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Poll Picks Hillary Clinton As Democratic Front Runner!

Poll Picks Hillary Clinton As Democratic Front Runner!

Someone once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. This is not first time you may have heard me call Democrats “insane,” but this might just be the proof! A new Harris poll of registered democratic voters puts Hillary Clinton as the 2020 frontrunner, and the former first lady, isn’t even in the race!

The online Harris Poll survey released by the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard found that Clinton placed first with 21% of the vote, followed closely by former Vice President Joe Biden at 20%, Sen. Bernie Sanders at 12%, Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 9% and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 7%.

It polled 1,859 voters and was conducted between Nov. 27 and 29 of this year. Pollsters also surveyed respondents without Clinton in the race — and Biden came out first, with 29% of the vote, followed by Sanders at 16% and Warren at 13%.

Clinton has repeatedly said she is not running for president again, though she did tell the UK’s “Graham Norton Show” over the weekend that she’s been “deluged” with pleas to do just that.

“I’d have to make up my mind really quickly,” she said, “because it’s moving very fast.”

Recently, New York Post columnist Maureen Callahan said that Clinton’s appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show last week was the “strongest indicator yet“ that the former first lady is pondering a 2020 rematch.

Political satirist and columnist Tim Young, who recently dared Clinton to run again, thinks that she is “bored and loves the attention” but “knows” she would lose a rematch despite the high-profile media appearance.

“If not, she would have already declared that she’s running. I would say never say never on her, but… Hillary has to know after her live tour failed that no amount of national media, including Howard Stern, can help her win an election,” Young told Fox News.


  1. Is all her dirt and corruption going to be impeached? Let’s hope we are allowed to put her in jail for her corruption. Democrats continue to dig theirselves in the hole. Fill it with the shut from Pelosi’s state.

  2. By all means! Have Hilary Vs Trump again! How many more suicided friends will she have lost (or gained?) by then?

    • What concerns me is that even though we know Hitlery is insane, in order for her to run a third time she would have to be completely guaranteed of winning. There is still enough time for certain laws to pass in order to accomplish this. Such as illegal criminals getting driver’s licenses and being able to vote, and perhaps even doing away with the electoral college. At any rate, she would have to know for sure that she would win.

  3. fake news fame media, and these so called surveys in same bracket as they are, why not we have seen how and what they will do and how far they will push it,so why surveys be any different don’t believe none of it and for Hillary cant believe she not wearing a orange jump suit …yet…amazing

  4. I CANNOT understand that so many would still even consider voting for any of THEM….Just shows HOW MANY brain-WASHED there are, BUT thank God it does NOT show a “majority” of DINGBATS still wanting to vote for them or especially hillary….!!!!?????

  5. How Desperate The Democrats are to pull out the biggest loser in history from Washington Hillary Clinton to run against the most popular president in history Every

  6. It’s fake news you would ever want that lying thing and so disrespectful in our government,but our governments is worthless probably that’s why!

  7. I wish Hillary could finely understand we the people do not want to be represented by the wife of a sexual deviant! And the fact she is willing to cover for this sick behavior! And that’s just one of many reasons. We owe you nothing Hillary but you owe us an explanation a lot of money and some Russian uranium
    Your kingdom. Has been measured and weighed and found wanting
    There is only forgiveness for repentance
    Enough said

  8. YES PLEASE!!!! The opportunity to lay out what a lawless, elitist, loser hack Hillary Clinton is, PLUS the final repudiation of a massive FINAL landslide defeat at the ballot box, would paint the Democratic party as EXACTLY who they are, representatives of all that is WRONG with HUMANITY, and the most ideologically and methodologically bankrupt legislative organization in the history on mankind. BRING IT!!!

  9. Maybe pollsters should be required to determine political party affiliation of poll respondents.


  10. No honest person would even consider voting for the criminal, Hillary Clinton. Of course, we have found out that the Democrat Party is not honest. Hopefully, we will see all the Democrat criminals in prison the first half of 2020. PRAYING for AMERICA and President Trump.

    • Yeah she passed the bar. She passed it to one of her henchmen for another case of Arkanacide where the person beats themselves to death, And it will be ruled a suicide.

  11. Another run and this crazy lady would go completely off her rocker. She belongs in prison and may well be ther before 2020 is over. Trump would devour her knowing all we now know about her crookednessGo for it crooked Hill!!!

  12. Those polls that declared Hillary the winner of the 2016 elections? I wonder how far she’ll snap, and who she’ll blame when she loses to Trump again

  13. Make that nasty “B” take a therial psychiatrist evaluation test by repairable people to see if she is mentally stable enough to run!!!!

  14. If Hillary is their best candidate, that shows what bad shape the democratic party is in. What will be Hillary’s excuse this time when she is steamrolled for the 3rd time? Maybe she can come up with something original this time

  15. I think Michael Bloomberg may be the one to watch – not Hillary. Bloomberg is coming in fresh and relatively unknown, but folks knowing of him could change fairly quickly.

  16. Yeah she passed the bar. She passed it to one of her henchmen for another case of Arkanacide where the person beats themselves to death, And it will be ruled a suicide.

  17. Trump supporters should make some money from this . You can bet on politics on Ladbrokes . Currently Hillary is paying 20 to win the Democratic candidacy down from 50 a few months ago and 150 when Trump took office .It might be worth a shot for those who are willing to take a shot at it it and I’m seriously thinking of placing $1000 on it like I should have done two days before the election in 2016 with Trump to win paying 5 . The good President is going to win by a landslide no matter who runs against him and I would love to see him steamroll vain control freak and power hungry Hillary . Why she is not already in jail has got me stumped .

    God Bless you ALL

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