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NATO is a fearmongering organization

NATO is a fearmongering organization

As the Covid-19 winds down in most of the world, the move to normal is not a smooth or even process – a lot due to political ideology.

Folks who see themselves as a Republican or even a conservative Democrat have largely moved on from the shutdown.  Those on the left – and especially the elitist media – are clinging to the fearmongering and unnecessarily excessive protective measures.  That was brought home in a couple of events I viewed in recent days.

The liberal diplomatic establishment that assembled in Brussels, Belgium for one of those heads-of-state NATO conferences carried it out with the type of masking and distancing that we saw at the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic — and before the introduction of the vaccine. 

Since every one of those world leaders has been tested and vaccinated – as have virtually all the attending staff – the possibility of any of the participants contracting Covid-19 – or spreading it – is statistically close to zero.  Yet, all the participants were wearing masks except for a few photo ops. And even then there was social distancing and a lot of elbow bumping.  The distancing was most bizarre in the traditional “family” photograph (pictured above).

One media talking-head suggested that the wearing of masks and social distancing by world leaders was symbolism. To set an example for we commoners.  But methinks that the symbolism sends the wrong message to the public because it engenders needless fear.  It suggests that we are not safe even after getting the vaccine. 

We see that in all those folks wearing masks who have no reason to do so except unwarranted fear they get from television reports. I have not problem with people wearing masks if it makes them feel comfortable. But they should know that the risk to them is virtually non-existent.

Seeing the world leaders masking up might even discourage some people from getting the vaccine – if they believe that they are still in danger of contracting Covid-19.  In terms of the virus, getting the vaccine is – or should be — the equivalent of a “Get out of jail free” card in Monopoly.

So, what does the NATO conference and Covid-19 have to do with baseball?

Despite the fearmongering by the left-wing bureaucrats, the American people are demonstrating a more realistic response to the ebbing Pandemic and the growing numbers of vaccinated individuals.  That was clear to anyone who might have watched the baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals.

As a Cub fan, I was happy to see the 2-to-0 victory by the boys in Wrigley Field. It closed out a sweep for the Cubs.  But what impressed me more was the crowd – a real crowd (pictured above).  The stadium was full of happy fans sitting next to each other.  There were no empty seats for spacing – no fake cardboard “people.”  No masks.

Perhaps it is just because of the shutdown, but the fans seemed to be more exuberant … more engaged … than ever.  It was literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air.

Since Democrats and their media allies constantly accuse Republicans in red states as being irresponsible in terms of protective measures, it is noteworthy that the crowd in Wrigley Field are residents of the most Democrat city in America – in the bluest of the blue states.  The folks in the stands were mostly Democrats.

The comparison between the left-leaning diplomat bureaucrats at the NATO conference and the common folks in Wrigleyville demonstrates that what has been true throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, is truer today.  The people have been leading the way in taking the best and most responsible actions.  In terms of returning to normal, we the people are leading the way.

So, there ‘tis.


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