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Joe Biden delays VP pick again: A secret civil war among Democrats?

Joe Biden delays VP pick again: A secret civil war among Democrats?

After all that time in the basement, not doing very much, Joe Biden still can’t quite decide who his running mate is going to be.

Yes, he’s addled as a result of his advanced age, and very often doesn’t know which room — or state — he’s in.

But more likely, it’s that the choices he has are all pretty disgusting.

Every last one of them is bound to alienate a large portion of his electorate, driving a lot of them to stay home or, heaven forbid, switch to Trump.  Biden is currently leading in the polls, and whomever he picks is bound to splinter that lead or else nullify it as enthusiasm fizzles.

Whom does he have?  Most swampers are now focused on Elizabeth Warren.  She’s got high positives among black voters, higher than even the black candidates who are supposed to serve as clickbait for black votes, and large parts of the progressive left are all in for her “let’s kill Wall Street” program.  She’s famous for her big sweeping programs, supposedly to be financed with ease by “taxing the rich,” and refuses to let herself be pinned down by cost.  That’s got to be good for attracting leftist voters who view double-entry bookkeeping as no better than “cops.”  She’s also got a big donor base, which, to Joe, would be a priority, given his penchant for getting his family members “taken care of.”

Why is she such a bad idea anyway?  Well, because Wall Street despises her, and that’s bound to put a damper on donations for old Joe as a result.  It also could lead to moves to thwart her, and him, and Biden knows all about how money politics moves are played.  Worse still, she’s hopelessly “white” — and not just white, but an affirmative-action cheat who bit and clawed her way to Ivy League teaching positions by posing as a fake Indian.  In an age of race-wokeness, that’s not going to go over well with a certain chunk of Democrats.  It’s also going to give President Trump a field day.  Lastly, she represents Massachusetts.  No extra-bring-alongs from there — Biden already has blue Massachusetts in the bag.

Second possibility is Kamala Harris — and on some lists, she’s first.  She’s black, she’s female, she’s got a bonus East Indian ancestry, she’s very, very left-wing — yet she’s also a good marching soldier for the Democratic Party establishment, which, standing in her pearls and corporate suit, is her first loyalty.  She’s a sharp speaker who can rally the left with her anti-Trump zingers, and she wants the job badly.  She’s also politically wily, agilely lying low and saying nice things about Joe in her bid to woo him to pick her, something that probably amounts to a plus to the team trying to pick a running mate for Joe.

She’s a practiced suck-up to the more powerful, which should please the Democrats holding Joe’s puppet strings, literally learning at Willie Brown’s knee about how to advance.

But to a lot of us, even Democrats, that’s a lot of what’s disgusting.  Will the feminists enjoy telling all the little girls that Harris achieved her political success by sleeping her way to the top?  Or worse still, harboring a sex-harasser in her office, a creep who used to make the office girls bend down under his computer to fix various issues so he could see their underwear, triggering lawsuits and big payouts, something she claims to know nothing about, despite her “leadership” in the office?  She doesn’t quite fit the feminist bill with those embarrassing details.

More problematic still, she’s a former prosecutor and state attorney general, shorthand in woke world for “cop.”  And not just any “cop,” but a verifiably corrupt one — throwing people in jail for pot offenses while giggling on a radio show that she too smoked pot.  She kept people in jail even after their sentences were up in order to have a bank of “volunteers” to fight California’s fires, which surely wasn’t her job to ensure, but…loyalty to the establishment first, right?  She endorsed despicable alterations to “confession” transcripts in a death penalty case by other corrupt district attorneys instead of firing their keisters and vacating the tainted case.

She yelled about defunding the police — while earlier, traveling around with a Los Angeles Police Department detail across the state, to every party and gala she went to, a significant misuse of resources for personal status purposes.

And lastly, she did very poorly in Iowa and other early primary states. Why? Because with all her fake laughter and suckey-uppiness, it’s likely she came off as a phony. Voters don’t like phonies and they especially don’t like them being behind the scenes presidents, which is what Harris is likely to be.

Finally, she’s not going to bring any added value to the electoral tally — she’s from California, and California is already in the tank for Biden.

There’s also Rep. Val Demings of Florida, who’s also black and seemingly low key, who doesn’t have any major negatives on the national stage, which is a plus for Joe … except that it’s solely because she is not well known. She’s from Florida, which is a swing state and that may mean winning that important state. Lot to like about her on those grounds.

She does have a big negative for Biden, though if he hopes to win woke leftist votes — she’s a former police chief of Orlando. Democrats don’t like cops.

Then there’s Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a Thai-American, which would fill in the woman-of-color box, and a disabled veteran, with a record of executive experience, too.

She has fewer negatives, but would she excite the wokester base, which by the way, doesn’t like military service? She’s not all that impressive a public speaker. Plus, being from Illinois ought to get her associated with the blue-state hell there, which might turn off moderates, and in any case, won’t bring in anything extra votewise from her state, since Illinois is already in the bag for him.

There’s also  Rep. Karen Bass of California. She too is black and fills in that checkmark box. She’s an engaging speaker and ambitious, but not in any obviously lean and hungry way in the manner of Harris. She’s woke as heck and a creature of the Democratic machine establishment.

One problem: She’s made some grotesquely pro-Castro statements, and Sandalista-style praises of some of the worst economic disasters in the hemisphere. Good luck swinging Florida with that record, Joe.

There’s also his old buddy, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who’s also Black and female, and a comfortable old shoe for Joe, given that she goes back to the Get Trump salad days of deep state, and unmaskings of Trump officials, complete with bids to cover up the plotting. She’s also comfortable lying on cue in the name of elections, she did in the aftermath of Benghazi. She’s a good one for Joe, because she knows where all the bodies are buried. And she’s the gateway to bringing back all the Obamatons back into the White House. How does Secretary of State Ben Rhodes sound?

She’s never been a politician, though, and she’s kind of a non-starter in polls. She’d undoubtedly do anything Joe wants in a future presidency, so why waste her on the veep slot, which requires bringing in something extra? She can’t deliver.

Every last one of these candidates, and plenty more — I left off Stacey Abrams because the Biden people have already leaked out that they are repelled by her — amounts to some kind tokenism, which Black voters aren’t too keen on, as this recent poll from this Washington Examiner piece shows.

Yet with Biden leading in the polls now, you can bet that there’s some fearsome power moves going on behind the scenes among the Democratic Party’s power-brokers – Team Obama, Team Bernie, the congressional Black Caucus, plus the Democratic campaign operatives looking to find a way to secure swing voters — who have nothing in common with the first three groups. With Joe Biden addled and isolated, you can bet they’re moving like pirates to secure the top berth to power. Someone’s going to be the power behind the throne in a Biden presidency, since it’s not going to be Biden. With high hopes for winning and huge power to be taken, you can bet it’s vicious behind the scenes, a secret civil war among war lords, that is bound to keep extending until one gets bit in the neck and drops from the cliff.

It certainly would explain why Joe’s having such a hard time making up his mind as high campaign season beckons, and it also explains the Democrats’ shifting plans on when and where to hold a convention. They’re fighting among themselves all right, and it’s got to be fierce.


  1. Joe Biden just needs to drop out. He’s not capable of running this country. The Democrats will have him out of office before he sees 100 days in office

  2. Blacks want too erase everything. That will not change anything!! Blacks don’t want to Unite. Trump 2020

  3. Contrary to what some have suggested, I am of the belief that Biden’s VP
    running mate has already been decide. The reason for this non disclosure
    is that this persons ID, if identified too soon, would set a historic and
    unprecedented act that the Democrats would be unable to successfully defend
    and the Republicans would find unacceptable.
    Don’t be surprised if former president Obama is on the VP ticket for the
    Democrats. Once the supposed elections have taken place with a Biden win.
    he withdraws from the presidency due to failing health allowing Obama to
    then become president,once again. Obama would then bring in Nancy Palosi
    as his VP!
    If you don’t think this could happen, just you wait and see!

    • Yay, Daniel! That would be AWESOME! With Obama, our pride and respect around the world will be restored! Intelligence, dignity, and experienced leadership will once again occupy the White House. The little moron we call president will step aside for the statesmen and professionals and hopefully, be indicted and sit in prison with his fellow-criminals. Super idea 🙂

    • Daniel is spot on. They have no intention of Biden staying in. Once he is in though, then his VP will take the position.

  4. Biden isn’t even choosing his VP, if I don’t miss my guess. The party will choose for him, and get him to agree, thinking he is choosing for himself.

  5. Why do the Dems still believe the Communities of Color Are still in their pocket. The thugs of BLM/Antifa don’t represent us and really represent a segment that doesn’t Generally vote and definitely doesn’t contribute positively to their Communities. Too many people of color were hurt during the terror, and are stuck in the “CHOP” parts of their cities! Even George, who was killed by one Cop, deserves the support he never did get! IF The Dem VP prospectives are willing to be tokens, Which again doesn’t serve their Communities, but only the same Democratic Party Slave Masters who have used them for pawns, they can no longer claim they themselves are victims!

  6. Maybe they are fussing over which candidate might give the best eulogy if Sleepy Joe doesn’t wake up.

  7. I think he should pick Dr Fauci. Maybe the wonderful Dr can fix Joe’s old worn out tiny little brain. Would it not be terrible if Barack Hussein Osama comes back again? I already have my spot picked out that I’m moving to. Goodbye U.S. and Alec Baldwin.

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