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Biden Is Clear Front Runner as Iowa Approaches

Biden Is Clear Front Runner as Iowa Approaches

In the wake of the last Democratic debate, and as the Iowa caucuses near, former Vice President, Joe Biden has once again emerged as the clear frontrunner.

According to a new poll out Monday, with just two weeks until the Feb. 3 caucuses, Biden leads the Democratic field in Iowa.

There’s some indication that Warren and Sanders suffered fallout from their recent spat — including during and after last week’s debate — over whether a woman could beat President Donald Trump. Warren contended Sanders told her in a private 2018 conversation that he did not believe a woman could win, which Sanders denied.

The Focus on Rural America poll shows the former vice president with 24 percent and the next three top-tier candidates bunched behind him, with Elizabeth Warren at 18 percent, Pete Buttigieg at 16 percent and Bernie Sanders at 14 percent. Amy Klobuchar clocked in at 11 percent.

The poll also asked Democrats what they would do if their first choice in the caucuses were not viable. While 75 percent said they would realign with another candidate, 17 percent said they would remain uncommitted and 4 percent said they would go home.

“It is significant the 17% [who] say they will remain uncommitted and may indicate that uncommitted will be viable in several precincts,” a statement from the group said.

Of those who choose another candidate, Biden received 24 percent support, Buttigieg received 21 percent, Warren received 16 percent, Klobuchar received 7 percent, and Sanders received 6 percent.


  1. The only one left is the billionaire Buttigieg. It was just reported that there is DIRECT evidence of Biden receiving 8 million from his deals in Ukraine. Attach his son’s millions from Ukraine and the corruption runs VERY DEEP. Therefore we can exclude Biden.

    Sanders has two major problems. His campaign bailing out a field supervisor for driving intoxicated while on an Iowa mission for the campaign. This same creton has been talking trash about how when Trump is removed from office every MAGA supporter needs to be moved to a concentration camp for “reeducation” just like Russia used to do. The second issue is that the Democrats started a slogan: “No more old white men”. The dems slogan cut Sanders throat.

    Warren, not possible to elect her. She lied about her heritage and obtained federal funds for many things because of her false heritage. While it has been too long to arrest her, her political career can never advance again. She is DONE.

    Who the hell is Amy Klobuchar? No name recognition, can’t get elected as no swing votes will happen. No one cares about her except a few democrats.

    THE WILD CARD. Tulsi Gabbard. She actually stood up to Hillary Clinton and made Hillary back down. The fact that Hillary attacked her so vehemently made many Republicans actually consider her. Problem….her own party is against her because HRC is against her AND as long as Trump is running again no republican will vote for her against Trump. Tulsi may actually be the Dems best bet in 4 more years. Certainly Pelosi, Shiff and a host of others that had high hope are now done politically at least on a national level.

  2. Oh come on now … lIke she could win ? Maybe if she said she was investigating the democrats for their corruption she might have a small chance to win . But that’s it

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