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Report: Big Tech Executives Donated Thousands to Biden, Zero to Trump

Report: Big Tech Executives Donated Thousands to Biden, Zero to Trump

According to Federal Election Commission records, top executives at tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter apparently donated tens of thousands of dollars to former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign. The same social media platforms also faced scrutiny for censoring reports on Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings in the days before the election.

Fox News reviewed the FEC records, and found zero donations to Trump’s campaign from Facebook and Twitter executives.

The records show that Facebook’s Vice President of Public Policy, Erin Egan, donated $2,800, which is the legal maximum, to Joe Biden’s campaign in October. Egan also donated the same amount to Biden’s Democratic primary campaign.

The Chief Revenue Office of Facebook, David Fischer, also donated $2,800 to Biden during the primaries. He gave another $750 to Biden’s Presidential campaign.

The Chief Financial Officer of Facebook, David Wehner, also gave the legal maximum of $2,800 to the Biden campaign in April.

Vice Presidents of Facebook, Gene Alston, Michael Verdu, Shahriar Rabii, and T.S. Khurana, each gave $2,800 to the Biden campaign throughout the 2020 cycle. The Chief Operating Officer of Instagram, Marne Levine, was another executive that gave the $2,800 legal maximum to Joe Biden’s campaign.

In September, Vice President of  Twitter, Matt Derella, gave $2,000 to Biden’s campaign.

These top executives at Big Tech companies were not alone. The FEC records also show many employees of Twitter and Facebook with “manager” or “director” in their titles. Many of them donated at least $1,000 to Biden’s campaign.

For example, Senior Director at Twitter, Ryan Oliver, donated $2,800 to Biden’s campaign in March. Senior Director of product management, James Kelm, also gave $2,800 to Biden during the Democratic primaries and another $2,800 to his Presidential campaign.

Facebook’s public policy directors Steve Satterfield and Michael Matthews, product manager Brett Keintz, and director Ibrahim Okuyucu all gave the legal maximum of $2,800 to Biden’s campaign.

Program Manager at Facebook, David Debartolo, donated a total of $5,600, some going to Biden’s primary campaign and the rest going to his Presidential campaign.

The FEC records show that only two Facebook employees who have “manager” or “director” in their title donated to Trump’s reelection campaign. Neither of them gave more than $300. The records also show that there were no Twitter employees with those titles who donated to Trump’s campaign.

A spokesman for Twitter named Trenton Kennedy told Fox News that the social media platform has “stated many times – that we enforce the Twitter rules judiciously and impartially for everyone on our service.” He added, “Political ideology – especially that of our employees – plays no part in this process.”

On Monday, an aide to Joe Biden told Fox News that “no campaign contribution is going to change Joe Biden’s fundamental values, including his belief that corporations who abuse their power should be held to account.”

Joe Biden’s campaign also pointed out that the former Vice President has criticized Facebook and urged the platform to be more strict when policing misinformation.

The Communications Director for Trump’s campaign told Fox News, “the Silicon Valley mafia was always in the tank for Joe Biden and everyone knew it. It’s why they blocked the sharing of the Hunter Biden story, to protect their boy Joe Biden. That was election interference, plain and simple, while they also targeted President Trump and other Republicans with censorship. So it should surprise no one that they have also showered money on him.”


  1. Who the hell cares about big tech anymore. I sure do not. They are on the side of evil. I am on the side of God. Certain tech, we must still use unless we know about the new “replacement” site that is taking Google for a ride. but we do not need the rest-Twitter, Facebook-they are all going to be taken down in the near future and I hope the owners and CEO’ go to prison for the rest of their lives.

    • To break these LIERS & LOSERS UP is the most important item in AMERICA TO DO RITE NOW !!! They have FORCED their own POLITICLE views on everyone ,then NOT let THOUSANDS of others express their views !!! This is all a MAJOR SOCIALIST MOVEMENT by HELLBENT FACIST to CONTROL the WORLD ,then the wealthiest REIGN !!! The DEMO–C–RATS have been BOUGHT into this SCHEME via PAY OFFS does GEORGE SORRASS ring a BELL ?!?!?! Yes he has been thrown out of HUNGARY,as he was turning in his own neighbor’s to the NAZIS during HITLERS WAR ,for a PROFIT !!! HISTORY DOES REPEAT ITSELF !!! But we have the knowledge of HISTORY itself to NOT LET THIS HAPPEN to OUR AMERICA !!! STAND STRONG ,STAND AGAINST this TYRANNY !!!


  3. If you call $2800 showering money on the candidate then you are living in a dream world. The lobby groups like the NRA give that to candidates a thousand times over. Stop looking for sensationalized headlines and just report facts. (By the way it is not just you, it is media in general for both sides)

    • I’ve never known anyone in life to be so wrong so many times as you &all DEMO–C–RATS ARE!!! There you go again claiming everyone else is wealthier & you DEMO–C–RATS & are for the poor, UNTIL you get elected to gov. Office !!! Then look out for who the money goes to for their SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS ,&FREEBIE GIVEAWAYS, so they guarantee votes next time !!!

  4. Why do the people of America have to pay Biden anything. Trump is our President and will be for 4 more years and maybe 4 more after that. We do not need democrat in there America would be sunk.

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