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Kamala Harris Cackles at Border Crisis

What is so funny to her about an immigration crisis?

When asked if she was going to visit the southern border to see what was going on with the left’s latest humanitarian immigration crisis, Vice President Harris glibly responded, “Not today.”  And then she cackled as if amused by the wit of her response.  Yes, she cackled.  It was not a little chuckle – that might have not drawn much notice.

Before the self-appointed political correctness police pounce on my comment as sexist, let me say – for the record – that men also cackle.  I am simply referring to that distinctive laugh that the dictionary defines as “a harsh, raucous sound when laughing” – often “resembling the cry of a hen or goose.”

I would dare anyone who heard Harris’ outburst to describe it as anything but a cackle.

What is yet unexplained is why the Vice President would find the situation at the border – or even her pithy evasive response – to be so damn funny.

When asked the same question, Harris’ boss – the President of the United States – used the standard evasive response.  He lied.  He expressed his desire to go to the border but did not have anything scheduled … yet.

Both Biden and Harris have the same problem.  They do not want to go to the border … period.  And there is a reason – maybe several reasons.

One must keep in mind that the Biden White House has broken tradition by banning reporters from getting into the various immigration holding units.  They do not want the world to see all those pictures of youngsters sleeping on the ground or in those fenced-in areas Biden and Harris once called “cages.”

The travels of a President or Vice President is a big news event.  It draws the usual White House press corps plus a lot of local news outlets that do not often get to cover the nation’s top leaders.  It would be virtually impossible to avoid massive coverage of a presidential or vice-presidential visit to the border.  The crisis would be amplified ten times more than the current cautious coverage – which is still making the Biden administration look bad.

A visit to the border would almost require a press conference – which Biden has been avoiding like the Covid-19 virus.  For the time being, the better White House strategy is to hunker down in the Oval Office and hope the entire border crisis goes away before 2022.

I rate the Harris cackle as a nervous response to a question to which she had no good politically correct answer. That is why she quickly fled from the reporter with the cackle as her parting “comment” – sort of like the verbal version of a public fart.

So, there ‘tis.

Border Updates
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  • Frank
    24 March 2021 at 8:22 pm
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    This nitwit thinks everything is a joke I can’t wait for thier administration to take a fall we’ll see who’s laughing then

  • Gerald S Ladd
    24 March 2021 at 10:30 pm
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    She’s a bigger joke, then dribbling Joe is.

  • Hunter
    24 March 2021 at 10:34 pm
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    Wasn’t a cackle she was choking on CUM

  • Walter G. Links, Jr.
    24 March 2021 at 11:43 pm
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    When this Vice-President is asked a serious question she answered and then “CACKLED” each time! Is she not taking her job as a serious one or is she laughing at the people who voted Biden? Thinking, “alright, he’ll be gone in three more months and I will be your next President!” It is so humiliating for the V.P. to react the way she does.

  • Mike
    25 March 2021 at 12:25 am
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    What problem? You say there is a problem at the border. News to me.

    Yours truly,


  • Maggietish
    25 March 2021 at 7:15 am
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    There’s something seriously wrong with Harris. Whenever she’s asked a direct question she laughs like a hyena. She loves to stretch her muscles of being vice president and she doesn’t obviously want to take the responsibility of the position. There is nothing funny about the crisis that Joe Biden caused and created at the border. There is nothing funny about those “illegals” who are invading the United States with COVID-19 infecting the American people. Biden chose to use his pen for executive orders to end everything that President Trump had in place which secure our borders and the safety of the American people in this nation. Biden victimized and put us all in jeopardy and as president, and Harris as vice president, they should be at the border right now Because they’re responsible for the chaos, security threat and crisis at the border. Why not move the “illegals” to Delaware, San Francisco, California, New York since Biden is so open to have people who have no right to be here literally invade this nation.

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