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Voting Machines Very Vulnerable to Hacking for the 2020 Elections!

Voting Machines Very Vulnerable to Hacking for the 2020 Elections!

Reports are coming in that the software being used by most voting machines nationwide is antiquated, and very vulnerable to hacking and tampering during the 2020 elections!

An Associated Press analysis has found that the vast majority of 10,000 election jurisdictions nationwide use Windows 7 or an older operating system to create ballots, program voting machines, tally votes and report counts.

That’s significant because Windows 7 reached its “end of life” on Jan. 14, meaning Microsoft stops providing technical support and producing “patches” to fix software vulnerabilities, which hackers can exploit. In a statement to the AP, Microsoft said it would offer continued Windows 7 security updates for a fee through 2023.

Critics say the situation is an example of what happens when private companies ultimately determine the security level of election systems with a lack of federal requirements or oversight. Vendors say they have been making consistent improvements in election systems. And many state officials say they are wary of federal involvement in state and local elections.

The AP surveyed all 50 states, the District of Columbia and territories, and found multiple battleground states affected by the end of Windows 7 support, including Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Arizona and North Carolina. Also affected are Michigan and Georgia, which acquired new systems in late 2019.

Besides the issues with outdated software, in Aug 2019, a team of independent security experts found that, contrary to popular belief, many digital voting machines were connected to the internet, sometimes for months on end. This, the experts feared, could give hackers a window through which to manipulate votes.

The company that makes the machines that the researchers found to be flawed is called Election Systems & Software (ES&S) (company officials have disputed this characterization of its systems). About 70 million Americans’ votes are counted using one of ES&S’ machines, which make up about half of the election equipment market, according to ProPublica.

As November’s presidential election looms, there is a lot for Americans to be concerned about. Secure vote-counting systems should be a given! The question is, do our leaders have the will to make sure we get that?

There’s still time, though it’s quickly running out!


  1. The touch screen “voting machines” have been vulnerable since day ONE. After all they are made with CHINESE components, and manufactured by a SOROS company (what could go wrong????) It was PROVEN they were “changing votes” by people that took photos and videos of them doing so. Here in Communist-run N.Y. the “machines” we are forced to use you just feed your ballot into and who knows IF YOUR choice was made.

    • Hey Cliff….VERY GOOD POINT !!! KEEP SPREADING THE WORD ! You are doing God’s work. Thank you !!

  2. Are they going to fix it! You know damn well the democrats will be tampering with them but blame a Trump when he wins again. There has to be a way to ensure that the votes are accurate. Some kind of back up system that can’t be tampered with.

    • From your lips to God’s ears !! Keep on posting that thought !! You are right and enough outrage might help to change things. Thank you !!!

  3. The Democratic is self destructing within the Party. That is pretty Sad. If the Democratic keeps putting Obama in the middle of things, you can be sure that everything he touches will turn out to be False and he actually has no credibility in this Country what so ever. Trump All the Way

  4. Biden can’t remember what he is running for, he can’t remember which State he is in and he is a sure Loser with Michelle Obama. Nobody likes her. She is a terrible person. She hates children. She hate this country. She needs to lose herself back in Kenya with Obummer.

  5. The voting machines in Philadelphia have been Pre-loaded with Democrat votes for YEARS. THIS is why the Democratic Party have been against the qualified to vote question on the census.


    • Wow!! And the majority of swing states have not updated their machines!!! Open your eyes people and push for paper ballots!!!! Either that or get after all your Elected Officials to get new software now!!!! Dems will find any way to get a Democrat Elected!!! Remember, we are dealing with THE SWAMP!!! MONEY talks and BS walks!!!!!!!

  7. We must be very careful to protect are votes from the currupter democrats, they have a history of tapering with the ballets. As Well as using deceased people names and,illegals…..

  8. Well, it’s a given that the Dims ARE going to cheat in anyway that they can. So if we DON’T tighten security on the machines, we have nobody to blame but ourselves!

  9. Of course the machines can be hacked. It makes voter fraud much easier if the machines can be hacked. And, if the voting fraud fails to produce the desired result (a Democrat win in every race), it leaves open the possibility of blaming the Russians for the loss, again. This will mean that the corrupt Democrats will be able to start the investigation machine, fire up the impeachment group and do their best to waste another four years of progress for the country.

  10. I have always been against voting machines even to count the votes. There is enough time between election day and the date for the President to be sworn in so there is no reason to be in a big hurry to count the votes. I have heard of a case in the last voting date when a Senator voting for himself but the machine gave his vote to the party he was running against!

  11. Go back to paper and no more mail in ballots. They seem to show up by the truckload when the democrats are behind in a tight election!!!!

  12. Digital voting machines should be outlawed It is impossible to guarantee safety and security of individual digital votes .. especially for a recount ..

    Paper ballots that can be rescanned are the only secure way to recount .. digital info can be corrupted and mishandled and hacked ..

    Of course like Broward county florida minions can generate untold cases of fraudulent paper ballots to mysteriously “find” if their democrat candidates lag behind .. so additional security there would be a help ..

    But we must face the prospect that an election can never be safe with crooks running the elections .. election rolls are on purpose replete with dead and fraudulent voters .. many precincts recording more votes than total eligible voters ..

    A standard secure and verifiable system needs to be adopted In all states if there can possibly be such a thing ..

  13. Oklahoma has the best voting system. Too bad that other states have not listened to Sen James Lankford and adopted the voting system we have.

  14. Our vulnerable voting machines, made in China, and owned by George Soros, must be replaced with paper ballots for the 2020 election, this is of the ultimate importance, in order to have an honest election.

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