Teacher Holds 13-Year-Old After Class To Lecture Him About Trump’s ‘Racist’ Policies

A middle school teacher in Washington state kept a 13-year-old student after class to lecture him for supporting President Trump. The student recorded the whole thing.

This is the latest in a growing string of incidents in which teachers are bringing their anti-Trump political biases into the classroom. Now that remote learning is more prevalent, more and more incidents are being caught on tape.

The Details

Connor Seaman, a language arts teacher at Kopachuck Middle School in Gig Harbor, Washington had apparently taken issue when the student chose President Trump as his “hero” for a class assignment. So he asked the student to stick around after class for a quick chat before he proceeded to spend nearly 10 minutes attempting to convince the student that his hero’s immigration policy is “racist.”

KTTH-TV talk radio host Jason Rantz, who first reported the news, said, “What started off as a reasonable — and correct — conversation about proper sourcing quickly devolved.”

Like Rantz said, at first it appeared that Seaman would simply advise the student to use more than one source for his project and move on, but that was not the case. Before long, the obviously anti-Trump educator proceeded to grill the student on border wall effectiveness and immigration policy.

After spending a few minutes debating border wall construction with the student, Seaman cut to the chase with a pointed question for the student: “Why is it heroic to make a wall to keep out immigrants?”

From this point on, it is blatantly obvious that Seaman intends only to lecture the student — not on his project, but on his politics. First, he compares illegal crossings to jaywalking, and soon after, he sets up something of a false dichotomy, asking, “What would be a bigger accomplishment: lowering murder rates or lowering illegal border crossing?”

The clever student stood his ground for a while, but eventually grew tired of the lecture and asked if he could leave. Yet, amazingly, Seaman pressed on to make a few final points.

“So if you’re gonna introduce bullet points, you kinda have to back [them] up with why that’s heroic. Because a lot of people who would argue that it’s not heroic and … a lot of the rhetoric that has been said has been very racist,” Seaman said in reference to a 2015 speech in which Trump alleged Mexico was sending “rapists” and “murderers” into the United States.

“It’s pretty racial language, so a lot of people would argue that it’s actually creating a lot of racist tensions by saying that,” he argued.

Parents Were Not Happy

After seeing the video, the student’s mother reportedly contacted both the school’s superintendent and principal. According to KTTH-TV, the principal acknowledged that the lecture was inappropriate and passed along that Seaman was apologetic.

The district, however, has come to Seaman’s defense.

“The comment that the teacher tried to convince the student he was wrong for supporting President Trump’s immigration policy is not accurate,” district spokesperson Aimee Gordon told the local news outlet. “The student and teacher spoke about immigration policy in the context of providing evidence for why President Trump is a hero. The teacher’s intent was to encourage the student to use more than one source (whitehouse.gov) for his assignment.”

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  1. This is one reason we must have school choice and get government and unions run schools abolished. Our children are being brainwashed with Socialist propaganda and are no longer educating them with the basic A,B, Cs, etc. as they should.


  2. Retionale of the District Superior belies the teacher’s also sole reference to the 2015 Trump statement
    which was truncated to distort Trump’s message.
    I’d be willing to debate the teacher Seaman on the southern border wall-do we have fences/walls/gates along various locations to delineate property lines, keep away animal pests & deter trespassers?

  3. One thing about cow manure you can count on is that it stinks. Put a little heat on it and the smell becomes unbearable. That teacher’s real agenda is clear. Wonder where he gets his sources, ABC, NBC, CNN?

  4. It is high time the race baiting skin colored obsessed teachers be fired…the border wall is to insure that people migrate legally into the united states, and keep the illegals out…but then dishonest simpleton’s just cannot understand common sense!

  5. teacher needs to be fired she has no right to lecture this child he has a right to express how her feels. the teacher needs to read her history of the civil war and the constitution. the democrats are the racist and the KKK remember Robert Bryd.

  6. What has turned out Educational System so liberal? Why don’t teachers want to instill in our children what a great country we live in and how fortunate we all are? Regardless of the politics, which should not be in the classroom other than a Civics class, students should not know the political affiliation of the teacher. And, if this young person wants to choose the POTUS as his hero, than that’s his hero. Period.

    • The teacher seaman should be fired permanently from his job the school district should fire mr. seaman because he’s poisoning the minds of these students so he should be fired from his job as a teacher because he’s gonna continue to inflict he’s deraingement and hatred for the president to these young students…

  7. When I was in elementary school, we talked about Russia and propaganda. I was so thankful I live in the USA and was able to see (for the most part) truthful news.
    It’s insane what we hear now. And what makes a teacher an expert on politics? Teachers need to know that what makes this country so great is the right to have our own opinions. I just wish the truth in news wasn’t so suppressed.

  8. If the education system accepts tax payer monies. They do not have the right to push indoctrination. The student has the right for his/her views. The student could list 100 supporting views and it would not be acceptable to the goebles education system.

  9. These teachers are being paid tax paying dollars to teach students what topits their class is assigned to do NOT, brainwash the students into adopting the teachers polictects point of views, any caught crossing the line, jobs should be terminated at once and not aloud to teach again.

    • The teacher seaman should be fired permanently from his job the school district should fire mr. seaman because he’s poisoning the minds of these students so he should be fired from his job as a teacher because he’s gonna continue to inflict he’s deraingement and hatred for the president to these young students…

  10. I too have had an incident involving my six yr old Grandson. He was told by his teacher in CA. that Trump is a Bad Man! This sort of nonsense has to STOP!!

  11. The student recorded it, you don’t have a leg to stand on. I’ve been president of my local two times, VP two times, and secretary 6 times. I know union BS and you and this teacher are BS-ing and trying run roughshod over a student and his family. Cover up your dirty laundry. Admit the teacher is wrong, put a letter of repremand in his files.

  12. That is a load of crap ! You know that the school district is just trying to cover up for one of their own .This is just another example of a school trying to bully a student into what the administration of that school and district believe .Socialist democrats !

  13. What else would one expect out of a state that promotes, riots, disrespect for the rule of law and law enforcement. These morons like this teacher should be enrolled in the real life of how drugs are imported from Mexico. The immigrants who come here to preach how we should live and act on their behalf. He does not have a clue that untold numbers of true Americans died so he can spout off hatred.

  14. The teacher has a poor conception of racism if he believes referring to rapists and murderers is racist. In this 13 yr old’s eyes the president of the United States of America is a hero. He chose his hero based on his opinions. Perhaps the teacher could/should define what type of hero he wants his students to emulate.

  15. Why is it that teachers are allowed to brainwash children into the reachers way of thinking. This is totally wrong and evil and prevents children from developing critical and objective thinking. Where are all the teachers that helped us develop our own way of sensible thinking?

  16. It is plain that this teacher was trying to INDOCTRINATE OR BRAINWASH this student into believing HER AGENDA OR POLICIES and not what the young man believed by supporting Pres. Trump! This teacher should NOT be teaching in any class room in the future——-the liberal agenda is first on their teaching and that has to end!

  17. Teacher needs to be fired !! Each individual has their own opinion on politics. For the teacher to FORCE his opinion on the student is just as much racist as he , teacher, is blaming PRESIDENT TRUMP as being racist. 85% of teachers today are useless today because they don’t want to TEACH , they want the students to accept THEIR views on Everything AS GOSPEL !!!!!

  18. If this 13 Year old child had said that Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris was his “Hero”, and the teacher had given the same “Lecture”, would this have been ok with the School District ? NO, this lecture was 100% WRONG, and the teacher should have been suspended, or better yet FIRED, for doing it !

  19. This Teacher has some nerve to call out a Kid because He was using His own mind. The Teacher is not as knowledgeable as He thinks.
    Biden and His Family are Criminals as they’ve made millions off other Countries illegally and abusing His Government position.
    Does this Teacher know about Joes past history with Robert Byrd who was a k own Ku Klux Clan member? President Trump was right in what He said about Criminals and riff raff coming into our Country. He has been fair to African Americans and minorities!

  20. A lawsuit seems appropriate in this case but the chances of finding a lawyer in Washington state who isn’t a screaming liberal is zip to none. In my day that teacher would have ended up with a black eye of higher learning but todays justice is one sided. The teacher should have been fired!

  21. In my opinion, parents should be proud of their smart child. This wise, very quick-witted child had to teach this handicapped, half-learned teacher to respect the First Amendment to the Constitution. I am delighted with this wonderful child.

  22. In my opinion, parents should be proud of their smart child. This wise, very quick-witted child had to teach this inferior, under-trained teacher to respect the First Amendment to the Constitution. I am delighted with this wonderful child.

  23. I hope that teacher is now on the unemployment line .His options is not what children go to school for. . If he had made that a discussion lesson it would have been better then all viewpoints could have bee heard , not just his biased opinion

  24. This type of grandstanding by instructors is becoming very common. This is the very reason why parents should remove their children from all public schools and send them instead to private schools. This type of instructor is very inappropriate and if the public school system backs them up and supports them rather than fire them and release them, that should be a clue to all parents to remove their children and seek an alternative method of education. Many public schools are fast becoming indoctrination camps and in most cases, without parental knowledge or awareness.

  25. That teacher and those who defended the teacher, should be immediately dismissed with all pensions and payment forfeited.
    The school systems are all corrupt. The students are afraid to speak out against such abuse, because the teacher holds a big stick, “agree with me or you fail “. The courses of real history, economics, and original thinking have been eliminated. The administration of schools will not back a teacher if there is very disruptive child and is sent to the principal’s office. The principal will return the child back to the classroom. Most of the time the teacher will overlook the problem for fear of being taken to court. No wonder the education system is screwed up.

  26. Does anyone really believe the bs defense of the teacher provided by the district spokesman? The spokesman attempted to cover up teacher intimidation and leftist propaganda under the guise of “educational instruction”. What a crock of sh _ t.


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