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Trump Says He Plans to Sue Pelosi and Schiff Over Impeachment

Anyone who has gotten into any kind of personal or business squabbles with Donald Trump knows that his favorite counterpunch is to threaten to sue. It seems he now want to see if he can take that strategy into the impeachment fight. The president is trying to find out if he can sue Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff over opening their impeachment investigation.

The president’s new favorite news outlet, OAN is reporting that Trump has said that “he’s willing to sue House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff” over the impeachment inquiry. In a speech Saturday, he said his administration would “look into” personally suing the top Democrats leading the inquiry.

Democrats launched the impeachment inquiry after a whistleblower spoke out about the president’s call with the Ukrainian president. He has been accused of pressuring the foreign government to investigate Joe Biden, one of his political opponents in the upcoming election. President Trump has refuted these accusations and has called the inquiry a “witch hunt.”

During his speech, the president remarked on Pelosi’s flip flopping views regarding impeachment and suggested suing both her and Schiff.

“I said, ‘sue him anyway’ — even if we lose, the American public will understand,” said President Trump. “Maybe, we should just impeach them.”

The president has also said the impeachment inquiry could result in Democrats losing a lot of seats in 2020. He has tweeted several times about how he knows the American people will recognize the fraudulent use of impeachment. President Trump added that the backlash could even extend to the Senate, endangering moderate seats that Democrats once thought were safe. He pointed to the recent elections in Louisiana and North Carolina where Republicans out-performed their Democrat opponents, suggesting that it could be a sign of changes to come.

Was the president serious about suing Pelosi and Schiff for doing their jobs, or was this just another example of “Trump Being Trump,” for his audience? I do not know, but, OAN says that the president’s attorney Jay Sekulow said he would keep all options on the table for a possible lawsuit.

55 thoughts on “Trump Says He Plans to Sue Pelosi and Schiff Over Impeachment


  2. If they (those challenging and harassing president Trump) are not within the confines of the Constitution and have made the attacks on president Trump a “personal” matter, then are they exempt from prosecution? If the they are not within the law, then sue them for the limits of the law for such offenses, in my opinion.

  3. Suing them is too easy. I’d like to see them all in jail….a real jail not a country club jail. How does Nancy Pelosi mask a wealth of $80,000,000 with her salary. And throw Maxim Waters in with them too. a 4.5 million dollar home? she smells of dead fish and should swim with them. The Democratic party is hell bent on ruining the U.S. It’s amazing how all the Dems can do is take their own lies and corruption and flip to the Republicans. They are the worst group of individuals in history. I can’t wait to see the President win 2020.

  4. I have never seen such malfeasance and obstruction from the sore loser, Soros puppets Demon rats. Yes Soros is paying for all of this and masked, helmets and clubs antifa goon squads. Where are the police arresting these riot provoking human rights and freedom of speech violators.

  5. Good move. Sue them and all the Fake News Media that repeat the lies without doing their due diligence in reporting the truth. Keep your foot up their asses so they can feel what it’s like. Continue being a man who tells it like it is. As you say, you are the President of the UNITED STATES elected by it’s people and they ARE NOT. They are a bunch of sore losers, liars, thieves,and their treason did not work.

  6. Personally, I hope that President Trump DOES sue them. It will open the door for the general public to get class action law suits going against them for failing to fulfill their campaign promises. After all, when they knowingly lie to us in commercials, they should be subject to the same laws as those selling any other product.

  7. just doing their jobs??? schiff has been lying for 3 yrs now. he continues to lie. pelosi flip flops on a daily basis and is senile it seems. doing ones job does not include hampering the other branches of government for the political benefit of one. shame on pelosi. she knows better. schitt is just a crook. he has no morals

  8. Sue them only after they are impeached.Hold all dematards accountable for their crimes against the president and the American people. More ice raids on companies that hire illegal people. Take down antifa sissies . Its time to take back our country.

  9. Way to go President Trump! You should have done this a long time ago. It is long past due. Pelosi and crew have wasted the last two years trying to find dirt that would stick on you, instead of doing what they were elected to do, and thats working on legislation that would protect and benefit the American People. I am proud to call you my President. Keep up the good work you are doing. Charge all the Democrat leaders with TREASON and send them to GITMO!

  10. I Pray that thing of the Dumbocrat/Socialists (Not Patriotic Democrats) known as Pelosi will continue to trip over her Big Mouth and making a Fool of herself and the Dumbocrat/Socialists !!!

  11. We the tax payer should sue them for wasting tax payer money and not for doing their job. Then they should be removed from office.

  12. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi has failed to do her duties. She needs to be released of her position. President Trump has had to defend himself over and over against the democrat party. All they have done is work against him and not work for, “WE THE PEOPLE”.

  13. they are not doing their jobs they are discrediting a sitting President by not giving Him the ability to defend himself!!!! since they have not had a vote on impeachment then there is no impeachment and there will never be because there is no grounds no matter how shit for brains and pelosi lie about the call the transcript doesn’t lie as much as they wished they could change that.

  14. I don’t know about the legal aspects of their impeachment inquiry. However I don’t see how they can get around the laws of open procedure. Everyone is entitled to face an accuser. Without enforcement of that anyone, your neighbor, an ex girlfriend/boyfriend, anyone having a grudge against you can bring charges without you knowing and being able to prepare a defense.

  15. I don’t know about the legal aspects of their impeachment inquiry. But I don’t see how they can get around the laws that allows an accused to face his/her accuser. Without that you can have charges brought against you without being able to prepare a defense.

  16. Go for it, President Trump! Enough is quite enough. We’ve had enough of innuendos, lies, hate tactics and now
    how about start running the country as President Trump is trying to do without all these “collusion”…”Russia, Russia” and now impeachment garbage. Grow up you youngsters and start being what you were elected to do …..IF
    THEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED FOR. Show the American people that there is justice and not half-baked
    lies that have not a speck of honesty in any of them. Share a jail cell, Schiff and Pelosi and write a book
    about HONESTY.

  17. I hope he does. I say let everyone file suit against all elected officials who dont do anything and get a whole new team. Maybe we could replace Congress with a computer. But then again the poor computer would be hacked or it would just give up. Go for the goal Mr. President and Make It Right. Your Elected Title Name and Family Name means more than any $$.

  18. Let’s not just talk about it lets get er done ! IF there’s a WELL there’s A WAY !!! PELOSI & DERANGED PENCIL NECK SCHIFF just needs to be IMPEACHED and IMPRISONED ! BUT IT WOULD BE GREAT TO USE THEM IF IT IS POSSIBLE.

  19. Why not? The liberals sue everyone. The Democrat party needs to be shut down. Did you the debate?.97% of income tax. Pete wants to hide hiv people.would be against the law to tell people you have hiv. Bernie Sanders is a useless disgusting old man who has ever worked. Warren is just a liar. Harris wants to be a dictator. Joe Biden is just losing his mind. The rest are like the other. Destroy America. Let anyone in America, criminals, terrorists, middle age diseases. But for true American people you will get nothing but death, rights gone. You will be lower that a subhuman creature. The Democrat party hate America. They want total control over your lives. But there are so many uneducated and just plain stupid people. They think everything is free but have no idea who is going to pay for it. Dumb down Americans.




  21. sue their asses to the wall enough is enough this political game the democrats are playing is borderline sedition and treason they were sworn to uphold the constitution NOT MAKE UP THEIR OWN RULES !! get em danno !!!

  22. Yes, President Trump should suit them. They have disgraced our country and our President. History of the United States will forever be tarnished by the Democrats.

  23. I hope Trump sues the hell out of Pelosi and Schiff.
    Please also expose Schiff’s escapades with a young man
    That paid off at 5.5 million of our money because of his sexual
    Relations with this young man.. Republicans are dealing with
    Nasty evil 😈 , immoral, unethical Democrat rats,, We have got to fight back or they are going to take over and destroy our freedom
    That our ancestors died for.. greedy, power hungry ,

  24. Trump needs to take down all swamp dwellers that have been misleading We The People any way possible. Swamp dwellers doesn’t discriminate they are in all Government positions no matter race, creed, color, sex or religious belief.

  25. I personally Believe the Democrats are trying everything to try keeping keep President Trump from running for presidential office again.
    They are running scared because President Trump is keeping his promise and draining the swamp of corruption.
    This draining of the swamp is dipping deep into the corrupted Democrats pockets and they don’t like it one bit.
    And by the way they’re wasting millions of our tax dollars to do so another sign of there corruption, this is not what my tax dollars are supposed to be used for.
    They are also so worried about the Syrian Borders but what about our own borders that they fought so hard to keep President Trump from building that wall to protect our country from more corruption in danger. I only hope that the American public was watching the Democratic debate it wasn’t about America it wasn’t about things that need to be fixed it was about how innocent Joe Biden and his son are and trying to impeach President Trump.
    I could go on and on about my views as well as many of my friends and family but there’s not enough room on this page to put everything.
    America please bring God back into our homes, and our hearts,
    One more American backing President Trump go President Trump for another four years God be with you.

  26. America keep in mind the Democrats are trying to run our lives and tell us how will live, they’re trying to take away all of our rights all of our Choice of healthcare, our guns and ammunition, Have us to take care of the poor will have had the same opportunity as the rest of us to earn money to make a living but they choose to take the free ride over and over again. The Democrats forget one thing they work for us we don’t work for them President Trump needs to get rid of all Democrat corruption in every sense of the word and yes sue the hell out of Polowski and anyone else that is tried to sabotage in their own terrorist way of President Trump.

  27. President Donald Trump is the wealthiest president in U.S. history and has earned his wealth building signature hotels around the planet. What has Nancy Pelosi done to become one of the worlds wealthiest woman when most of her walth has been obtained her while in politics ?! Plus she is not the U.S president who has been vented by the people and the electoral college.

    The accused must be allowed to know and face his acuser ! I say for Trump to sue Nancy Pelosi. It is the moral Common Law of the people.

  28. why not ? they impeach president based on liar and unfair. Constitution was wrote to protect the people, not to destroy the president with out good causes ? look at Obama, Biden, shift. water; Omah; Cotez….

  29. i hope that they impeach nancy pelosi!!!! she and others like her are trying to destroy the usa. what is she doing for the people? How many people in her state are homeless while she lives in a multimillion home? she doesn’t even live in the district she represents. she should be thrown out!!! demos should get on with the job they are getting paid to do!! I am so tired of these people and their witch hunts and slandering!!

  30. Trump should SUE The HELL out of The Do Nothing Democrats ! they Have DONE NOTHING but attack Trump since day one and cost the Americans Tax Payers millions & Millions of Tax payers money on nothing but bogus claims, again accomplished NOTHING !

  31. I ‘ve wondering what is taking him so long. So tired of all the garbage they keep throwing at the president and the News Media being their greatest supporters in this.

  32. go man go Those idiots are costing the American public millions of dollars for nothing .I understand the Russian probe cost 150 million dollars we could have used that money some where else a lot better. Nothing is getting done . The president is taking care of business. But the dem/ons are not.

  33. The democrats have wasted my money as a taxpayer and have focused on President Trump and have done NOTHING to help the American people. I have changed my party to Republican. Sick of the hate campaigns

  34. I could only pray he could sue them for the American people, just to get some of the 35 million dollars they’ve wasted in their WITCH HUNT PROCESS, people need to be held accountable for the blatant lying!!

  35. Trump is extremely weak and cowardly. He’s the weakest president in at least 100 years. He will never sue Schiff or Pelosi. He won’t even run in 2020.


  37. I would love to know if anyone in the right mind will want to have somebody like the senile Pelosi or the liar Shiff leading this great country USA?! Actually, his name should be spelled different….I am just saying!
    My personal opinion is that both should be checked by a doctor. Something is very wrong with these two-knock heads.

    No offense to anyone, I am a human!

  38. Good , Sue the Hell out of all of them .Then Impeach them as well ! We The American people Has TRUMP’s Back , I’ve had enough of The Do Nothing Democrat’s Party Shit myself . Take’m down TRUMP . TRUMP 20/20 keep America Great

  39. Trump will NEVER sue Schiff or Pelosi. Trump is too weak and cowardly to do it. He’s the weakest and most cowardly president we’ve had in at least 100 years.

  40. When does Senator Lindsay Graham keep his promises and convene his Judiciary Committee, and issue subpoenas to every witness that appeared before Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee and question them so we have the truth not lying Adam Schiff’s word or his selective leaks.

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