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New White House Press Secretary Takes Sharp Jab at CNN

New White House Press Secretary Takes Sharp Jab at CNN

New White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham has shown she can more than hold her own, as she fills Sarah Sanders’ shoes, taking no gruff from CNN over the course of “sharpie-gate.”

As CNN and other “mainstream media” outlets had been attacking the President all last week for allegedly altering a National Weather Service map showing the path of Hurricane Dorian with a sharpie, Grisham — mocked CNN for inaccurately labeling Alabama as Mississippi in an on-screen graphic.

CNN botched the graphic early last Saturday morning as Hurricane Dorian put neighboring Georgia into a state of emergency. The mistake appeared on air for roughly 10 seconds but it was long enough to get noticed by the White House.

Grisham took to Twitter amid CNN’s coverage of President Trump being criticized for presenting an apparently doctored chart of Hurricane Dorian’s path.

“Hi @CNN, I know you guys are busy analyzing lines on a map, but perhaps you use your time to study up on U.S. geography?” Grisham wrote.

CNN’s public relations department fired back with a snarky comment.

“Thanks, Stephanie. Yes, we made a mistake (which we fixed in less than 30 seconds). And now we are admitting it,” CNN’s verified account wrote. “You all should try it sometime.”

The controversy, which has become known as “sharpie-gate” started when President Trump initially tweeted that the hurricane would hit Alabama, apparently prompting the National Weather Service to clarify that Dorian wasn’t headed in that direction. Amid criticism, Trump doubled down — displaying a chart in the Oval Office on Wednesday that appeared to be altered with a black marker.

A White House official told Fox News that before cameras were allowed in the Oval Office, an individual – whom the official declined to identify – used a pen to put the extra loop on Dorian’s path.

Later the Washington Post reported that an “unnamed White House Official” had told them that it was Trump himself who altered the map.


  1. Another “unnamed White House Official” heard from in the Washington Post. How stellar a job to them; almost as consistent &popular as the #FakeNews unknown, unnamed & made up source!

  2. This is news? Next the Dimowads will be investigating that they filled Trumps plane with high test instead of regular and Pence ordered room service at his hotel What a scandal, the Dims are on the job.

  3. Stephanie is easy on the eyes – unlike Sarah Sanders!

    Moreover, Sarah Sanders is a SINNER! Sanders left as press secretary on June 30, 2019 and someone should have forced her to stay on until July 21, 2019! She took over on July 21, 2017 and leaving before July 21 is shy of two years, which makes it a Clean Integers Violation – which violates the rules of Numerical Morality! If she stayed until July 21, she would have fulfilled a Numerical Mitzvah, but by leaving before July 21, she committed a Profound Desecration – which is an Avarah G’dolah!

  4. Being that the Communist News Network is part of the CIA and funded with our Tax dollars, I guess they can be a bunch of smart asses that think their indestructible. If it weren’t for the CIA they would have folded a long time ago, but cnn is the Corrupt CIA’S propaganda machine. I hate both those bastards.

  5. Wow,isn’t it amazing how CNN picks the stupidest items to criticize. Wonder why they refuse to give out REAL NEWS? They ignore the fact that Baltimore, Maryland is a filthy city. I know that for a fact, we drove through Baltimore three weeks ago on our vacation. Was also in New York City. Their subways were dirty and their elevators weren’t working while New Jersey had very clean subway station and elevators worked.


  7. You know I am so sick of this pettiness. Don’t we have serious problems in our country that need to be solved. But no lets find the most stupid things we can find and blow them all out of proportion as if they really make any difference or that they matter to us! Trump won so please just get over it!

    • How can you say that for sure, when there are so many MEGA-SCUM (like PBS, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) all trying for their coveted “Worst of the Worst” title?

      • Of course it was an “un named” individual. It always is. Because they just make this shit up. “We admitted our mistake, you should try it”. That’s laughable. How about an apology for that completely made up story about the spy in Russia whom THEY outed, not Trump? CNN and ALL of their “on air talent” is a joke and has no business being on the air. According to their ratings, are they?

  8. They get away with lies by saying a un-named person. I would like to see an order given by Trump to make all news media when the come up with lies like this, tell their source or fined one million each time.

  9. we are now using the N word to not use the past word; I recommend every time racist is mentioned that it be bleeped out. If this continues, chances are the word racist would be cut down a bunch. BEEP

  10. People must have something better to do than criticize every movement the president makes, or says. GET A LIFE!!

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  13. Can people that support democracy and the president do something nationwide to protest what is going on and raise up ? Hold rallies and support our elected president ! Don’t take this shit of schiff and Pelosi

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