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The dirty truth about election audits

The dirty truth about election audits

Regardless if there was fraud or not in the 2020 Presidential election, everyone on all sides should want to know if the results of any given election are certain and correct. It should raise red flags in your mind if anyone during any election becomes outwardly defiant against election audits or asking questions or doing research on the matter to make sure that the results are in fact true.

In the 2020 election itself, both Republicans and Democrats alike should feel no concern about election audits or anyone diving in to officially check the results. The desire to prove the numbers to the people on both sides should bring additional comfort to the people by making certain a victory is true.

If there was fraud and Trump actually won, everyone should want to know that. If there wasn’t fraud and Biden actually won, everyone should want to know that.

Whether there was mass fraud, some fraud, or no fraud, all fraud in any election should be discovered and corrected. Voters should know that their vote still matters and that this hasn’t just become a game of secret manipulation and hidden power grabs. All people on all sides should want an election to be properly certified. No matter where any single voter may stand in opinion.

Today, in an interview with Newsmax, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton spoke some much needed common sense on election audits. Cutting through the drama and emotional triggers, Paxton said, “Nobody should be afraid of election audits such as the ones in Arizona or Georgia, because what really matters is the truth and finding out what really happened… All it’s going to do is either show that the election turned out the right way or it turned out the wrong way, and either way, it seems like the American people, people in Georgia, the people of my state benefit from knowing the truth.”

Exactly. We all benefit when the truth is shown. Except to those who are unwilling to accept any given truth on frankly any given matter. 

As the audits continue, and yes, a real audit takes real time to happen, so the fact that it is still happening is a good thing, the Biden administration and Democrats continue to holler about election reform being a national security issue. But their own election is already over and if the results are true, why does it even matter right now? Still, H.R. 1 on election reform is at the top of the agenda of the current administration.

Let us remember, H.R. 1, or the For the People Act, is an 800 page lawbook designed to make sweeping changes to the original framework of what it is to run an election. Most of what the bill is designed to do is to maintain changes to election law during the Covid-19 pandemic into the new normal and recreate how election processes are maintained across the United States. From no-excuse absentee voting, same-day voter registration, automatic voter enrollment, ballot harvesting acceptance and mail-in voting across the nation. Even requirements for a simple ID to prove that you are in fact the voter voting are potentially being thrown out with this new set of laws. 

The Honest Elections Project, a nonpartisan group devoted to ensuring the rights of every living voter, said about the bill that H.R. 1, “has the potential to create confusion, chaos, fraud and litigation.”

So why is this being pushed right now when Biden already won the election?

If there was or was not fraud in the 2020 election, why make such an effort to change the laws and push back against election audits? Especially when the pandemic here in the United States seems to have passed? Do they expect or wish the pandemic to continue on into the future? Or was the pandemic just an excuse to change the laws to negate the old-fashioned way of running and keeping track of an election? Biden says he thinks it is a national security issue if H.R. 1 isn’t passed. So what exactly is he afraid of that is motivating him and his party to pursue this?

Regardless, the audits of the 2020 election continue as well as Democratic efforts to change election laws for the future. 

Ken Paxton continued to speak common sense on the matter to Newsmax, saying, “People want to know what actually happened in the election. They want more secure elections and they want to be confident that their vote really matters. That to me is a national security issue. Not trying to stop people from finding the truth, which is exactly what they are trying to do in these states.”

The truth will always conquer, as it rightfully should. And no matter if Biden or Trump actually won, let us all hope the truth continues to be sought after. Without truth, order is meaningless.


  1. I have said from the beginning if there is an audit and there are no complaints there is no issue. If you talk audit and one party starts screaming there is something to be seen with out a doubt. If the DOJ sticks their nose in the whole election was rigged.

  2. Democrats are mentally ill Communist child molesting pedophiles that should all be put in mass graves

  3. Seems to be the factor that Trump did win in 2020 . That’s why the Democratic Party doesn’t want the truth known. They have long noses for a reason.

  4. This article is absolutely right. Anyone opposed to finding out whether the November 2020 election was truthfully and legitimately carried out has something to hide. Beware of their motives!

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