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Biden Wants Free Tuition at Black Universities

Biden Wants Free Tuition at Black Universities

President Joe Biden is pursuing free college tuition for students who attend historically black colleges, universities, and community colleges as a form of slavery reparations.

The Biden administration is moving forward with policies benefitting Black Americans. Congress is considering creating a commission to study the merits of direct slavery reparation payments, White House adviser Cedric Richmond told Axios in an interview. The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Feb. 17 about legislation that would create the commission.

“If you start talking about free college tuition to [historically black colleges and universities] and you start talking about free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think that you are well on your way,” Richmond said.

“We have to start breaking down systemic racism and barriers that have held people of color back and especially African-Americans. We have to do stuff now,” he added.

Richmond also said that there is an urgency to start pursuing policies that “break down barriers” immediately, regardless of how Congress decides to proceed with direct payment reparations.

“We don’t want to wait on a study,” Richmond said. “We’re going to start acting now.”

Democratic Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee is sponsoring the legislation that is currently working its way through Congress. Biden endorsed the legislation during the 2020 presidential election.

“The uncomfortable truth is that the United States owes its position as the most powerful nation in the world to its slave-owning past,” Jackson Lee said in a statement on the day of the hearing.


  1. This is racist against white people!! I know many co-workers of color who have done very well for themselves and live in much better houses than myself and drive fancy cars. Why should tuition be free at ONLY Black educational institutions???? This is ridiculous, and extremely racists against every other race. Go back to the history books, the blacks were sent here by their own people, we didn’t force them to come here. We shouldn’t have to pay for their arrival and for what happened years ago. That was then, this is now! Get over it and move on!!

  2. Again, USING lies, and BRIBERY and those false “promises” to Keep the Black population right where the DEMOCOMMUNISTS want them…. FIRMLY on their “plantation” and under control. remember when dementia-Joe said the “republicans” wanted to put you back in chains? WELL, it looks like (as usual) the democommunists are accusing the conservatives of exactly what THEY are doing. (typical democommunist “tactics”)

  3. I’m sorry Mr. Lee, but many nations have “slave-owning pasts” and yet are far from being the most powerful.

  4. Why can’t we go to stipends based on financial need rather than color of skin. Doing it by skin color is by definition racist.

  5. my ancestors were brought here as indentured servants. I think I should have reparation too

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