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Megan Rapinoe hurts women’s soccer

Megan Rapinoe hurts women’s soccer

Most people would agree that women’s sports do not get the same attention from the sports media as do men’s teams.  There are a few debatable reasons for that.  Perhaps it is because sports generally have been considered a man’s subject.  Newspapers – by virtue of their coverage and reporting – have always leaned to men’s sports and male readers.  Traditionally, the ladies had what was known as the “women’s page.”

Maybe it is because yelling, grunting and knocking each other around was never considered very “lady like.”  The only exception may have been “bikini mud wrestling,”  but then that is not exactly a sport.

In recent weeks, an American women’s soccer team has broken through the media barrier.  They have produced new viewing excitement based on the performance on the field.  They’re doing America proud.  One would expect that big “hometown welcome” should be come out on top.  Such championships often result with a ceremonial celebration at the White House.  That is how we generally have expressed a nation’s appreciation for a job well done.

For the most part, such events were never measured in political terms – unless you consider how President Franklin Roosevelt refused to include the black athletes, including track superstar Jesse Owens to the White House after Team America had embarrassed Adolph Hitler’s Arian athletes in the 1936 Olympics.  When Owens was asked about being snubbed by Hitler, the gold medal runner’s response that it was not Hitler who snubbed him, but his own President Roosevelt.

But for the most part such events were nonpartisan, nonpolitical – that was until Trump got in office.  Suddenly EVERYTHING is seen through the partisan political lens.

One of the stars of women’s soccer is Megan Rapinoe.  When approached about the possibility of participating in a White House celebration should here team take the top prize, Rapinoe crudely said that she was not going to any “f***ing White House” – at least proving that women can match men in vulgarity.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, some consideration should be given to when and how one’s opinion is expressed.  In voicing her obvious disdain for Trump, Rapinoe did great damage to the sport she claims to love.  She hurt the sport in general and her teammates specifically.

With her needlessly crude statement, Rapinoe precluded a unifying celebration of the teams’ outstanding performance.  She not only expressed disdain for Trump, the person, she showed disrespect for the office.  No matter who may reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it is not the “f***ing White House.”  By dragging even a prospective White House visit into the gutter of contemporary politics, Rapinoe turned off millions of Americans – to her, and by extension, to the sport.

She diverted their attention from the potential of a positive celebration of the teams’ accomplishments to a selfish focus on her personal views.  In a very real sense, she sucked the oxygen out of the team’s deserved  media coverage.  She caused the national spotlight of sports reporting to shift from the team to her petty political opinions.  She took advantage of a platform that her team provided and abused it for narrow political activism.

We saw this politicization of sports with the NFL, and the league has not yet fully recovered from the damage done by  Olin Kaepernick.  We see the same abuse-of-fame in Hollywood, where actors became strident political activists – and respect for the industry declined.

Rapinoe, alone, has cast the pall of controversy over any speculative event that should have been uncontroversial.  Yes, she has provided red meat for the gullet of the #NeverTrump Resistance Movement,  but at the cost of diminishing any recognition of her team’s accomplishment — and that is the very reason why Rapinoe’s response is not only meaningless  conjecture, it is also condemnable.

So, there ‘tis.


  1. the buffoon trump and all the sites with patriot or red or amurican in them can go straight to hell. He deserves no respect- EVER- he should be buried at sea like Osama bin Laden

    • A little butt hurt, Jim? Rest easy knowing you’ll never suffer the itching and pain of hemorrhoids cuzz perfect axeholes like you never get them.


    • Jim Cerullo; I feel sorry for you. I realize you are a leftie-Socialist. I am sure you believe that you are always correct and feel you are The Chosen One. I am sure you feel Obama was the Second coming of the Messiah and that Antifa are loving and caring people. Why don’t you and all you LEFTIE DEMOCRATS MOVE TO CUBA OR TO SOME-OTHER COMMUNIST COUNTRY.

    • Have Americans lost their minds? Our country is unique in that we have a constitutional right to speak openly and express our opinions publicly. However most of the critics seem to be devoid of good manners and gratitude for that right. I can remember when females and males conducted their every day with gratitude and not a sense of entitlement. I feel that our magnificent country is now headed toward its collapse. We have surrendered to bullies who convinced the courts to issue prohibitions regarding prayer in schools, teaching American history and patriotism, character development and elementary academics. Our nation is blessed to have natural resources, competitive markets and industry, offering plenty of jobs. But too many folks won’ work because they can live comfortably on government doles. I am grateful to be an American the progress of our President. We should be watchful… some of our elected representatives are firmly leaning toward creating a socialist nation which two economic groups will exist: the rich and the poor. Be careful America .Vote as if your life depends on it. It does. Support our President.

    • Hey guys, I am as angry as you about what Megan Rapinoes has done. I too believe that the Leftists (not democrats)are so angry, so ignorant, and disrespectful,that she alone has pretty well destroyed American’s interest in womens soccer. I have met several lesbians who are kind and hard working people but Megan is not one of those. Wow, talk about hate speech.
      Good riddens and I doubt that womens soccer will ever recover due to her deplorable behavior. She sure knows how to swear though and she sure has the hair of a 12 year old, not a woman. But looking at her face I am not quite sure of what she is. I guess I see a face of pure spite without any warmth at all. Angry space alien maybe. Too bad but she can not take any of it back.

  2. Megan Repinoe is a disgrace to the USA women’s soccer team and for women generally! She’s a known lesbian and that’s why she acts the way she does period!! I’m proud of President Trump and if she don’t show up at the White House so be it! WHO CARES!!!!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  3. Democrats are destroying our country and the FUTURES of our children and grandchildren. I for one have had enough, I think it is past time for ALL conservative to fight back and fight back hard against all the liberals and communists that WANT to hurt our children. Wear a t-shirt, hats put up a flag in your front yard and start to fight back. I’m 65 myself and that is what I’m going to do because, I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE !!!!

  4. Kick her, and others with the same attitude, off the team. I would rather watch others that have respect for our flag and country have the opportunity to play, win or lose. We don’t need BITCH’S like them representing our nation.

  5. Captain of USA should lead by example. Hand over heart, sing proudly the national anthem or GET OUT or be CUT off team. The coaches and US Soccer organizing body should be ashamed of themselves too for letting this continue. These other less than fortunate countries and players that live in places that punish her type of behavior stand in UNITY and still sing loudly. Spoiled BRAT, selfish and hateful person is RaPHONY!
    It might help if US Soccer hired a entire coaching staff of AMERICANS! Take an oath to play with PRIDE and represent the best country on the planet!
    Keep politics out of our sports!!!

  6. Rapinoe’s angry disrespectful mean spirited attitude towards our president/country takes all the fun out of it, not interested in watching anything to do with her, good luck in the play offs America!

  7. [email protected]
    I am a big sports fan, but due to her actions I haven’t nor will I probably watch the Women’s soccer team. I have no problem with who Megan is my problem is with her insults to this country. She is not out there representing our country she is out there representing herself and her own hatred for this country. That is her business and right if she feels that way, but the hypocrisy of playing and representing us is just that, HYPOCRISY!! You can’t have it both ways.

  8. Rapino is disrespectful, and although she has been Lucky, American s are tired of the disrespect for our nation our anthem and our flag that many of our family members died to protect this truck driving bad mouth bitch. Did I say the b word? Hell yes and I’m sick of people like her. How dare you call the white hours the f….. house. She is suppose to be someone for our young kids to look up to , she will s an ambassador for the USA ANS YET SHE BEHAVES THIS WAY? Strip her of her jersey take away her passport and send her sorry ass to live in Valenzuela. We don’t want her back

  9. the woman is a disgrace to football,did you ssee her the other night rolling around on the floor holding her leg,it was the wrong one what a phony

  10. Well, MS. Rapashit you just put your team and you in the gutter. I saw on the news tonight you scored two goals. good for you. I don’t give a damn. I’ll never watch you or your team play ever again. I’m hoping you lose big to England.

  11. Another angry Lesbian!

    Hates herself , can’t put her political views aside for the sake of her team and the Country!

    Shut up play soccer and respect the office of the President .

    Your ruining the experience for everyone else
    In the sport

  12. To Megan Rapinoe, you are a show of, get of the ignorance, and just kick the ball and play.

  13. I just stated watching woman’s soccer this year, and was enjoying watching the USA team But now, because of that bitch Rapinoe, I will not watch them against England. I hope they lose, to bad for the rest of the team. Proud Vet

  14. She is a disgrace to our country, our president and our citizens….she should be made to withdraw off the team and turn in her jersey. Who cares what she thinks anyway…she is a nothing, just a foul mouth lesie. I hope the team loses and loses big this Sunday…perhaps if her team mates turn against her she will realize no one is impressed with her. She just killed that sport.

  15. This woman has shattered the dreams of hundreds of well stabled women who love the sport of Soccer and who, now, feel that this unpatriotic charade double-crosser pithy of a woman will close the doors for future patriotic American women who want to show love and respect for our country. Rapino is a rapist of dreams!

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