Nevada: No More Election Results Expected Until Thursday

Nevada will stop updating election results until Thursday morning, sharing its message via Twitter on Wednesday.

Nevada’s state legislature changed the Silver State’s election laws in August to automatically mail absentee ballots to all registered voters and allow for ballot harvesting. President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Nevada GOP subsequently filed a lawsuit to challenge the election law changes.

On Tuesday, a Nevada judge denied the Trump campaign’s lawsuit which sought to temporarily halt counting of mail-in voting in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas.

As of this article’s publication, the Associated Press shows Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden with a lead of approximately 7,500 votes over President Donald Trump out of a total about 1.6 million total ballots cast for both candidates. Biden has received 588,252 votes against Trump’s 580,605 votes, with 67 percent of Nevada’s precincts reporting their results.

Hillary Clinton won Nevada’s six electoral votes in 2016 by over 27,000 votes. The former secretary of state received 539,260 votes against 512,058 votes cast for Trump.

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  1. Its only right to wait 3 to 7 days to verify ALL the election results and make sure they are exactly right. This is a lesson for America to wait patiently and learn to curb our passions for the right decision to come out.

  2. It never seem to change. Dem states want to change the rules at the end of everything. Lets hope we have good legal advise and counsel. The fight is on to keep AMERICA FREE.

  3. The Associated Press shows how many votes in Nevada Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump. But we know ” the value ” of these voices, especially when they are shuffled in the City of Sin.


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