A Disgruntled Marie Yovanovitch Sounds Off After Trump Acquittal

Former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who was removed from her post last May, allegedly due to a smear campaign by President Trump and his associates, has now accused the Trump administration of “undermining” American political ideals.

Since President Trump’s acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial, an obviously disgruntled Yovanovitch has written a scathing op-ed in the Washington Post.

In the piece that was published last week, the disgraced ambassador alternated between dire warnings and hope for the future.

“I have seen dictatorships around the world, where blind obedience is the norm and truth-tellers are threatened with punishment or death,” she wrote. “We must not allow the United States to become a country where standing up to our government is a dangerous act.”

Yovanovitch continued, claiming that “the last year has shown that we need to fight for our democracy,” and that Americans must “stand up for our values, defend our institutions, participate in civil society and support a free press.”

The former ambassador drew national attention when she testified during the House’s impeachment inquiry. A career diplomat who has served both Republican and Democratic presidents, Yovanovitch relayed in detail her story of being suddenly recalled by President Donald Trump in May, saying she believes his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani played a key role in telling people she was not sufficiently supportive of the president.

“It has been shocking to experience the storm of criticism, lies and malicious conspiracies that have preceded and followed my public testimony, but I have no regrets,” she wrote.

At the same time, Yovanovitch – who retired from the State Department at the end of January, expressed confidence in her former agency and hope for the future.

“The State Department is filled with individuals of integrity and professionalism. They advance U.S. interests every day — whether they are repatriating Americans vulnerable to a pandemic, reporting on civil unrest, negotiating military basing rights or helping a U.S. company navigate a foreign country,” she said, adding, “While it is bittersweet to retire from a job that I love, I know there is a new generation of experts who will advance our interests in an increasingly dangerous world.”

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  1. Undermining ideals? Which ones… those of Communists? State Department filled with individuals of integrity and professionalism?? More like her? More swamp dwellers to purge. JMO

  2. Well, from what I heard she was fighting the President on what he wanted done, along with other things, such as blocking Ukrainian officials from coming here to lay out the case that the previous government had helped to get the dossier on Mr. Trump.

  3. Shut up you should have been fired 3 years ago. You serve at the presidents pleasure. You dont determine for policy for the US the president does.

  4. Trump has got to be one of the worst scumbags ever to hit Washington. He’d fire his wife and beloved Ivanka if they even hinted that they thought everything he does and says is not “prefect”. For what he has done to our country he should be deported and his passport taken away. Soon there will be no one that dares to criticize him and we will have become a true dictatorship in every sense of the word. Were I a supporter of Trump I’d start being extremely careful about what I say; you never know if Big Brother is litening and watching…….and these assholes that adore Trump call Democrats “Commies”? Have a look at the characters that surround Trump these days; they resemble tvery closely the ass kissing barnyard animals in Orwell’s 1984, don’t you think?

  5. It goes with the job honey,,,,,no guarantees of staying on as long as you think you should. You need to mellow out and movie on. Might need some therapy too, if your arrogance won’t prevent it.

  6. She states that the State Department is filled with individuals of integrity and professionalism This is only because she is no longer a part of it. Get over it scank you got fired because you suck.

  7. Your were in your position to support the foreign policy of the President of the United States. It was your obligation to resign your position if you disagreed with his policies. Your anti Trump conversations during your ambassadorship were grounds for your dismissal. This article proves that fact

  8. I grew up as a “Foreign Service Brat” and as a result had the opportunity and good fortune to travel and live in various countries around the world. While I agree with Ambassador Yovanovitch’s assertion that “We must not allow the United States to become a country where standing up to our government is a dangerous act”, I submit that being assigned as an ambassador is not exactly the same as being a Department Manager at Macy’s.
    Being assigned as ambassador is a position in which the incumbent is a government employee and serves as the personal representative of the President. The ambassador does no make policy but rather implements the policies of the President. In this regard, whenever the President loses faith and confidence in an ambassador, the President has the authority to recall and replace the ambassador and anyone else serving at that embassy.
    The situation Ambassador Yovanovitch placed herself in when she opposed the President’s guidance, made her position at that post untenable. Had she been working in a high position in any business or corporation and she had openly opposed the directives of corporate leaders, she would have been fired. This is no different except that the media has advanced a tale of unfairness as a means to degrade the Trump Administration.

  9. Yavanovich is nothing but A tool. She worked at the pleasure of the President. She is a traitor and a useless idiot. Nobody cares what she thinks. She is lucky she lasted as long as she did. GTFO.

  10. Hmmm,complaining about lies and hate directed her way??? Imagine how President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh like it. Not so fun when it’s directed your way, huh, former Ambassador??? And by the way, in the real world, when you go against your bosses wishes and / or publically criticize the boss, you end up looking for work elsewhere. Get used to it!!

  11. You don’t understand ‘smear campaigns’ until you look in the mirror, Yovanovitch. You serve at the pleasure of the CURRENT President. And, your loyalty should be to him and this country. You are loyal only to yourself. And, quite frankly, with the modern age of telephones and computers, I don’t think there is any reason for the expense of “ambassadors” around the world. You should all be let go.

  12. Yo Vonovich….You were fired for perfect reasons. You were not advancing your boss, the President & his agenda. Thus, he got rid of of you. Shut your babbling yap. Or be ready additional consequences. Disgraceful bimbos never win.

  13. Well Marie Y if you were not such a hold over and so distrustful maybe you could still hold the glorious job. But like many you let it all go to your head and thought you knew more than the Pres. Trump. If you and the others in your squad like socialism so well just pack up and move you have several countries to choose from unfortunately my country, AMERICA is not socialist, nor will it be a socialist country now least wise as long as my generation of proud to be free generation are living. So farewell M Y get you stuff and get gone and take Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, and that whole crew with you!!

  14. When people like this lady abuse her power and lie about the president, she should be fired. The dictatorship she was talking about was much more like Obama than Trump, and she is a traitor to this country.

  15. Your right. You and the dems. are the one’s who are corrupt. You’ve hated Trump since day one. You can go to hell. We don’t care about your lying opinions. You are a disgrace to woman everywhere.

  16. You arrogant B***h… you, as an ambassador, work at the will of the President of the United States to promote HIS agenda, not yours!

    “We the People” elected Donald Trump to set that agenda! Your job was to execute on that, NOT question it!

    If the American people don’t like what the President is doing, the remedy is to elect someone else who’s policies we agree with!

    P**s Off!

  17. I agree trump thinks he just like Putin he does what he wants and if someone doesnt like it he fires them.this country was based on the constitution it was wrote so the government was not more powerful than the people…. It seems the time has come that they let trump free without punishment because they were SCARED of losing there jobs so they let him off…. …. If the law of this country lets the president off and not allowed whiteness to testify because they were scared then we have reached that point that the constitution has been crumbled up and thrown in the trash. The president should be held at a higher standard and set a example . I am disappointed and sick to know where this country has gone. I think he will go to anything to keep the power

  18. And these people are ‘supposed’ to be SMART/BRIGHT ??? It doesn’t take a genius to KNOW — “Right or Wrong, the Boss is Still the Boss” — Please – – – Give us a break !!!

  19. The problem with people like Yovanovitch is they don’t quite understand the employer/employee relationship. I can guarantee you, if you make miserable comments about the president or chairman of a US corporation you work for, you will not work there for long. Yovanovitch pushed her own agenda as she wasn’t on board with the President’s policies. She’s completely disgruntled and frankly should be removed from public service all together. As a taxpayer I have a big problem with paying the salary for someone who acts in the manner she has.

  20. She might not have been recalled if she wasn’t bad mouthing Trump to anyone who would listen. Not to mention helping to cover up the corruption going on. Unless she’s that dumb that it happened right under her nose without her knowing.

  21. You serve at his pleasure, the president can hire/fire you at any time. Now you quit your complaining, because the amount of backlash you may have received does not even start to what Pres. Trump has taken on in the last 3 years. Sorry you lost your job, now shhhhh, be quiet, nobody in their right mind has any sympathy for you.

  22. Usually the President has a good reason to Fire someone. He did it on his Apprentice Show. Most People are Fired for a Reason. There are Legal issues involved. I work Parttime for Almighty GOD since 1990.He wouldn’t have given me all the Priceless Gifts..Unless I was a Keeper. From SAMURAIQUEEN aka CHIAKIA.

  23. Sadly we lose dedicated civil servants who testified under subpoena about a petty president who is crooked and corrupt and abuses the power of his office to force a foreign country to provide dirt on an opponent. Then obstructed Congress when they investigated him by the power of the US Constitution. Because if elected Republican officials who have been so complicit in supporting his lawlessness we will continue losing highly qualified and dedicated servants. Fortunately the next president could request their service again. Vote blue and denote to your favorite candidate and democratic organization.

  24. YES Yovanovitch YOU ARE SO CORRECT! Unfortunately the people WILL most likely have to rise up and end this mess. However, the people will be rising up against you and your socialist-communist-fascist association and ideals. Anyone who is a LOWLY Ambassador (that is correct, the Charge d’Affairs is MUCH higher politically than you are) and believes that they should attempt to OVERTHROW the President by setting policy and attempting to change politics between two nations to the politics that YOU prefer….is not only dangerous but traitorous and demonic.
    Yes Yovanovitch I speak of you. If I had my way for your attempts to undermine POTUS’ Policies you would be in PRISON…but then I would be JUST LIKE YOU AND YOUR DEMONIC friends in the traitorous Democrat party.
    Yovanovitch, for your OWN protection from YOURSELF you need to go crawl into a hole and pull the cover over yourself….or begin to read history and study and understand why we do NOT have a democracy and why we do not has a dictatorship (which you tied to be) and why we are NOT socialists, communists, or fascists (the later of which you showed a MAJOR tendency to be).
    I suggest that you retire quite silently and never be heard from again. Sooner or later the true patriots MIGHT have to do as the Founding Fathers Warned because of people like you.

  25. the DOJ is filled with unelected dumbocrats that don’t seem tO UNDERSTAND THEIR JOB IS NOT TO MAKE POLICY, BUT TO CARRY OUT POLICY OF THE present ADMINISTRATION NOT THE FORMER ONE.

  26. 99% of the USA are loyal & patriotic. The 1% are people like Yahnowitch, Pelosi, Shift and Nadler. Schumer is plain stupid

  27. Standing up to the government and using your position to spy on the Trump Administration officials are two different things. You were doing the latter trying to change/influence the policies he set forth and why you were dismissed and rightfully so. Whether it is good policy or not, it was your duty to come forward and explain why instead of undermining it in the background.

  28. You serve at the pleasure of the President, you moron. You went up against him with the scumbag dems and you got exactly what you deserved. FIRED. Get a grip lady

  29. Ms Yovanovich knows she serves as an Ambassador at the pleasure of the President. If she disagrees with any element of National foreign policy she is honor bound to advise the President and/or his Secretary of State. That’s it, no secret letters to the press, etc. Her behavior demonstrated she couldn’t be trusted to follow that protocol. The State Department doesn’t set foreign policy, it makes sure foreign policy is carried out. The State Department ADVISES on policy only. Anyone in the State Department who can’t agree to those rules should do the honorable thing by resigning.

  30. She worked for the Ukraine so long she lost her allegiance to the USA. She served at the pleasure of the President and is a never Trumper.

  31. The former Ambassador forgot one simple thing. She was suppose to be following the Trump agenda..not Obumo’s. She was supporting the outgoing Pres of Ukraine trying to sabotage the newly elected Ukraine Pres. She was not working for this country… as was the Col Vin…. After watching how easy it was to devert $$$$ to Hunter Biden… where the Ambassador and the Col getting some $$ for doing the bidding of the former Ukraine Big Dogs.

  32. Marie Yovanovich, is not a “Great American”!{ As she was :painted to be, by Libretards}….She was subversive, non-conforming, & a loose cannon! That’s why she was removed! Trump, can do that as he pleases! Trump, must remove America’s enemies as soon as they are discovered! Just wait until America, sees the truth re: Biden, Obama Admn, & the rest of the Hilalry expose` There is so much corruption, & criminality….it’ll make your toes curl!…:O}}}


  33. Defending our democracy and ideals means not enabling and arming those who wish to destroy and exploit it through corruption, Biden included.

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