,” the reporter said to Biden. “So why should people who feel they are better off today, under the Trump administration, vote for you?”

Biden responded, “Well, if they think that, they probably shouldn’t.”

“They think 54% [sic] percent of Americans are better off economically today than they were under our administration?” Biden asked. “Well, their memory is not very good, quite frankly.”

“And in addition to that, we have a president who doesn’t share the values of most Americans,” Biden claimed. “He’s not very honest with people. He is flouting the conventions relative to public safety in terms even now not wearing a mask.”

The poll results are a good sign for the Trump campaign, as the economy is the top issue for voters in this election, according to polling.

“With the country in the midst of a recession, nearly eight-in-ten registered voters (79%) say the economy will be very important to them in making their decision about who to vote for in the 2020 presidential election – the top issue of 12 included in the survey,” Pew Research Center reported. “The economy is consistently a top voting issue. In a survey asking a similar, though not identical, list of issues in June 2016, the economy also was the top voting issue.”

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  • Dawn Doran
    14 October 2020 at 7:47 pm
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    I bet that Pelosi will be happy to be the next president…If that ever happens, I will not lisiten to her…

  • Maggietish
    14 October 2020 at 8:29 pm
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    It’s a pity that Biden has so little grip on reality that he actually thinks he could just criticize the mental capacity of others. That, along with the fact that he obviously believes the American people are stupid or he doesn’t have a clue what’s happening even years ago when he actually served as vice president. We went into over $20 trillion debt when he was VP, Obamacare was pushed through when the Democrats lied from the beginning that we could keep our doctors and our plan and only admitted it when they got caught which detrimentally affected the American people whose deductibles skyrocketed and our monthly costs for medical coverage doubled or tripled and our rates skyrocket. Also, why if Obamacare was that great did Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of their gang get an exemption from being covered under it and why are we the American taxpayers paying for their health insurance. Our borders were wide open when Biden was VP and all illegals were welcomed and the American taxpayers we’re forced to support them not only in free medical care, housing, welfare, food stamps, but even education. There were more terrorist attacks on the United States on a regular basis and our enemies became emboldened and more aggressive. There was more civil unrest and an obvious effort from the Democrats, and Joe Biden, to divide the American people and cause as much division as they could. There was a war declared against police officers. Crime Rose, more jobs were lost than In decades and the economy was in the toilet. Military budgets were cut to the core even the use of those family members who were serving in the military commissary rights were cut. Deals were cut with other countries that literally sold out the United States and we are detrimental to us let alone becoming a total risk for the American people in the United States. Interesting that Biden doesn’t remember any of that.

  • MikefromTexas
    14 October 2020 at 8:42 pm
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    Don’t worry, I won’t.

    15 October 2020 at 5:00 am
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    I SAY JOE,that’s the first HONEST COMMENT that has ever LEFT your LIPS !!! By the way my memory is very good !!! BUTT you think all AMERICANS have memory LOSS,better take a GOOD LONG LOOK in the mirror, in your basement,you will see a person in there you may or may not know as your 47 years of corruption has taken a toll on yourself !!! Time to REMEMBER to VOTE STRAIGHT TICKET REPUBLICAN !!!

  • Highplainsdrifter
    15 October 2020 at 8:46 am
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    Well, sleepy, creepy, braindead Joe, I’m independent. You know, the group that usually decides elections these days. During your 8 pitiful years with h b.hussein .I you twits caused our jobs to shut down. We were out of work. Memory still sharp on that one. Little after 2016 our company came back, so did we, we’ve been doing awesome. Memory now, Sharp as a tack. I remember you! We 56% + will not vote for your lying socialist/communist self or party. Oh by the way meathead, it is our right to know before you are elected if you are going to pack the Supreme Court. Yours and Kamslas non answer was always the dead give away. Yes you idiot! We the people are your boss! Don’t ever forget it. The presidency is a temp job. You don’t work for special interest, or those in congress or the senate, you damn sure work for those who thought ( memory ) Joe, running for senator, could trust you. Guess what, you and your memory are still in your bunker basement, watching reruns of the twilight zone. Don’t miss the episode on Nov 3 that’s my all time favorite. It’s about you!

  • Bill Clinton
    18 October 2020 at 12:31 am
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    We all know that Joey Bidumbass is suffering from dementia. He is truly mentally retarded. And that Kammy bitch is nothing but a dirty cocksucking whore. We love her blowjobs. The cunt knows how to suck a cock.

  • Barack Obama
    18 October 2020 at 12:34 am
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    Damn straight Billy boy. Kammy gave me a fantastic blowjob last night while Michelle watched.

  • Nancy Pelosi
    18 October 2020 at 12:35 am
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    Biden is busy beating off in his basement.

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