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Trump praises Hungary for their stance on Immigration

During a phone call with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán earlier this week, U.S. President Donald Trump lauded the spirit of the Hungarian people.

According to the Orbán press secretary Bertalan Havasi, the Hungarian Prime Minister carried out a diplomatic phone call with U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday afternoon, Remix News reports.

Press secretary Havasi said that during the phone call the two heads of state discussed a variety of topics which included foreign policy issues, the ongoing situation in the Middle East, and illegal immigration.

Havasi and Zoltán Kovács – a government spokesperson for the Hungarian government – both mentioned that the U.S. president specifically asked Prime Minister Orbán to convey the respect and admiration he holds in his heart for the Hungarian people.

“The President asked the PM to pass along a message of his ‘admiration for the successful and great Hungarian people’,” Kovács wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Kovács took a trip to the United States where he toured the newly constructed that runs along the Unite States’ southern border with Mexico.

During his visit, Kovács tweeted a video of the US-Mexico border wall with the words: “When someone takes it serious”

Last May, European media reported on a Trump – Orbán meeting which took place in the White House where Trump praised Orban’s efforts to preserve Hungary’s security.

“You’ve done a good job and you’ve kept your country safe. I know he’s a tough man, but he’s a respected man, and he’s done the right thing, according to many people, on immigration,” Trump said smiling at the Hungarian Prime Minister.

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  1. Viktor Orban has been an early defender of preserving European culture and has done a stellar job of warding off illegal migration to Hungary. Austria and Poland have also done a good job at this. I even know a gentleman in my city who has the last name of Orban and who is quite aware of his Hungarian ancestry.

  2. I bet you ARE Irish! Just look it up, since you are too dumb to know it as the average person does, either in an encyclopedia, or on a world map, or on the World map on the Internet since you have access to it as I can tell since you left a blog.

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