Home Attacks from the Left Biden Administration Stops Construction of “Racist” Highway

Biden Administration Stops Construction of “Racist” Highway

Biden Administration Stops Construction of “Racist” Highway

The Biden administration is pausing the construction of a major highway expansion in Houston, Texas, claiming that the project is racist and harmful to the environment.

The project, which has been years in the making, was going to widen certain sections of Interstate 45. But the Department of Transportation invoked the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to temporarily shut it down for further review.

The department’s intervention is being called a “test case” for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. He previously claimed racial injustice in highway construction and promised to make “righting these wrongs an imperative” while he serves.

The decision follows complaints from local activists that the highway expansion would disproportionately harm black and Hispanic communities by displacing more than 1,000 homes, hundreds of businesses, five houses of worship, and two schools along the highway.

The Federal Highway Administration sent a letter to the Texas Department of Transportation in March notifying them of three complaints — one from Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee and two from local advocacy organizations — about the negative effects of the project.


  1. Why don’t you just name this country, the United States of racism. So sick of people crying racism. Grow up.

  2. Once again Buttigieg should delve deeper before leaping. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee is always the first congress member to shout Racist on almost every issue she takes an interest to. The project was already checked out environmentally and most all TXDOT projects are vetted for Texans best interest. You can bank on Jackson-Lee having a personal gain interest in the issue.Now we are getting the reasons why South Bend, IN was glad to get Buttigieg ouit of office.

  3. OMG! What a crock of bull manure! This is plainly an attempt to get Texas to toe the democrat line and is nothing less than extortion. Why suddenly do the demokrauts feel the pain of minorities in Houston that expanding the roadways is such an issue? Blatant extortion. Do they not consider the air quality that the people have to deal with caused by cars stuck in gridlock? At least moving traffic creates a breeze to blow all of the build up green-house gases away from these poor minority communities. This just illustrates the hypocrites that the dems are. “It is my way or the highway,” has never been so true.

  4. America is a messed up country. Right side down, left side up, inside up, outside down. The east side of the country has gone west. The west has gone East. the North has gone South. the South has gone North. Upside down, down side up. the voters messed this country up because of Repubs., like MCcain, Romney, Collins, Sasse and Alaska Sen., Mrs. Eskimo. The ruinning of Roy Moore’s claim of harrassing a woman. A party that can’t stand on beliefs and Turning against the Donald, just loose, New and improved Repub., candidates will win. Mitch MCconnel, keep wheeling and dealing, cocaine will not help you.

  5. Again, the north telling a southern state what to do. We, the people should be in control, not special interest groups.
    They are playing a dangerous game. What would happen if all the citizens of Texas stopped paying federal income taxes and all the businesses did the same thing? The federal government would go under

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