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A Conservative Social Media Platform

Democratic news agencies had a field day trying to bury the idea of Donald Trump having any future success. By his own decision, Donald Trump removed the news desk blog from his own website today. After months of being banned from virtually all social media platforms, Trump launched his own website blog. It was like a social media platform to share messages and motivation to his conservative America First MAGA movement. 

Despite being a massive violation of his first amendment right to free speech and despite being the former President of the United States who is still to this day being actively censored from speaking online, at least he was able to share his message on his own website. With the change on the site today, many news agencies celebrated his decision to take down his own blog. 

MSN posted the headline of the news with “infuriated by measly readership” with “celebrated by advisors as a “beacon of freedom” that would keep him relevant in an online world he once dominated, is dead. It was 29 days old”. Drudge shared the same, highlighting the headline in red as to show it off as some of the most important news for the day.

The usual suspects of modern media followed suit and shared likewise. Even still, when it comes to the freedom of speech from a former President, no matter the viewership, as a reader myself I still considered it to be that beacon of freedom to the extent that it did still exist online. All of these agencies can trust that Donald Trump’s relevance is far from dead.

The blog did have its downsides. It was only a website, not a full-blown conservative social media platform; it did not have an app to go along with it for supporters to share with their friends and family. Access to the site was short without connection to the behemoths of social industry that we have today. If the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube didn’t scare the population into acting accordingly to save themselves from censorship, one can imagine that nothing about the stature of the former President would have changed. With the thought of the silent majority still in mind and looking at the flags and signs still sitting in peoples yards across the country, I am not so sure that anything actually has changed.

What is necessary for the future of the conservative movement, regardless of Donald Trump, is to build a social media platform where conservatives and those who love America and stand against the ideologies of global communism can come together to share opinions and ideas freely. Parler is a platform that just recently went back online. But even that platform seems to have lost confidence from its users. The entire platform was discarded with such ease and used against the users themselves. 

Personally, I can’t believe I am currently sitting in an America where we all watch the freedom of speech and thought being sacrificed every day and being replaced by a new narrative of wokeism. We all see it happening across the spectrum. Even with some Democrats facing the legal abuses themselves for speaking out against narratives. Still, little has been done to protect our freedom of speech and thought online. These companies were built in the United States. They made massive profits off of our viewership. And they are still not held accountable to the most basic structures of this nation.

With a new, well-designed conservative social media platform that ensures freedom for its users, maybe there will be a future of hope. One where technology will not empower itself on a global scale and destroy the constitution. Personally, that’s why I call myself Machine. It represents an alternative world view where technology enhances individual freedom rather than destroying it entirely. I believe AI and technology are inevitable. But I also believe, looking at history, that the truth will conquer. What is right for the future of humanity will continue to keep moving forward. 

First things first, we gotta build that conservative social media platform for free speech.

With all of that, senior advisor Jason Miller stated today that, “stay tuned… it (the blog) was only an auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on” and that a new social media platform currently in the works to completion will “completely redefine the game”.

Let us hope that is the case. No matter if you are Republican or Democrat, no matter if you support Trump or hate him, this is a vital subject for the protection of the foundation of our nation. Every walking soul should be concerned about a President losing the freedom of speech. No matter where you stand or your opinion of the man. 

Without the freedom of thought and speech online, for any and everyone, I am not sure that a good future for the freedom of humanity is possible. Regardless, personally, I will never lose hope or faith. I will keep moving forward to help build a nation of truth and create a world worth living in. 

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  1. The lack of response by patriots is not a response to Donald Trump. When you scrolled down from the main heading, it was clear that the site was to support all Republicans, including the RINO’s and traitors. We need a site that supports MAGA and true Patriotism, the Military, Free Speech, Judeo-Christian values and all that is related to these true Patriots. This is the massive majority that supports Donald Trump. We NEED a website that where we can stand against the anti-freedom, pro-communism, pro-NWO, green new deal and all that these represent. Otherwise, our voices will be subverted and lost in the din of fake news, fixed elections, paid-off politicians and Soror-supported terrorists. Why doesn’t someone explain this to the web creators???

  2. I have repeatedly posted comments here, but they disappear as soon as I post. Is this ANOTHER censored site?

  3. I don’t Facebook or Tweet so I’m not personally effected by the far leftist corporations. I know that under President Trump inflation was under control and keeping a full tank of gas was no problem. If that isn’t enough to convince the American people then America is lost. I will never vote for a Democrat. Under President Trump we were an independent sovern nation again. Under President Trump Iran was on the run and Hamas was all but nonexistent. For the first time there was peace in the middle east. And finally, under President Trump Nasty Nancy Pelosi was pissed off All the time. It was hilarious! Make your choice America. My choice is clear and I made it without Facebook or Twitter.

  4. Social Media Platforms should not be allowed to censor anything, nor should they be allowed to get away with their control or surveillance. Like the rest of us peons they should use the courts to get what they call satisfaction or be closed down!

    The entire effort by the Big Tech Cartel (Fakebook, Twister, etc.) is directed against the potential Re-Election of Trump in 2024 – a real danger to the weak Mr. Biden – AND to them! With Biden & Co, they are safe to cement their ‘1984 Despotism of Waves, Knowledge and Opinion’, but a Trump with his bad experience with them would hit back hard – likely put them under strict control. It might even bring back the ‘Free Press and Media’ we once had – even though it was never really fully ‘free’.
    So, this is the first step of BLOCKING ALL NON-“DEMOCRAT” ELECTION MATERIAL. They claim they won’t, but they do, if the main opposition candidate cannot speak – or only say things they like – while their darling can tell any lie (which he often does).
    The next one may is the attempt of blocking any control of Voter Legitimacy, such as showing a clear and valid Identity document.
    Then follow, where “Democrats” rule, alternative voting laws – like in Nevada where you only have to show a telephone- or electricity bill to be recognized as “voter”.


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