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CNN’s Reza Aslan calls for politician genocide against Trump supporters

CNN’s Reza Aslan has refused to apologize after saying that Kellyanne Conway is a “depraved evil” that needs to be “eradicated”. The CNN contributor, who once ate human brains, yes that is a fact, doubled down on his call for violence, saying that anyone who supports President Donald Trump should be “eradicated.”

Interestingly enough, Twitter said that Reza’s rhetoric didn’t violate any of their community guidelines.

Imagine how he would have been treated if he was a conservative talking that way about Clinton supporters. He would have been crucified publicly, but since he’s a leftist with the ‘moral high ground’ he gets a pass.

After the mass shooting in El Paso earlier this month, Aslan, a former CNN hosted tweeted: “After today there is no longer any room for nuance. The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters – ALL OF THEM – are by definition white nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society.”

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Aslan followed it up by employing the same language against Kellyann Conway, tweeting: “You are “the depraved evil” we need to eradicate.”

Despite the tweet being ‘ratioed’ several times, Aslan stood by his comments and refused to apologize for his vitriolic, hateful, and divisive language.

To make matters worse, this isn’t the first time Aslan has threatened conservatives with violence over Twitter. In January, during the media whirlwind that surrounded the incident with the Convington Catholic students, Reza tweeted about wanting to assault a MAGA hat-wearing high schoolboy.

When Dinesh D’Souza, an Indian-American conservative author and documentary film producer condemned the CNN host’s hate-filled rhetoric, Aslan replied saying that he would like to beat him up too.

What’s especially unsettling about Aslan’s tweet about Trump supporters is that if you were to replace ‘Trump supporters’ with Hispanics as the target, you could have taken his words straight out of the mass shooter’s manifesto.

Virulent and incendiary rhetoric like Aslan’s is precisely what’s fueling extremism and increased violence in America. The globalist leftist media’s demonization and de-humanization of Trump supporters are surely to blame for the radicalizing of people like the Dayton, Ohio shooter who was a left-wing extremist.

61 thoughts on “CNN’s Reza Aslan calls for politician genocide against Trump supporters

  1. Aslan shoots his mouth off as if he’s heavy weight boxing’s world champion.He’s even too much for CNN, generally a TV network approving of most commentary launched by its employees.
    Aslan’s rhetoric of “What he’d like to do” and his capability to deliver what he’d like, are stupid on his part, and even more when his threats are made on CNN’s air time, from CNN facilities.
    CNN needs to place a muzzle on Aslan’s mouth, until he understands that threats of physical violence made from CNN facilities, with or without CNN’s approval, is what causes CNN to be regarded as an extremist TV network.

    1. All those Asians want nothing more than to destroy the USA…….Just like BO tried to do…..CNN is another that hates the CONSTITUTION and hopes for the destruction………..

  2. Just what the Hell is ” Politician Genocide ” that this FOOL his using to try and scare off us Presidential Trump Voters/Supporters ??? Maybe we Americans need to tell this B@$T@RD that if he is talking about killing all of us off, We Guarantee that we will all shoot back !!!!!! TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet. , Retired.

    As many times as the Democrats spew out out their opinions of hate, they get away with it every
    is appalling to me how it is acceptable that this guy can say such hateful words and not be fired for it.
    You wonder why I no longer watch CNN? This is one of the reasons.

  4. So Reza’s rhetoric is considered free speech? I guess we all need to be thankful he is only a talker since he is showing no bravery of being a walker.

    1. And the stunning outrage of it all? This DOES NOT violate Twitter’s “guidelines”. So much for Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s still in the closet CEO. What a hypocrite HE is.

  5. Lock up Hillary and Bill Clinton for lying to federal authorities, violation of the hatch act, subversion,

    and just trying to screw the country, all the millions of dollars described in the book, CLINTON CASH.

    lock them up now.

    1. As a supporter of the President Mr loudmouth can try to eradicate me if he has the nerve. I am 78 years old that should encourage him to fulfill his desire to eliminate any supporters of the President.

  6. I know this almost has to be a California Democrat, that was hired by CNN , just from this Damned Journalistic Comment. If he or it isn’t from California, then I apologize to the Californians. Now it makes me wonder if he will be picked up and arrested by Law Federal Enforcement. The Words ” Genocide and Eradicate ” means killing off all of those Republicans that voted for President Trump , IT’S MY OPINION OF COURSE. Now, since I am a Republican and ” I DID ” Vote for President Trump ( and I will again ) and I said this Idiot should be ” ERADICATED under GENOCIDAL ” Circumstances , WILL I BE ARRESTED — LETS WAIT AND SEE !!!!!!!!!!

    1. I, too, voted for President Trump and will do so again! I am still in shock over how much hate is being spewed from the democrat party. This is no ordinary happening, must be a spiritual battle, good versus evil.

  7. i sure wish this fool would put his face where his mouth is!Just another keyboard commando! I bet you I would shut his pie hole.

    1. I agree with gunnut20 this ole boy is talking tough! He better leave Kelly Ann Conway alone. She’ll beat his ass by herself! An that ain’t all. When us Viet Nam Viets get rowelled up. We’ll see how many Trump supporters are eradicated!! THATS All I have to say about That!

  8. The moron Reva Ass-lan didn’t stop to think that the “depraved evil” people he’s referring to are the ones with the guns, not his 3 liberal followers. So, speaking for myself, bring it. What an @$$hole.

  9. It’s funny that they call trump supports kkk supporters even though the kkk was invented by the liberal left. Bunch of friggin morons!

  10. I would like Reza Aslan to come in public we could see if he can back that alligator mouth up with his chicken shit ass I am 65 years young I could wear his ass out in 1 minute easily of course this guy is not going out to much I am sure of that


    Why isn’t anyone doing something about these threats to Americans. This channel needs to be shut down since not saying anything basically tells me they support the comments. This is not a safe world right now and the news media should stop these comments right away!

  12. Never watch CNN . Never will. Nothing but Nazi controlled Socialist turds that have no abilities to do anything else but whine and cry and complain. Hey Reza..I have a Trump 2020 cap.. will have a Trump 2020 Keep America Great billboard in front of my house. And have bought Trump 2020 caps for my friends. Wish you’d come to Texas and try to kick my ass you punk .

  13. so, another CNN jackass spews hate and death threats and “he”(i use that term loosely) faces no visit from law enforcement !? yet, if I were to wish death to him (which I do ) I will likely get a visit. These nut jobs seem to be able to threaten others with impunity. Rest assured, If “they EVER physically threaten me or my family it will not take a court to issue a death sentence !

  14. Isn’t it about time to have the Secret Service Charge and Arrest these derelicts for proposing killing the President or his staff or supporters? The only way to STOP this is to put these Cretins in Jail! Otherwise some mentally disturbed DemocRATS and/or Liberals or muslims will do it.

  15. I wonder what he has to hide. The only reason, that I can see why they are fighting so hard to get rid of President Trump and his supporters, is because they are hiding something that they have done, or are planning to do.

  16. This Iranian psycho is married to a white American woman. Could it be some self loathing going on for his own DNA that has this hypocrite so riled up?

  17. What else do you expect from a dirty potlicker shooting his mouth off while working for CNN the Communist News Network or Clinton News Network?

  18. I hope this particular comment is memorialized so that he can never legally purchase a firearm, and if he has any, they should be immediately confiscated as a potential threat. The left wants gun control, fine, start with their own nuts like Ass-lan.

  19. This is a crime of threatening, so WHY is he
    not arrested. This is not free speech as he
    is inciting violence and murder. He is nothing
    but a piece of dirt. Someone, please,
    someone!….get rid of him!!

  20. 17-year-old Deangelo Parnell turned himself into police early Saturday morning after shooting and wounding ten people at a football game and injuring one other during his rampage in Alabama.
    Normally a mass shooting would bring out the mainstream media screaming for gun control, but unfortunately, they could not pin this on a white supremacist because the shooter is Black. That throws their whole narrative for a loop until the next white man commits a similar atrocity.
    There has been no motive for the crime released but Parnell has been charged with nine counts of attempted murder.

    Does anyone actually listen to the Communist News Network (aka CNN) now ? Rating lower than bad meat.

  21. This is the reason for violence. It’s not guns; it the democrats. They insight violence against others. Maybe instead of banning guns, we should ban these people!!!!

  22. Aslan’s comments are INCITING DOMESTIC TERRORISM! And I want to call out TWITTER for being so biased. I was suspended for a week for far less!
    It is obvious that you target people you dont agree with, you target conservatives. Its wrong, and it will catch up to you!!

    1. Please. By all means. Instigate a violent uprising against the Right. Incite a Civil War. You will then be legitimate targets. We will win.

  23. Absolute homicidal idiot. Someone needs to control him.. Also wanted to comment on finger pointing is a crime and tennis racket pointing gets a $10,000 fine. The left is entirely hypocritical. Next they will put you behind bars for using a neck being cut gesture or gesture relating to pulling on a noose. Really sad thing is this is all one sided.

  24. people need to realize that cnn just like msnbc are nothing more than dnc propaganda machines attempting to pass themselves off as news media. nothing could be further from the truth

  25. Aslan. I sincerely hope against hope that our republic can survive the coming chaos without escalating into bloodshed. I am however, increasingly concerned about the propensity of the left, with the support of propagandists of your ilk, to manipulate our electoral process internally. Fact is, I’m more concerned with election tampering from you than I am from Russia. Your fault, not mine. That being said, your violent rhetoric is dangerous and seditious. My advise to you is “DON’T POKE THE BEAR”!

  26. HUMAN , Cannibalism ?? Cannibalism is supposed to be against all United States Laws. Why is this Retarded Cannibal still walking our Streets and , I would assume , working for CNN News. This SOB should not even be allowed to be in these United States if he did , IN FACT , eat Human Brains !!!!!! This is one sick BA$T@&D, and , supposedly , a Human(?) being and he DAMN well does not belong in our Country. DEPORT HIS ASS IMMEDIATELY !!!!!!!! TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet., Retired.

  27. Why did you remove my post? Can’t handle the truth?

    Asln did not mow down an innocent bystander with his car, he didn’t kill 11 in a Synagogue in Philadelphia, he didn’t kill 22 at a Walmart in El Paso, he didn’t send pipe bombs to opposition legislators, just a small sampling of the atrocities Trump’s supporters have committed.

    Trump is a lying, egocentric, racist idiot who fuels hatred in this country. He is an embarrassment to this country and has to be removed from office.

  28. CNN needs to be eradicated. How dare anyone take my rights and God given freedoms away from me. Only the devil would do such a thing. The truth will set us free! Trump is the best President in American history. That’s why CNN is so petrified of our duly elected President!
    God bless America!
    God bless the American Flag 🇺🇸!
    God bless all American patriots!
    God bless President Trump!
    Trump 2020!
    No one watches or listens to fake news media anyway!
    God bless you Constitution!

    1. Very well said, Mr Thomas D. Miller !!!
      God bless America 🇺🇸
      God bless our Great
      President Donald J Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  29. The apple never falls far from the tree. Reza is showing his true colours as an “American-Iranian” who majors in religious studies, reflecting the ideology he wants to impose on America. He uses Left Wing Democracy like Tlaib, Omar, and O-C, Sarsour, etc. to further their oppressive agendas to take away true freedom by demonizing those who are fighting for it. This is typical Muslim rhetoric which lies(Taqqiya) in order to further the cause of Islam, it’s a vicious oppressor…I always laugh when I see the Hijabs fighting against injustice and oppression since their very appearance is the complete antithesis of what they are fighting for, where the blind Left see it as an expression of freedom..Talk about the blind leading the blind!

  30. PLEASE come say that to my face!If he doesn’t have the guts to do so, he’s a sissy from the word go. I’ll be glad to teach him the finer parts of preparing a meal. I wear my MAGA hat all the time. There’s a few people I’ve taught some respect to for their nonsense so please, if you can’t speak up to me personally, mano y mano, you’re a blowhard zero!

  31. When will we see equal justice? I, for one, am getting so tired of only conservatives bein g charged and prosecuted. When will the tides turn and the real crooks be called to order?

  32. I will follow Beto Ordorque choice of words………….Fuck CNN and Reza Ass..lan!!……and the horse they rode in on!!

  33. Genocide – Your the ones to be students of Genocide….
    Yes they did it again…
    CA – NY and others have LEGALIZED Homicide – Murder – Infanticide – Identity Theft – Rape – Molestation – Prostitution by Minors – Slavery – Drugs – etc . etc etc ……
    Enough is Enough and it’s time to hold these people accountable…
    “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”….. They said it when they constantly t4ry to overthrow an elected president and it’s time they paid the price for their STUPISITY and treasonous actions….
    I live in a small town and yet – the emergency room is constantly packed by Illegals…The stores are inundated by Illegals all hours of the day……The local jobs are taken by Illegals…..

  34. If a conservative had spoken that way about obozo’s supporters, his @$$ would be rotting in prison . . . . .

  35. Reza Aslan, why isn’t he fined or arrested for communicating a threat over the airwaves and CNN put on notice or fined for allowing this to happen.
    I know of a radio station fined for less than that. Just for pulling a hoax on April Fools Day.

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