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Attacks From The Left

This State Is Proposing a “Permanent Rule” on Face Masks

Many states across the United States are easing their Covid-19 restrictions since the vaccine has become more widely available and is proving to be...



Emails Expose CDC Working with Teacher’s Union on School Reopening Guidelines

Recently release emails show the American Federation of Teachers, which is the second-largest teacher's union in the nation, lobbying the Centers for Disease Control...


Donald Trump Launches New Site to Communicate with Supporters

Former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump have launched a new website to allow supporters and the press to contact him...

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Trump Supporter Beaten for Wearing MAGA Hat

Oh the ever so tolerant left! Once again, a Trump supporter has been beaten, apparently merely for proudly wearing a MAGA Hat. Portland police say...

Dems Say They Would Impeach Again If Trump Is Reelected

Before the outcome of the impeachment investigation and potential trial of President Donald Trump has been completed, and long before the results of the...

UN Agenda 2030 Exposed

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization that was set up by the winners of World War II - the War After The...

Astounding Trump Victory in 9th Circuit on Immigration

As the President would say, “so much winning.” The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has just handed President Trump an astounding victory on his...

Trump Turns on Fox, Fox Host Fires Back

In their off and on again relationship, which has recently gotten more contentious in light of the impeachment hearings, President Trump seemed to have...

White House Update

Biden Says You’re Not a ‘Patriot’ If You Refuse Covid Vaccine

George Stephanopoulos sat down with President Joe Biden in a pre-recorded interview that aired this week on “Good Morning America.” The two spoke about many...

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