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Giuliani Will Release Major Dirt on Biden If Threatened

Giuliani Will Release Major Dirt on Biden If Threatened

As the toes of Rudy Giuliani continue to be put to the fire during the impeachment inquiry, the feisty former New York mayor says he has an “insurance policy,” that will keep him from going under, if things get too hot.

Giuliani says that he has dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden’s family “locked away,” that he plans to release if anything happens to him, as federal prosecutors investigate the former mayor for possible campaign finance violations and illegal lobbying. Presumably, what he claims to have on Biden is so damaging and criminal, that he means he can use it in some kind of plea or immunity deal, should he become under indictment.

The president’s personal lawyer took to Twitter over the weekend to clarify his repeated remarks about having “an insurance policy” should the president try to throw him “under the bus” amid the Ukraine scandal. Statements like that prompted some to believe that Giuliani was implying that he had some dirt on Trump, but he clarified by tweeting that the statement is “sarcastic” and that it “relates to the files in my safe about the Biden Family’s 4 decade monetizing of his office.”

He concluded the tweet saying, “If I disappear, it will appear immediately along with my RICO chart.”

His reference to RICO – the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, the federal law aimed at prosecuting organized crime – could indicate that Giuliani still has information that has not been released publicly from his days as a US Attorney in the 80s.  In a second tweet, Giuliani wrote, “The Mafia couldn’t kill me so NO, I am not worried about the swamp press.”

The tweets came hours after Giuliani was asked about the implication that he has compromising information on Trump should their relationship ever flounder during an interview on Fox News. While railing against “fake news,” Giuliani warned Trump against abandoning him – even as the former mayor becomes more deeply embroiled in the Ukraine scandal.

“I see things like, ‘he’s going to throw me under the bus’. I say he isn’t, but I have insurance,” Giuliani said with a shrug. During the interview, he did not specify what the “insurance” entailed but insisted he has a “very, very good relationship” with Trump anyway.

Giuliani is currently dealing with his own troubles, as he is the target of a federal investigation, following claims that he possibly engaged in illegal lobbying and campaign finance violations.


  1. Would love to see that information run to save the Country from more of the devastation from the D.C. Swamp. This next election must turn Centrist or to the right to save it from the Communist run DNC. Make no mistake about it, POTUS Trump put the brakes on their final push to take the U.S. down.

  2. Giuliani needs to shut his stupid mouth. Nothing like letting the cat out of the bag and pissing off your benefactor. Never did care much for him because he is all for Rudy and screw everyone else. He needs to stay prominent in the news and highlighted. He his all caught up with his self importance and running his mouth could make Trump look bad even though he is not.


    Rudi: I’m sure you recall “loose lips sink ships”.
    If I remember correctly didn’t he announce publicly that it was Sealteam
    6 killed osama bin laden, thus putting targets on their backs and getting them killed in a helicopter accident (?) in Afghanistan that was under very non military protocol ! (Read “ Betrayed “ on Amazon for background.) Merry Christmas to their families!

  4. Do it Rudi! Don’t wait for these scum bags, to threaten you…..Just do it! None of them deserve clemency or sympathy……They are corrupt, & must pay the piper, for their “bad deeds”! They would not give you the same consideration….so go get them!

  5. careful, he may have something on the prez too, especially if the prez cuts him loose like he’s done some others. it’s be nice to rudy month starting in a couple of days.

  6. If you ask Me,President Trump Should Get rid of Giuliani,Damn Fool playing kid games in a Mans world,He is threatening Trump while acting like Sarcasm.If Giuliani Has something on Biden then Put it out there you Idiot! Giuliani took advantage of the President by getting his own self involved in some corrupt dealings with corrupt criminals.Giuliani is of NO GOOD USE TO MY PRESIDENT TRUMP ANY FURTHUR!!!!

  7. He needs to release it anyway. Not keep it from the court system…. They ALL needs to be exposed.

  8. Rudy doesn’t HAVE any dirt on Biden, major or minor! What a stupid article. The author was sucked into believing Rudy has dirt on Biden. NOT TRUE!

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