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University of Oregon Tries to Kick College Republicans Off Campus

The student government at the University of Oregon is trying to kick the College Republican organization off campus by cutting funding and taking away its status as a campus-recognized club.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the student government “unanimously passed a resolution calling for ‘cultural competency training’ for all organizations during a meeting with College Republican leaders.”

The call for their removal comes after some College Republican members went to a “stop the steal” rally. Some members posted a picture they took at the rally on Instagram. Two Proud Boys flags are displayed in the background. Political director for College Republicans, Isaiah De Alba, told the Free Beacon that they do not support the Proud Boys “in any way, shape, or form.”

“The reality of the situation is that this is not about our one-time Instagram post.… This is about a long-standing hate for conservative ideology on campus and the mob mentality at our university,” De Alba said. “We are more than happy to compromise with [the student government] in some way that does not conflict with our conservative beliefs or beliefs in free speech.”

Activists at the University of Oregon have repeatedly claimed that College Republicans endorse white supremacy and political violence. However, they have never once called on College Democrats to denounce violent leftist extremist groups like antifa.

“The calls for the club’s abolition continued in the student newspaper, the Daily Emerald. One student columnist said the university was ‘protecting and [legitimizing] White ideology’ by letting the club operate on campus,” according to the Free Beacon’s report.

15 thoughts on “University of Oregon Tries to Kick College Republicans Off Campus

  1. College is about higher learning not politics. SGA doesn’t kick organizations off campus, if they can, ALL OF THEM GO!!! Not just one because their position doesn’t differs from the others.

  2. If you are AWAKE you know that CCP spies have infiltrated almost every University in America! No University should receive ANY Government Funding until these dens of communism have been cleansed of the CCP’s spies, seditious professors and University leaders that promote the destruction of the our great Nation! No money until they clean house completely! And since every college and university in this country is pretty much shut down…NO PAYCHECK until these POS are ousted! #THISISTREASON

  3. Wonder how UofO would feel if federal funding stopped? So one can only wonder how they would weather that storm.

  4. Is Oregon against the first amendment?

    Maybe this is an academic exercise in litigation techniques for future activism bench members.

    The reality is in the failure of or the complete absence of parenting in these in name only young adults.

  5. The University of Oregon should have its doors closed and locked. Also, they should not be eligible for any federal funding for the next (10)ten years. The liberals are out to destroy our Democratic system of government and our Constitution. These baby liberals want socialism, and not a one of them has a clear understanding of what socialism really is. By the way, how many Chinese are on the staff of the University of Oregon?

  6. Yet another un-universe University with students brainwashed thru un-education. What cowards are they to attempt to ban peoples rights? They will allow rioters to burn, loot, and murder. Yet free speech is hurtful to their feelings. Oh my, I might think realistically if someone has a different opinion than I. Get your brain on logical not the stupidity of “feeling good of ones self” and neglecting the feelings of other humans, ya fools.

  7. Nothing new here…communist’s can’t stand truth & freedom…it is like oil to water and hurts their communist indoctrination….true!

  8. The University of Oregon has failed to be an institution of higher learning. The Democratic baby literalists are trying to throw their weight around and try to push Republican students out of school. These baby literalists don’t know anything about our Democracy, our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  9. This university is a public university, everyone in Oregon that pays taxes has an interest here. Liberals should be silenced not conservatives. The riots that happened in Portland were liberal based and funded. Antifa and BLM are left wing communist funded.

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