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China: Biden Will Fail to ‘Uproot’ Trump’s Policies

China: Biden Will Fail to ‘Uproot’ Trump’s Policies

State-owned Chinese media implied that Beijing has very low expectations for Joe Biden’s presidency, releasing editorials that asserted the America is collapsing, Covid-19 proved representative democracy does not work, and Biden will not be able to undo President Donald Trump’s policy changes toward China.

The Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily described the Wuhan coronavirus as a “mirror” that showed Americans their country is broken beyond repair.

The People’s Daily also argued that polarized multi-party countries with non-tyrannical central governments are not able to deal with a crisis such as the Chinese coronavirus pandemic:

“There is an old saying: ‘The water that keeps a ship afloat can also upset it.’ The U.S. failed to pool strong synergy in the fight against the pandemic and more than 290,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus], which leads to rising public anger.

Some U.S. politicians viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to seize power and partisan interests, instead of making the health and safety of Americans their primary task, which only aggravated deep-rooted contradictions.

American groups with different political stances resorted to protests to take their frustration out, which even turned into violent conflicts.”

The Chinese state-run Global Times  said that a “seasoned centrist and pragmatic person like Biden” has little chance to resolve partisan divisions or reverse “Trumpization,” stating,

“During Trump’s four-year presidency, the US has been deeply branded as ‘Trumpization,’ and these marks are likely to be very difficult to erase even in Biden’s entire tenure. Adjustments will work, but they can hardly uproot something that is already deep-rooted in US society. After all, it is the US that has nourished Trump’s policies.

Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University, told the Global Times on Tuesday that relatively pragmatic in handling foreign and domestic affairs, Biden is more likely to make a corresponding choice after screening the actual needs with regard to the issue of de-Trumpization.

He won’t completely overthrow the so-called political legacies of Trump,” Li noted. For example, Biden could partly agree with Trump’s phase-1 trade deal with China and the high tariffs the US imposed on others, while remaking the approach to issues like “America First” and Obamacare.”

“U.S. political elites are trying their best to prevent their country from continuing on the downward track, be it Biden’s election or de-Trumpization measures. But how effective will the measures be? Only time will tell,” the Global Times added.


  1. Good for the US to stick with Trumps Policies. China doesn’t need to have any control over the US. They never should they will not ever deserve it. They have caused us a lot of trouble. Let them stew in their problems they deserve it they are nothing but a bunch of lousy people.

  2. China has some gall to pretend to know the true hearts and minds of Americans, Yes, some have bowed their knee to Chinese ideology, thanks to a few stupid idiot University Professors, but the vast majority of Americans are still patriots who would rather fight and die for our country than live under a socialist or communist dictator. I really hope Trump has a game plan to put China in its place even if it means armed conflict. News flash, China does not own the world nor do they have a say in what happens politically in the U.S. China will never have its way in the United States of America, not on our watch!

  3. As long as the anti China pro USA movement keeps moving forward. China Joe does not have the support for that change except from the CCP.

    • China can say whatever it wants. But CCP should prepare for their Fall, because that day is not far. The American people cannot let a puppet like Biden to get presidency.

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