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Trump’s Huge Plans for July 4th Extravaganza

Trump’s Huge Plans for July 4th Extravaganza

Despite some admonishments from detractors of “tanks, but no thanks,” President Trump’s plans for the Fourth of July Holiday in Washington, DC roll on – including a display of US military might.

As reported by CBS News, and other major press outlets, the Pentagon is rolling out military hardware for a Fourth of July in the nation’s capital unlike any seen before! Tanks on the National Mall and military flyovers will be part of the unprecedented celebration, by order of President Trump. He’ll be the first president to take an active role in any July Fourth ceremony in recent memory.

These flyovers cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour, though military officials say they are essentially training flights and therefore not an extra cost to taxpayers. But the National Park Service is reportedly diverting nearly $2.5 million, originally intended for parks across the country, for the celebration.

“Certainly it’s going to be more expensive than in previous years. Anytime you get a presidential visit there are inherent security costs,” said Mark Litterst of the National Park Service.

The event is being called a “Salute to America” but Mr. Trump has made it clear that the military will be front and center. “We have some incredible equipment, military equipment on display – brand new. And we’re very proud of it,” Mr. Trump said.

Tanks Roll In

Meanwhile, according to Fox News,  as preparations were underway for the big event, a few problems emerged along the way as military vehicles were hauled into the capital city.

Some M1A1 Abrams tanks, set to be part of the celebration, rolled into the edge of Washington from Georgia’s Fort Stewart on Tuesday morning. By evening trailers were spotted outside the Washington Nationals game carrying the tanks into the city.

Earlier in the day, however, a flatbed carrying the tanks was apparently unable to clear an underpass, according to photos tweeted by a Politico reporter. A crane was later employed to resolve the issue.

Concern had arisen among critics and the District of Columbia government that the tanks posed potential logistical and cost issues, after Trump’s proposal to include tanks and other military vehicles in Thursday’s festivities.

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Thomas Spoehr, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense, told the Daily Reporter that some local roads are ill-equipped to handle the weight of the tanks.

“The tank kind of hangs off a smidgeon either side, so it takes up more than a lane when driving,” Spoehr said. “You’re going to want to do it at a time of low traffic.”

A trailer carrying the tanks also risks crushing a sidewalk if it makes too sharp a turn in a city, Spoehr added.

President Trump got the idea for an elaborate Washington military parade two years ago. “I was with you for Bastille Day and I have to say it was one of the greatest parades that I have ever seen,”  Mr. Trump told French President Emmanuel Macron back in 2017.

Ever since then, he wanted one of his own, and it looks like, despite some controversy,  he got it.

“I’m going to say a few words and we’re going to have planes going overhead, the best fighter jets in the world and other planes, too,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday.


  1. I am so proud of Pres. TRUMP FOR ALL HES DONE. #PROUDAMERICAN. Can hardly wait for the Celebration of America in Washington DC tonight. Next year do it in a town that appreciates the effort. Washington DC is no longer American with Dems involved. Celebrating our Great Country !??

  2. Great Idea Mr. President. Forget the press, all fake, You are well respected and loved. I support my President. After President Trump, the United States of America is over as we know it. you will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in History.

  3. The dictator in chief does not get it. The United States does not need to show off or flex it’s muscle Also the 4th of July is about our independence, not war,or about king nothing.

  4. Go Mr. President! I would rather see my tax dollars used to so our belief in Independence day, than to pay for Democrats Jet setting around the world for personnel benefit. We should take and respect pride in our country and our progress. The Democrats (Left Wing Nut Socialist)0nly want to take control and rule us under a dictatorship that would turn us into slaves and them into rich socialites. All of us has worked hard and have sacrificed for this country and our freedoms. We must now stop the coup by the Democrats, that would turn our great country into a 3rd world garbage pit.

  5. I feel that although I do NOT approve of war, this is a tribute to the men and women who lost their lives trying
    to do what they thought was right. War is never right, but these soldiers felt that they were giving their service
    to America, and that is what counts. The evil demonrats could at least acknowledge that.

    • When will we learn to do the right thing and not try to promote one self. I grew up watching (I led three lives). I thinK
      our so callcommander in chief need to watch that series and understand the traits of the attacker of the USA.

  6. you can’t put a price on freedom! President Trump has great respect for this country and always had – if you look at videos from the 80s on you will hear him speak highly of this country. the dems are losers and just hate everything our great President does – shame on them! With the money we spend on illegals surely we certainly could have a nice patriotic parade no matter the cost.

    proud to be american and a trump supporter

  7. Thank you President Trump. I wish all Americans, even the democrats, could understand the importance of our INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION.
    I’m retired Air Force and have participated in many Airshows both National and Foreign.
    It lets many people know that we ARE CAPABLE to defend ourselves. Weather they like it or not.
    This celebration is also a great morale booster and does great Public Relations for OUR AMERICAN MILITARY recruitment.



  8. This was a great and wonderful Parade today, July 4th., 2019 ! It made me proud to be an American! Thank you Mr. President Trump for having it. A wonderful tribute to our history and our great military!

    keep up your fine leadership!

  9. When will we learn to do the right thing and not try to promote one self. I grew up watching (I led three lives). I thinK
    our so callcommander in chief need to watch that series and understand the traits of the attacker of the USA.


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