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Will Joe Biden Release His Bank Records?

Will Joe Biden Release His Bank Records?

A conservative leader coalition has sent a letter to House Ways and Means Committee Chair Representative Richard Neal (D-MA). The letter suggests that Neal should ask former Vice President Joe Biden to release his bank records since he highlighted the importance of investigating public officials for criminal wrongdoing.

In December 2019, Neal, who had been calling for President Trump to release his tax returns, released eight years of tax records.  He claimed that the move came “in the spirit of transparency, as the chair of the committee with jurisdiction over taxes.”

The letter, which was written by George Landrith, president of Frontiers of Freedom, Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, Andrew Langer, president of the Institute for Liberty, Seton Motley, president of Less Government, Horace Cooper, Co-Chairman Project 21, Saul Anuzis, president of 60 Plus, and Dick Patten, president of the American Business Defense Council, began by saying:

“Your recent comments about the need to investigate criminal wrongdoing by public officials and the importance of transparency to American government have not gone unnoticed. As you know, allegations of just such wrongdoing and the lack of transparency have arisen over the last two months based on emails found on a personal computer belonging to Hunter Biden — the son of Vice President Joseph Biden — a computer whose authenticity has been established by the FBI.”

The letter also states, “We hope that you would welcome the chance to assist Vice President Biden in laying to rest any allegations that he was using his office and official travel to influence foreign governments or entities to benefit his son’s businesses. And to answer this question: Was any of that income received by Vice President Biden or other family members?”

“Thus, we hope that in view of your strong demand for transparency and disclosure you will endorse our suggestion that your committee ask for Vice President Biden’s bank records and those of the rest of his family over the period of his vice presidency and immediately thereafter,” the letter continues. “In this way he can put to rest any allegations including concerns about how he acquired his extensive personal wealth and his large estate.”

“If members of the committee from both sides as well as their legal counsel could be permitted to examine the records and then report to the Congress this would do much to clear the air. Moreover, if you took this initiative as a member of the Democratic House leadership this would do much to show that your interest in full disclosure and investigating corruption extends to members of your own party.”

The letter ends by saying, “The American people have a right to this information and we are hopeful that you and the Vice President will see the advantage of the full disclosure suggested by our proposal before demands for a special counsel become deafening.”


  1. In as much that Donald Trump has declined to show his INCOME TAX records for any year let alone for 7 to 10 years ??
    I do not think that Joe Biden should have to answer any manufactured evidence accusations , pending verification of provenance and the chain of custody of that “”purported EVIDENCE”” Of course i understand perfectly well that since that evidence was discovered , by chance, in the middle of the night in a shop dedicated to computer repair, I will want to know what “”repair”” and by whom such “repair” was actually performed 19 months after Hunter Biden returned from his employment in UKRAINE. A laptop that was sitting in a little known repair-shop for 1 1/2 years before it was magically discovered by none other than Rudi Giuliani, Donald Trumps personal “” ATTORNEY” REALLY ??
    I personally do not believe in that unbelievable ” chain of evidence” as presented (manufactured) by Rudy.

  2. Why wouldn’t he? Even if there’s blatant illegal activity in it he won’t get prosecuted…. if there’s anything I’ve learned in the last 4 years it’s that the Democrats own all the justice departments and are above the law!!

  3. It just doesn’t matter if he does or doesn’t release his bank records…the democrat’s are NOT held accountable to the laws the citizen’s are subjected to…Ask any Obama judge, DA, or law enforcement officer? Hell they even tell you they committed the crimes rub your face in it, and nothing…all they get is a white-washing by the FBI….and the DNC news media cover for them!

  4. Laptops were left in shop for 3 months, he owned them as per contract in billing, Hunter thought after they sat in a tub full of water for a week killed them, 2 survived & shop owner looked at content & made 6 copies, 1 to FBI, year later one to Rudi. Get your facts straight or stay a lying liberal.

  5. I can’t help myself. Whenever I encounter a Biden/Harris supporter, I have to ask, “Does stupid hurt?”

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