Teacher: Opening Schools Allows White Parents to Kill Black Families

"If we do not speak, nice white parents will get us killed"

A public school teacher from Chicago claims that in-person learning during the Covid-19 pandemic allows “nice white parents” to kill black families.

Mike Friedberg published an essay in the Education Post, where he said the city is catering to white families by reopening schools during a pandemic.

The title of the essay is “Are We Going to Let ‘Nice White Parents’ Kill Black and Brown Families?”

“A new COVID-19 strain is more contagious than ever,” Friedberg writes. “The Trump administration’s sheer neglect in the face of this deadly pandemic is enraging. Federal inaction has cost lives, and we are far from getting back to a daily normal life. Schools are no exception to this situation. Given the plans to offer vaccines to teachers over the next several weeks, it does not make sense now to force children and staff back into the building.”

He continued, “As the reopening debate gets hotter, we are seeing a new breed of ‘nice white parents’ emerge. The parents who wished to open school buildings are disproportionately white. In meeting after meeting, I have witnessed black and Latinx parents voice concerns.”

According to recent findings from the CDC, “students and teachers may be able to safely return to in-person instruction, even in communities with widespread coronavirus infection” as long as safety protocols like masking, social distancing, and proper disinfection protocols are used.

But Friedberg argued that many Chicago-area schools are not “adequately equipped to take all the necessary preventative and protective measures.”

“Here in Chicago, I have spoken with scores of teachers who do not have adequate HVAC systems in their buildings,” he said. “Some teachers were given air purifiers that only cover 500 square feet, vastly smaller than most classrooms. … If we open schools in communities with higher positivity rates, especially when those schools are not adequately supplied with protective measures, the risk to staff, students, and families is much higher.”

“I do not want to risk my students’ lives or my own,” he added.

“Students can still learn remotely and have an engaging, rigorous curriculum,” Friedberg claimed. “As an instructor, this is what I’m doing for my students, including focusing on research-based student choice activities. As a parent, that is what I am witnessing for my own children.”

“Are we really at a point where not wanting our students to die, and not wanting to die ourselves, is a point of debate?” he asked. “This is completely absurd. We are putting the voices of white parents above black and brown parents, as well as teachers and all school staff, including disproportionately women of color.”

“As a teacher, I fear for my own life and the lives of my students and their families. I can’t teach from the grave, nor can kids learn from there. If we do not speak up, nice white parents will get us killed,” Friedberg concluded.

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  • frank esposito
    29 January 2021 at 8:42 pm
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    another liberal pos

  • LMS
    29 January 2021 at 8:49 pm
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    In my fifty five years of living I have never heard such absurdity, paranoia, and plain ignorance spewed out of the voices of adults.

    Adults act like children anymore with little ability to get a grip on reality and start acting as adults rather than cry babies. Our parents lived through wars, other pandemics, the depression, and so much worse and people anymore act like they need mental therapy, to be under a doctors care and on medication.

    For God’s sake, buck up and start acting like adults and handle responsiblity and take accountability than acting like some childlike individual that cowers at the word boo in a corner (chicken little).

    Had I or my parents acted like this we would have gotten a good kick in the rear and told to get a grip and knock the crap off! These actions are really getting old!

  • Elsie Connelly
    29 January 2021 at 8:52 pm
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    Then leave the profession

  • Shirley
    29 January 2021 at 8:52 pm
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    Nice Black people kill Black people every day. Much more then white people do.and black people kill white people too. You just don t want to get back into going to in school teaching.. Children are suffuning because of you teachers Get off the pot and do your job or get another job. I sure it will be easy replacing you.

    29 January 2021 at 8:54 pm
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    The working White Parents know that an education is a Basic survival tool. They want their kids to be able to hold a well paying job or have the abilities to run a successful business without being dependent on Govt. hand outs to live on the tax payers money from the cradle to the grave.

  • Robert D. Weir
    29 January 2021 at 8:58 pm
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    If teachers refuse to teach, they should not be paid.

  • Shelley Bure
    29 January 2021 at 9:00 pm
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    Sorry to say teachers have had it quit easy with their union backing them up. Teachers really don’t wish to go back to educating our kids. It’s really a shame that our children have to suffer cause of lazy teachers. I think any teacher who doesn’t wish to educate our children should be replace by a teacher who is willing to work. Most of these parents have to be hone with their young children. These parents also need and want to go back to work to support their families. Children are miserable. They need to inter act with the outside world with other children. They need their lives to go back to normal. They are destroying our youth mentally, physically and emotionally.


  • daniel r deladurantaye
    29 January 2021 at 9:01 pm
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    there is a teacher who should not be teaching our children she is a hate filled person

  • Norm
    29 January 2021 at 9:04 pm
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    Now that is one true F–king illiterate

  • Grace
    29 January 2021 at 9:05 pm
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  • Kenneth
    29 January 2021 at 9:11 pm
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    What that nice BLACK TEACHER is really saying is, they want to get paid for staying home, same O same O black want free money and their black and brown children don’t need a education just food card and welfare check in the mail, white children need to be educated so they can get jobs to support the black….

  • Ken
    29 January 2021 at 9:16 pm
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    This gentleman completely ignores reality to spread a narrative lacking fact. How many children regardless of color are dying due to suicide, going unfed/poorly fed, or subjected to criminal activity? It sounds more like the Teachers Unions position to avoid going to work. How many minutes a day is he working? This appears to be more selfish than it does what is right for the students.

  • Abigael
    29 January 2021 at 9:18 pm
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    Friedberg, you are an idiot.

  • Michael Sharp
    29 January 2021 at 9:18 pm
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    This teacher should not be working with students, This person is definitely suffering from some form of brain damage, or he has been wearing to many face masks and is very short of oxygen getting to his brain.

  • Ron C
    29 January 2021 at 10:33 pm
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    There you go…it not about the children is about skin color & racism…always 100% of the time with these communist teachers!

  • Sally
    29 January 2021 at 10:58 pm
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    Mike Friedberg’s comments are offensive. Substitute ‘white’ with ‘black and the Media would call him racist.
    I do not care if a teacher works or not. I only know that if you choose not to work you should not get paid.

  • Mic
    29 January 2021 at 11:25 pm
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    Another total whacko Dealing the race card.

  • CiNdy
    30 January 2021 at 12:07 am
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    Why is everything about race with you people? No one is asking you to take chances if you are high risk. But Chicago teachers are the highest paid teachers in the country and the test scores sucked before Covid, Quit causing race problems, quit going on strike everytime you don’t get your way, and if you are healthy enough get back and teach. Have you noticed that the crime rate has skyrocketed and the criminals are 14 and 15 years old. Those kids would be in school instead of on the streets.

  • Disguster
    30 January 2021 at 12:26 am
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    When I read these radical, far left ideas being spewed from the mouths of obvious lazy selfish idiots. It makes me sick.
    All parents want what is best for their children and it has been proven that this at home learning is helping to cause all kind of mental problems. How many psychologists have to tell these selfish, idiotic teachers that at home learning is detrimental.
    These teachers are only thinking about themselves and using the white-black argument right now because white bashing is the popular thing to do. They don’t want to work hard. They want to sit in the comfort of their homes and to hell with what is happening to the children. Teachers like this are disgusting!!

  • Lea
    30 January 2021 at 1:07 am
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    This is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Get off the racist wheel and do something for yourself and your kids. NICE White Families are not going to do anything of the sort. You people are so ridiculous!

    30 January 2021 at 1:28 am
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    As a former public school teacher myself, I only have one reply for this.
    “There’s no cure for STUPID,” even when it comes from certain so-called “EDUCATORS!”

  • Dsw
    30 January 2021 at 2:42 am
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    I realize that you journalists need to make a living.
    But shining a light on a non-issue is really despicable. And causes more division instead of healing.

    “Sean Morton Downey, better known as Morton Downey Jr., was an American television talk show host of the late-1980s who pioneered the “trash TV” format on his program The Morton Downey Jr.”

    Journalism that pushes a narrative like this article is no different than what Downey did.
    This it true on BOTH sides of the isle. Maybe more so on the left.

    Thinking comments on your site makes you look good.
    But pushing an issue that is not there makes you part of the problem.

  • Linda
    30 January 2021 at 6:53 am
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    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  • Michael Wilkinson
    30 January 2021 at 7:07 am
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    This dude needs to quit sniffing glue! 🤪😜😳 To even suggest blaming “nice white families” for killing anyone…white, black, brown, yellow, maroon, is totally absurd, especially when it’s coming from a school teacher! He doesn’t seem able to grasp the fact that it isn’t simply sitting behind a desk!

    It’s social interaction as well! We are by nature, social animals. Children especially so. They need to be able to socialize, mano e mano. Otherwise, their mental health becomes seriously affected which opens an entirely different can of worms. Children have been kept out of the classroom, out of the cafeterias, off the playgrounds, away from just interacting with others their age.

    It’s more than being in a classroom, much, much more. These other societal needs are just as, if not more so, important to becoming a well-rounded individual. So let’s knock off the race card crap, grow up, and get a life for God’s sake. Enough of this Leftist thinking bull💩. Stop the “Chicken Little Syndrome!” You cannot keep kids “locked up,” indefinitely, especially from the social interaction so vitally important to a child’s overall mental well-being!

  • jane
    30 January 2021 at 6:54 pm
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    the only thing that kills black families are blacks enough take responsiblity for yourselves and stop blaming white peopke for all your woes

  • Robert Wright
    30 January 2021 at 9:05 pm
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    The only way we are going to get Black people’s minds out of the clutches of “teachers” like Friedberg is to keep fighting back against them with sensible arguments, like most of you are doing, and not let let them suck up all the oxygen with their idiocy and constantly using the race card to confuse the issues. Free the children! (and their parents). Open the damn schools up!

  • Philip S Moyer
    31 January 2021 at 2:12 am
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    Obviously a racist and shouldn’t be teaching children.

  • Dale
    31 January 2021 at 10:51 pm
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    We all need to get back to work. And be smart about it. I am tired of all the white and black talk

  • John
    1 February 2021 at 2:18 am
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    Apparently no one out there knows, is a teacher, or is married to one. My spouse was a teacher for 43 years. The only concern was teaching and caring for the students. She went in early ever day and didn’t come home before 6pm any day. And spent most of the weekend preparing for the next week. So make up your minds, do you want them to do the under paid job or stay home. Most are tired of waiting for a decision. And don’t bring up summers off. My wife was going to school then to keep up with changes in science on her own dime. Plus insurance costs were high and sick leave benefits sucked. And she didn’t miss often.

  • Kevin
    2 February 2021 at 3:15 am
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    This can’t be real? Wow, this country is toast. God help us all.

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