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Miguel Cardona

Biden wants ‘Critical Race Theory’ in Schools

Joe Biden’s choice for Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, is the current Connecticut commissioner of education. He also helped develop curricula for high schools that focuses on “critical race theory.”

According to The Washington Free Beacon noted, Connecticut requires a course in African-American, Puerto Rican and Latino studies. The Connecticut Mirror reported on December 2:

“Connecticut high schools will now be required to offer a course in African American, Black, Latino and Puerto Rican studies after the state Board of Education unanimously approved its implementation on Wednesday. The new curriculum will be offered as a full-year elective for students, but the board is hoping that with enough momentum, it could expand and be required for all students.”

Under “Learning Objectives,” the curricula states, “Analyze how race, power, and privilege influence group access to citizenship, civil rights, and economic power.”

Cardona stated: “Let’s not forget the connection between kids wanting to be in school and kids attending school. And when we see that our attendance rate with Black and Latino students is worse, when we see that our achievement outcomes or academic outcomes are disparate in Connecticut, we have to take real action. I think there’s equal benefit to students who are not Black and Latino to take this course. We hear about windows and doors, that curriculum serves as a window into other cultures. This is a window into another culture for many students.”

“An “expert review panel,” which was filled with educators who support critical race theory being taught in the classroom, had input on the curriculum. One reviewer, Glenn Singleton, founded an organization that teaches students that individualism, competition, politeness, the scientific method, planning for the future, and the nuclear family are “aspects and assumptions of white culture.” Stefanie Wager, another member of the review panel and president of the National Council for the Social Studies, said social studies should be used to combat racism.”

The State Education Resource Center posted about the panel: “The Expert Review Panel is a combination of national and state level experts and researchers whose purpose is to review course deliverables as they are being developed, and provide critical feedback and relevant resources to the SERC Team in a timely manner.”

The Free Beacon added:

“Hearing Youth Voices, a left-wing activist group that works to integrate “political education and theory” into public schools, helped develop the curriculum with Cardona. Hearing Youth Voices hosts a slew of diversity training sessions, including one that claims “capitalism is at the root of white supremacy, patriarchy, police brutality, the school-to-prison pipeline and so much more.”

19 thoughts on “Biden wants ‘Critical Race Theory’ in Schools

  1. I agree with the teaching of this in school. There is no reason why a good portion of the marina students shouldn’t learn about their own history and culture. And honestly white people are picked more often then other races for different positions even when the other person is more qualified.

  2. Critical Race Theory is a hate crime and should be outlawed as such.

    Should any education establishment include it in its curriculum, it must be closed down and its apparatchiks prosecuted for hate crime. Democrat/Republican Marxists should be prosecuted and banned from holding positions especially influential across national security, judicial, media and ALL social spectrums anyway just for being Marxist apparatchiks alone.

    An incoming Trump administration must make this vital policy a priority.

    1. That dude is racist. What about the Native American People. THEY WERE HERE BEFORE ANY OTHERS. BUT, they did not mention them. And, it sounds like brain washing the kids to me.

  3. This “Critical Race Theory” is a pile of poop created to incite
    not educate and has caused a lot of what has happened by BLM in
    leftist cities across our country! I am totally against it’s being implemented in US public schools!

  4. Sounds like Democrats don’t think kids have a big enough work load, they want to force frivolous race relations on students. I predict this course of action will produce reactions similar to showing “roots” to already excitable black teenagers. I grew up in the south in the sixties where they would bus adult black men to high school football games to catch unsuspecting white boys going to the bathroom. America is on the cusp of a civil war are I get the feeling that’s what Nancy and her bunch wants.

  5. All I have to say is this: You know the definition of an expert?
    Its a has-been under pressure. Always question anything “expert” says. ( times out of 10 it
    is wrong. I’m just an average guy that pays attention to what is going on around me. Keep my
    mouth shut most of the time making people wonder if I am dumb instead of opening it and letting them know for sure.

  6. I feel that American History and the Constitution are pre- eminently important to be required curriculum before” critical race theory” is adopted. After all , it is just theory, not history. For young minds to try and be brainwashed by these ideas is despicable. We are a free country , founded on the great ideas that all men are created equal. The opportunity for advancement is available to all. Also men should be judged on the content of their character; not the color of their skin. This ploy by the far left liberals is an insult to our great thinkers of the past like Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, The Rev. Martin Luther King.

  7. I and everyone I know will vote against, petition, protest, and if it comes to fighting anybody who tries to teach this racist, socialist crap to anyone in my family.


  9. I suggest parents sign their students up for religious-based schools. Under no circumstances would I support this race theory education.

  10. That is complete bullshit schools need to teach the things you need to better yourself in life, all that other bullshit is NOT needed one bit

  11. This all started years ago with these Marxist “professors” in the Liberal “colleges”. It continues now to the elementary schools. Indoctrination of young minds. Biden and his controllers are out to destroy the country. A disaster will start next month.

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