The Trump Administration Is Suing Walmart

The Department of Justice is filing a lawsuit against Walmart for illegally dispensing controlled substances through its pharmacies. A source told the Associated Press that this helped exacerbate the American opioid crisis.

The civil complaint accuses Walmart’s pharmacies of filling opioid prescriptions and unlawfully distributing controlled substances to the pharmacies during the height of the opioid crisis. Walmart runs over 5,000 pharmacies in its stores across America.

This lawsuit comes just two months after Walmart filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice, Attorney General William Barr, and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Walmart’s lawsuit says that the Justice Department’s investigation, which began in 2016, had identified hundreds of doctors who wrote prescriptions that Walmart’s pharmacists should not have filled. However, the lawsuit alleges that nearly 70% of the doctors still have active registrations with the DEA.

In its lawsuit, Walmart claims the government is blaming them for their lack of regulatory and enforcement policies to help the opioid crisis. Walmart is requesting a federal judge to declare the government has no basis to seek civil damages.

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  2. Pharmacy’s are bound by their licenses to abide by the laws as well as the Dr.’s do. They should abide by the same rules and oaths.

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