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Barr Betrays Trump

Barr Betrays Trump

Anyone who has followed my commentaries since the 2020 election knows that I have consistently maintained my belief that election fraud did occur in the in the 2020 election.  I have constantly opposed the left-wing narrative that there was none.  It should be fully investigated.

In my experience investigating, fighting against and writing about vote stealing over the past 50 years, I have found that there is ALWAYS an element of vote fraud in virtually every election.  It has resulted in offices being stolen by flipping the popular vote – generally local offices where one-party political machines control the process in the major urban centers.

The danger to the Republic is not Trump’s claim to have won the 2020 election.  Whether he did or not does not change the fact that the Electoral College and the certification of those results have put Joe Biden in the Oval office. 

The real threat to the Republic is believing that there was no vote fraud at all – that it simply does not exist. 

Future elections can more easily be corrupt by accepting the left’s Pollyanna contention that election fraud is a political fiction.  In fact, it exists in every election to some extent.  Those who proffer the argument that there simply is no such thing as vote cheating are either hopelessly naïve or totally dishonest.

However … I have consistently stated that I was never convinced that vote fraud was sufficient to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.  So far, every court case, every recount and every audit have failed to produce sufficient HARD evidence of vote fraud that would have overturned the election.

Many of the cases, and the investigations, were presided over by Republican judges and officeholders. They had every reason to want to show that President Trump had won re-election.  And yet, they have not uncovered sufficient instances of vote fraud to overturn a single state – let alone, the Electoral College vote.

Trump – true to his personal character, has viciously attacked every Republican who would not agree that he won the election.  He turned on even the most conservative and loyal members of his administration. These were people with long histories of dedicated service to the nation and the conservative cause.

Recent reports say that former Attorney General William Barr has recently stated that none of the cases the Justice Department investigated at the request of the White house has discovered any proof of vote fraud – a least not enough to flip the election.  

Some have suggested that Barr has flipped on the issue, but not so.  He had publicly announced in December of 2020 that they found no evidence of pervasive vote fraud after checking-out the allegations brought to the Justice Department.  He told that to Trump in a contentious White House meeting. And he resigned in the last days of the Trump administration in response to the President’s continuing claims of victory.

In a more recent commentary, I suggested that Trump stop making the past election his primary talking point.  Right or wrong, it is over.  Joe Biden IS the President of the United States. And he will continue to serve in that office for the next three and a half years – God willing.  Those who believe that Biden won the popular vote and the Electoral College vote legitimately will continue to believe. Those who believe they stole the election will continue to believe.

It is critically important that we relegate that question to academic or barroom debates. 

There is no value in making it the center of civic dialogue.  Rather, we, as a nation – and especially Republican conservatives – must devote our attention and energies to the future.  What we think of the last election is less important than what we will do about the next one.  We should not be dragged into the past by the Democrats, the media — or even Trump.

There are a lot of folks who believe the democrats stole the election.  Unfortunately, they have not been able to produce hard evidence.  I know there are suspicious statistical analyses, videos that show suspicious activities and even testimony by eyewitnesses.  All these matters should be fully investigated – and adjudicated when appropriate. 

One of Trump’s worst personality traits – and I have often written of my disdain of his pugnacious personality – is to attack anyone who disagrees with him.  He turned on his first Attorney General Jeff Sessions – and his most supportive Attorney General William Barr.  He has turned on his own Vice President. Yet, these are folks with long histories of supporting conservative government – people I have long admired, and still do.

Trump has turned on Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who has been a bulwark of conservativism in the United States Senate. He gave the President an unprecedented three Supreme Court nominees in a first presidential term.  That has not happened since George Washington appointed the entire first Supreme Court. 

Trump is proving to be a schizophrenic political leader. 

By any objective measure, he has proven himself to be one of the best promoters of conservative principles and policies. At least in substance if not in style.  The Trump administration has registered significant conservative gains.  It would take a book to catalogue all those achievements.  That is why the left keeps dwelling on his personality.  They cannot win on the issues.

But that personality has also been his political Achilles Heel. Had Trump not undermined his success with needless confrontations and belligerence, he would not have given the left so many opportunities to defeat him in the public arena.  He could have had more successes for the cause.  And I believe that had he not made himself the center of so much avoidable and damaging controversy, the GOP would have won the 2018 midterm elections.  The rise to power of the Democrat left has been on the back of anti-Trump sentiment in the public sphere –ginned up by a ruthless and brutal left-wing media.

Still … Barr seems to have put the final nail in the coffin of Trump’s claim to have won the 2020 election.  I have no reason to not believe Barr’s assessment of the election.  His Department investigated it. And I do not believe that Barr suddenly morphed into a RINO or left-winger intent on bringing down the Trump presidency.  I judge people by my own analysis and not by what Trump – or anyone else — thinks of them. 

What people choose to believe – that Trump really won the election or not – is inconsequential.  He is not sitting in the Oval Office. And he will not for at least the next three and a half years, if even then.

America’s best hope is a Republican comeback in 2022 – minimally taking control of the U.S. House – and even better – taking both chambers and gaining across the nation.

I will continue to defend Trump against the outrageous slings and arrows volleyed from democrats and the corrupted media because I believe the authoritarian left is more dangerous to the Republic – and the personal freedoms envisioned by our Founders – than the petulant, bellicose Trump.

It is true.  I am more driven to Trump by my fear of the radical left – and their attacks not only on Trump and his policies — but the broad-brush attack on the Republican Party, Republican voters and especially conservatives.  I fight for issues and ideals – not parties or personalities.  It is just that I see no positive in fighting over the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

So, there ‘tis.


  1. I, for one, firmly believe that President Trump won the 2020 election hands down. The DemocRATS are a corrupt organization and certainly should not be in power. President Trump was the best President since Ronald Reagan. He will always remain my PRESIDENT. i do not recognize biden as my president. I further believe that many people were paid off so that a legal count of the vote could not be made. Starting with Barr.

  2. There is no justifying the choice of tyranny over the cult of personality. All the lies and propaganda directed at President Trump have resulted in the worst presidential administration I’ve ever witnessed. In addition, a large portion of the American public sector has turned against the American citizenry. And I can’t think of a single policy issue where we are better off now than we were with President Trump. You can believe what you will, but without all of the COVID-related voting changes made at the last second without state legislative approval, Geriatric Joe would not be making us all gasp in horror daily!

  3. Constantly Justice has failed😢Many of us thought William Barr would have the INTEGRITY &COURAGE to finally do the right thing serving at the behest of the President

  4. You are ‘wrong’ in so many of you’re comments. To preemptively say what Barr did in Dec. is so premature to legitimate concerns of ‘fraud’ and for you to defend him now and not allow for the truth to ‘rein supreme’ as time will surely tell. The fraud is deeply imbedded in all of the states under scrutiny that only someone like you with you’re head in the sand could miss it. You aren’t willing to allow the many investigations’ to get to the truth regardless of the time it takes ? And, they all will and all will be
    congruent and you had better plan on you’re ‘apology to ‘We The People”!
    We will watch for it!

  5. If you read Barr’s article, you will realize it was not a betrayal and did make a lot of sense when completely read.
    Unfortunately, Trump still one of the best presidents ever for the citizens of the USA, needs to learn to tone down some of his striking out at his own GOP. He needs to really think before he speaks because his character flaw has turned a lot of people off and this is very unfortunately.
    On the other hand, the Democrat Party are vindictive and self-serving liars and evildoers. One reason is that they are allowing Omar to continue in office when it is obvious that she is not an American or is she for our citizens but supports an enemy of the USA and therefore is unfit to serve in any government office and needs to be fired for Treason


  7. There are 3 things missing in this presentation: 1) The courts ignored the US Constitution and refused to here the case brought by Texas and others, erroneously citing “lack of standing”, 2) lower courts have also searched for any plausible excuse to not hear the evidence and deny access to evidence, especially electronic voting machine data, and 3) courts have demanded evidence of sufficient vote “tampering” to overturn an election and not hear, examine, and decide whether “tampering” occurred. This denies citizen’s the right to information and the foresight to correct the fraud. Otherwise this was a good attempt to whitewash a huge problem that needs to be fixed immediately!

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