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Are Democrats Beginning To Support Trump in 2020

Are Democrats Beginning To Support Trump in 2020

A recent poll conducted by the New York Times has revealed that a large portion of Democrats who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 but who backed the Democratic party in the midterm elections, will vote for Trump again in 2020.

The poll, conducted by the New York Times in partnership with Upshot/Siena College, questioned Democrats living in swing states who voted from Trump in 2016 and who plan on voting for him again in 2020, even though they may have supported the left in the midterm elections.

Figures revealed that about two-thirds of the voters in six swing states who supported Trump in 2016 but voted for the Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections said that planned to support President Trump again in 2020.

Interestingly enough, the poll showed that a small percentage of Hillary Clinton voters have also started to support Trump. In fact, seven percent of swing-state voters who supported Clinton in 2016 now approve of President Trump’s performance in office.

In their piece, the NYT wrote:

Many of the white working-class voters in the Rust Belt who supported the president in 2016 were traditionally Democratic voters who backed President Obama in 2012 and even continued to vote Democratic down-ballot in 2016. Democrats generally held on to these voters in 2018, but the reasons many of them voted for Mr. Trump, like his promises on immigration or the economy, could still be relevant.

Also in their story, the NYT cited several traditionally Democratic voters who said they supported the president’s policies despite being highly critical of his personality.

The poll surveyed a total of 3,766 registered voters from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin in October.


  1. Maybe, just maybe, the people in this country aren’t as STUPID as the DEMOCOMMUNISTS “think” they are, and can “see the writing on the wall” of what will happen if any of these corrupt DEMOCOMMUNIST presidential “hopefuls” ever get in the oval office. PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more for this country than any “president” in recent memory. It is refreshing to have a REAL Commander in Chief that isn’t afraid to SAY WHAT HE THINKS AND means,and MEANS WHAT HE SAYS BY BACKING UP his statements WITH action INSTEAD OF JUST useless “RHETORIC”. All one has to do, is get online, and type in a search engine to see a list of President Trump’s accomplishments in three short years.. (so far) THAT IS… (unless your HATE is so consuming,) you cannot accept THE FACTS of what HE has accomplished, in spite of the Corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS/RINOS “obstructing” him at every turn because they STILL cannot get over their corrupt “queen” HITLERY getting “shown the door OUT (again) by We the American People that did NOT want another corrupt DEMOCOMMUNIST infesting OUR Oval office like the last FRAUD “occupant”.

    • People ….. Take a good look at what President Trump has accomplished even though he has been blocked by the democrats at every turn. What does that tell you? It tells me we have the correct person in office. Just think what he could do if he WASNT facing so much opposition. I have to admit that at first I was very sketch about Trump. I didnt see him as able to keep his mouth in check and dealing with the world leaders as all presidents do I was fearful of the outcome. I did vote for him but only because there was no other choice in my view. I knew how bloody Hillary was and Bernie, he would have been nothing but a puppet and still will be if elected and Biden? Is that man even awake? Get real will you Democrats! It turns out my fear of Trumps mouth was unwarrented. He seems to do well talking to world leaders. I will be voteing for Trump again. Now.. The last part of this is about people who attack our commander in chief. Look here America, I am sick to death of people (Democrats) attacking our president. There needs to be a way we the people can control those that wish to rule over us but yet do not follow the same set of rules themselves. If anyone I dont care who they are or what position they hold, if they have an accusation against our President they better have rock solid proof before they open their mouth because if they dont have that rock solid proof I personally consider it an act of treason and in my American opinion the Democrats in the witch hunt against Trump should ALL BE CHARGED. Thank you to all that took the time to read this.
      Robert F. Shea

  2. All the Democrats I know that voted for Hillary because they did not believe the promises of Trump, are now voting for Trump because he delivered on his promises.

  3. What a world we live in, and what in the world are those that inhabit it thinking? Those inhabitants that reside in the U.S. clearly are having real problems
    reconciling the extremes we are going through since Trump became president. The word “extreme” is key here and is not an exaggeration. While Trump’s campaign promise to build big beautiful wall along our southern border has never gotten off the ground the other wall, the one between his supporters and his detractors has been growing with every passing day. Apparently Trump has no interest whatsoever in reducing the divide that is the direct result of the extremes he’s brought into and unto our lives. What should be happening is that those on opposite sides of this wall should, in recognition of the damage the divide is doing to the country and our ability to function as one nation, undivided, and with liberty for all, to call a truce, to begin talks, to negotiate terms, to make whatever compromises it takes to end this incredibly damaging and dangerous situation we’ve allowed to overtake us.

  4. Yes we are, too much corruption on the democratic side and showing no signs of slowing down. We need American support, lower taxes, lower health care costs, lower prescription and Medicare cost, a large raise for social security, less welfare and term limits

  5. I think, at 70 years old, Donald Trump has been the most effective and viable PRESIDENT America has had since FDR. He needs at least 4 more years to even get the job needed to be done to the halfway mark!! America is turning its back on Democrats who sound more like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin than George Washington. Kick THEIR asses out of here and send their ungrateful, miserable asses to North Korea, where they belong with Little Rocket Asshole. End of rant.

  6. What always baffles me is the 1/3 who are glad they gave us this democratic majority in the house and gave us Mrs. Pelosi again, and who can obviously see how successful it has been for America to have a non-politician in the White House. Think about all he has accomplished – including getting rid of onerous regulations that were made into law not by our elected representatives – they ceded their power – but by huge bureaucratic “departments” and actually had the power to have farmers, ranchers, bankers, builders, etc. arrested if they did not obey. That is WRONG and the fact that they are gone has much to do with an atmosphere of confidence in the business world – where all the jobs are being created. I remember Perot (another businessman) telling us that with NAFTA he could hear a giant sucking sound of jobs from the USA to Mexico and on south, we didn’t listen and saw that all happen. Look at what has happened to USA and tell me that this man has been a negative for the good of the country and the folks!!

  7. I hope more and more of the people see the good President Trump is doing for the United States. The people are making more money more people are working but the few vocal don’t want the people to see this. If the democrats get Socialism in they will than say we need Capitalism because they won’t have any money and may even have to work. If you know anything about math take the numbers and see for you self, the democrats numbers don’t work. the rich aren’t going to put up with it they will move. The middle class will have to foot the bill like in the Socialist countries do now, the rich really don’t want to give up their wealth. Sweden is 62% and the numbers for the Democrats will be about 86% though they will not tell you. that means you will have 14 cent from every dollar you make to live on, can you make it on that, because big government is not going to take care of you. President Trump is looking out for the People of the United States.

  8. TRUMP is fighting for USA look at everything he has achieved in 3 1/2 years for the people and not taking a penny for it !

  9. if the Democrats have any brains at all from listening to the Looney Left Pelosi&Schumer Company, they will vote to re-elect Trump in the 2020 election, that man has done more for the Veterans,small business owners and everyday people in the 3 1/2 yrs than Obama did in 8 yrs of dividing the country…im proud to say Anerica has been turned around and is coming together and “we the epople” will make America Great and keep it great again

  10. I need to get some signs to be able to put in the years let me know if you needMe to work at a TRUMP Politician store will you get all of the goodies to put in the yard stickers Kors hats shirts all of that good stuff you Name Danny Crochet E mail [email protected] let me know if you need my cell number we need to get some SIGNS FOR THE YEARDS I HAVE LOTS OF FRIENDS THAT WANT ME TO PUT THEM IN THE YEARDS PLEASE GET WITH ME THANK YOU MR.President Trump

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